Energetic Space Clearings

Personal & Professional

homes, businesses, vehicles, the land, & more…

Everything is Energy

Often… when energy is stagnant it creates confusion, limited growth, scarcity, miscommunication, depressive feelings, and lack of creativity. In this work… we must level the energy to allow for new growth to occur… the old energy does not have a hold anymore and needs an extra push to be transcended and transformed into light…this is what I do.

  • it first begins with an assessment
  • i assess the energy of the space & decide energetically what needs to shift & how it will happen
hands burning a sage
  • we begin with plant medicine clearing
  • I teach you how to prepare your own body then…
macro photography of sparkling diamonds
  • through crystalized sound, mantras, toning, prayers and symbols we begin the cleansing process
pink and white stones
  • we build a grid over your home, work, car, or any place needing enhancement
  • i teach how to continue the work and keep it clean and vibrationally high
  • we develop a future plan
woman holding lit up light string silhouette photography
  • then we continue to assess over time & upgrade the vibration as needed
  • recommendations are always made for next steps
  • 2 hours $250
  • +$50 each additional 20 minutes


To plan your space clearing drop me a message today.


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