The Archangels Attunement Class Series

The Healing Angels of our Beautiful Energy Field
Why don’t we reach out and ask for more help?
They are a part of our power and they are here to help us, and they want to bring you closer to knowing who they are and what possibilities they have in your life to create miracles.
Miracles are incredibly common. 
Miracles happen in every moment of our lives. 
Miracles are normal.
We need to shift our consciousness to this KNOWING. 
Miracles are Knowing and Knowing is Gnostic and Gnostic is Personal Power

  • You are Miraculous
  • Your awareness is Gnostic
  • You are incredibly Powerful

Who are the Healing Energies of the Energy Field?
How do they work with us? &
What is their purpose?
How can we integrate them into our daily practice, our healing practice, and our ability to elevate and shift the unconscious which shifts the world… we explore and answer all of these questions…

3 weeks – 9 Angels        6:30pm-9:00ish in person and zoom   

$33 per class See Calendar Page (updated monthly)

Week 1 – Archangels Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel

Week 2 – Archangels Celestina, Faith, Daniel

Week 3 – Archangels Cassiel, Sarah, Michael


  1. Their Healing Gifts & The Physical, Mental, & Emotional Areas they help us with.
  2. How to invite Angels to help, how to connect, and how to ask. 
  3. Experiencing an Angelic Presence
  4. Empowering yourself through Discernment

All participants receive handouts and clear information on the angels.

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