You are High Vibration

Imagine yourself as a highly tuned-in being.  Everything you think, say, and do allows you to vibrate at such a high level that wherever you go and whatever you do you are highly affected and effective at shifting to higher states at any moment, no matter what.  You are highly attuned to the energy and the energy is highly attuned to you.  You are a receiver and a transmitter all at the same time.  Everything you do, think, and touch is dependent on your ability to transmit such a high vibration that miracles manifest in a moment’s notice.  You shift time and space.  People, places, and things are drawn to your very vibration because they want to vibrate high as well.  Attracted to light, you are the light.  You burn so brightly that others cannot help but shine brighter as well.  You give us all permission to be our true self.  You allow us to gain confidence and strength in the abilities that we have.  We become our greatest selves because you welcome us and ask us to bring this forth from within.  You are a vehicle of light burning so bright that vibrations around you must raise up or they must step back away.  The only way that others can gain this high energy is through their own inner work of surrendering the false lower vibrations to the high vibration.  As they surrender, they join in vibrating higher and as they do this, they give many others the permission and desire to so the same.  It will take some time and with time all errors of the past are erased, and all light comes shining through. 

It only requires a desire to be filled with light to achieve the light. 
Simply with one desire the universe will begin working for you.  She will bring you the love of a thousand suns to burn away the dark spots.  This may seem uneasy and full of effort.  It does not have to be.  It is simply an awareness that darkness no longer exists and only light is shining.  Through the light we fill our bodies with high vibrations.  We fill our environments with high vibrations.  We can do nothing else but fill our lives with everything within and around us that is high vibration.  Everything.  We are the sun, we are the light, and thus we may consume it all.  We can be nothing else.  You are High Vibration. 

This is possible.  This is you, this is me, and this is within everyone we see.  In the coming weeks and months ahead all of the teachings from IntuitLove will be focusing on this one desire.  We are highly attuned beings vibrating higher in every moment.  We will practice through helpful lessons, techniques, and strategies developed in all the classes offered.  Every single class that is taught has the ultimate goal in mind; to help us all vibrate at the highest possible energy in every moment.  There is no limit to this work and there is no limit to you.  Anything that is of your heart’s desire is possible.  We only need the tools and strategies to get us there. 

 In addition, this month we are offering the following classes:

Attuning with the Archangels – These beings of light vibrate so high that when we attune with their energy they are capable of shedding all darkness hiding our light.  All we need to do is ask.  I will guide you through connecting with each Archangel and personally instruct you on how to accomplish this on your own.  The archangels never disappoint. These classes are zoom possible as well. 

Healing Rays of Light – We each vibrate on a level of light frequency and so do the Ascended Masters and Angel Guides.  We will connect with the various light rays and learn how to connect with the powerful masters associated with that ray.  They help us in humanly ways and angelic ways. Their energy is miraculous and deeply transformative.  I will be your guide to attune with their energy and learn how to access them on your own. These classes are zoom possible.

The Sandwich Connection – Attuning your energy to high vibration is a process that requires dedication and effort.  You can do absolutely anything your heart desires.  We merely need the tools and strategies to understand what we are up to and how to vibrate higher to achieve our dreams.  This class has been taken by past participants and this is what they have to say:
The next 6-week program is forming now, set to begin in May/June.  If you are interested, join our Tuesday night Mastermind Group(Calendar dates here) to find out more as well as receive your own complimentary high vibration tune up.  These Tuesday night classes are meant to tune you up to high vibration and take this with you as the week progresses ahead.  It is a support group that will help you see all things from a high vibration perspective. 

1:1 personal transformation sessions are available by appointment through Corner Health Foods in Mundelein on Tuesdays or by zoom.  Other appointment times are available throughout the week.  Just reach out. 

Mini readings and high vibration shifting sessions all done in 20 minutes on Saturdays at CHF, Mundelein.

Please see the May calendar for extra information and the highlighted links. 

In the future we will be offering Reiki Classes to become a reiki master, chakra classes teaching you about the 12 Chakras and Auric Layers that can help you regain your light and vibrate intensely high.  We will be diving into the 14 archetypes and how this awareness will help you overcome any restrictions in life through your own self-awareness. 

Remember, everything I do is about transcending perceived limitations and helping you become yoursoul’s purpose and your spirit’s joy.
I can’t wait to hear from you.  My door is open and welcoming you into this amazing space of high vibration and love.  Please join me. 

All the love that you can possibly have,
All the joy that you can possibly imagine.
Jennifer Lauren

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