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Imagination is the only knowledge you will ever need.  It is so profoundly capable of anything that everything around you is of your creation.  Once you see your life as your creation you will begin to live through the knowing that wherever two people have gathered miracles may come.  We are able to create whatever we want in our lives consciously and unconsciously.   We can create scenarios of life giving and miraculous opportunities and we can create scenarios of doom and desperation.  It is simply up to us to tune into our own beliefs and ideas and decide to transcend them all given our circumstances.  We can often see this when two people are presented with the same situation the outcomes that result from that situation will be completely different due to the perceived beliefs and ideas of the person.  Why is it that some people can rise above the ashes around them, and others become them? Every facet of what I teach in my sessions, workshops, and classes answers these questions. My work is dedicated to helping others become their soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy. 

We have imaginations more creative and wilder than anything we have currently encountered.   When we become aware of the unceasing ability of our imagination, we become the desires we have always wanted to create.   Ultimately, we become the honorable, humble, love fulfilled, and powerful people we have always wanted. When beings go through hardships and pain it is not in the suffering that they rise above.  It is their ability to ascend the conditions by perceiving them as opportunities for growth and expansion that helps them overcome.  So, why does one person prosper and rise above while the other remains defeated? Because some of us use our innately intuitive imaginations to go beyond the limitations.  Each of us has an internal knowing, sensations, and world of unlimited creation within us that must, has to, and can do nothing else but see life differently than anything we have been taught before. We are this way because we are unlimited souls only limited by our mind’s perceptions.  We are here to create change in this world that is beyond the beliefs of our minds.

How do we do this? By doing, being, becoming everything unlimited. Our imaginations are our hearts desires. This is our true power. We have a purpose and the purpose seeps through our amazing sensations, feelings, and knowing’s of our hearts that have a desire for something even greater than what we currently see. We must allow these sensations to take flight.  When we follow and allow our heartfelt knowing to flourish, live, sprout and grow; when we allow them to speak and expand and blossom to limitless heights beyond our minds, we see that anything truly is possible.  This is creation. This is what the Universe and God has been trying to show us all along. Our expansion is limitless, our profound ability to help others through the heart is limitless. Abundance is everywhere in every way on all levels of the realities.  As we choose to create through our own thoughts and beliefs, we practice becoming more and more unlimited. We are only limited by our own thinking which thinks it must think in a certain way. We can create anything, and the universe will respond in accordance with our vibration.

The universe will either match us up with that which we want to create, or we must become the level of vibration of that which we seek for it to show up.  Lastly, if this still does not happen then we must open to our truest heart’s desires through our soul’s purpose and our spirit’s joy.  Life will show us the journey to get exactly what it is that we want by helping to unfold what our hearts truly long for along the way. We are never being denied anything other than ourselves denying our own hearts.  Illusions and fears were taught to us and we unconsciously soaked up beliefs and ideas that no longer resonate with our hearts. These are the things we are to resolve and release to rise above our mind’s thinking.  

Every prosperous idea that comes to us, we know for it to come to fruition we only need to create all the feelings in the heart that in every moment along our journey is the opportunity to open up and transform.  High vibration momentum will propel us forward to higher and higher states of awareness bringing the synchronistic scenarios to propel us to our destination along the way.  We must simply allow ourselves to keep climbing higher and higher to new levels of awareness.  This is how miracles manifest.  A mirrored unfolding of a limitless reality created by the heart’s desire for joy.

If we can imagine our individual worlds becoming brighter and brighter every day, we will be lead guided and directed to make the changes for this to happen. The hardest part for many of us is learning to surrender and let go of that which we are holding onto so tight to receive our goodness.  Learning to live life through our unlimited abilities is our life work.  It is how we transcend all limitation.  It is our purpose.
Imagine your life as nothing else but miraculous and the life of your dreams will finally show up.  Imagine and create. 

Please join us for the following in the coming weeks…
Attunement Circle to HIGH VIBRATORY LIVING – 6:30 to 8:30pm in Libertyville (message me your interest)  Tuesday Evenings 

  • In person or On Zoom – By Suggested Donation – Come and experience how to bring in what it is your heart desires and clear that which is no longer necessary on your journey.  (April 13th and 20th)

TUESDAYS Full 50 minute Reiki/Energy Recharging Sessions – $80
By appointment at Corner Health Foods in Mundelein.  Call to make an appointment 847-566-5435

20 Minute Readings and Energy Clearings – 

We have a very special day planned for this Saturday, April 17th! Healer and Reiki Master Jennifer Lauren will be here from 11:11 a.m. until 2:22 p.m. For $20, you will receive a 20 minute individualized session. Jennifer will offer guidance, clarity, healing energy, and support for your specific needs. No appointment necessary. To learn more about this amazing lady, please visit her website: See you Saturday!!


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Reiki Classes Coming soon – Reiki III and more.  

Always know I have the continual Angel Attunement and Master Classes – let me know your interest.  
The Sandwich Connection and 28 Days of Conscious Intuitive Living are excellent ways to jump start your life and receive 1:1 assistance from me and group work from the Master Class of People that meet monthly.  Message me for more information.  

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