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Everything is Energy

Often, if energy is stagnant it creates confusion, limitation, miscommunication, and lack. Spaces contain the energy of unresolved thought patterns. We often live within boundaries either created by other limiting beliefs or our own. Either way, resolving and releasing the unresolved energy, breaks the cycle, and allows for growth and healing to occur.

In this work… we forgive and release unresolved energetic imprints & thought patterns allowing for expansion & positive growth within the environment. This allows for the gentle healing to continue for the people residing in these spaces. Sometimes old energy needs an extra push to be transformed into light…creating space and room to promote new healing and growth.

The Process:

  • We provide an energetic assessment of what is happening in the environment.
  • Unresolved energies containing negative imprints & thought patterns are addressed.
hands burning a sage
  • We begin the transformation with plant medicine, sound healing through vibration & sacred mantras, & crystal/stone activations.
macro photography of sparkling diamonds
  • Prayers and sacred geometry are completed to begin transforming density into light.
pink and white stones
  • Energy grids are completed & continued recommendations for enhancing and keeping the space clean and energized are created.
  • Coaching on how to continue the process is included.
woman holding lit up light string silhouette photography
  • Periodic assessments are always available to renew and enhance the vibration and done on an ‘as needed’ basis.


To plan your space clearing drop me a message today.


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