Manifestation is found in Asking for Help…

Manifestation is found in Asking for Help…

I tend to give myself a lot of things to do. I used to think it was because I was trying to avoid feeling something within me… you know the ‘addiction’ pattern that has been in my family for generations.  Instead of dealing with my feelings, I used to find things ‘to do’ to keep myself from feeling what it was I didn’t want to feel when I just sat down and did nothing.  But that is over now.  I have dealt with that ‘thought’ and ‘belief’ repeatedly and have resolved and released with Creator on many levels.  Now, I am relearning how to ask for help. 
I have so many current projects that I am working on that I tend to get lost in my mind trying to figure out how I am going to accomplish it all forgetting I need to take my own advice.  The problem of ‘not being able to get it all done lives in my mind.  The solution is always out there I just need to remember to live from the heart.  The heart of all creation that brings in the possibilities one at a time, and only when I ask that to happen.  When I keep getting caught up in the mind trying to figure it all out I tend to keep my mind in a perceived control pattern and on the relentless hamster wheel of trying to figure it out.  Instead, I know that talking with the universe and gently asking for help always resolves the issues but I still forget from time to time. 

For me, meditation and talking with the universe was never about calming the monkey mind.  It was more of a way to speak with Creator and learn to listen to all the messages that the universe was providing to help me; no matter what.  I only need to keep shifting my perception to where the mountains don’t even exist anymore.  All possibility shows up and nothing gets undone.  So here, I am, remembering to ask and listening again. 

Lately, my ‘to do’ list has grown enormously and the universe is reminding me I need to practice what I preach… which is why I am sitting down to type up this email.  The simple act of writing everything down is the point of attraction.  It was never that we can’t do it all or that we don’t have enough time… it was truly about trust, faith, and knowing that it all does truly work out and it all does truly happen in divine timing.  We just have to get our thoughts and beliefs out of the way that keep sabotaging the infinite from doing its divine work. 

You see, I know we are creators intimately connected to The Creator… or The Source… or the Energy that is based on a system of infinite possibility that is all connected to our energy that we put out and intimately responds to the frequencies we generate to help us vibrate at the highest possible rate based on where we are.  Another words, It matches our vibration!  So, if I raise my vibration that all is possible and I know this to be true then that is what does show up… every answer… every thought… every belief pattern is matched… and all I have to do is shift the thoughts and beliefs to a high vibration…. Hmmm… sounds simple enough?  Yes, it is.  We just get in our own way… not our fault… this has been happening for generations.  And now it is time to shift it. 

The infinite wants for us exactly what we want for ourselves, and life always does happen for us in the right timing.  It does.  Too many times we create the belief that it is not happening fast enough, we are doing something wrong, or we don’t deserve it from happening and then of course… it doesn’t.  I have experienced this firsthand time and time again. Seriously, all we have to do is release and resolve for these things and… bam… the momentum and the ball gets rolling in the energy patterns that line up for us and create the momentum in the direction of what you want to happen.  All you have to do is do nothing… increase your vibration by resolving to release the lower frequencies that keep tripping us up and we are back on track again.

Really, where there is a will there is a way… there is.   It’s not about Creator’s will over our own… it’s about us living from the heart and creating all possibility so that which we love that comes from our soul’s purpose and spirits’ joy does happen effortlessly. 

Lately, I’ve been super hard on myself.  Thinking, in my head that I am failing because things aren’t happening the way I want them to on my timeline.  Again, I tend to want it all now… and the time lag in between getting something and it showing up really tends to trip me up. 

So what is my point?  My point is… the simplest form of getting what you want is in the asking.  I forgot to ask again.  The fundamental signature of all the teachings is connecting with Creator and asking for help.  It instantaneously puts us back on track.  We learn to ask over and over again, for what it is we need help with… and it instantly begins to unfold to help us.
Instead of going into overwhelm we can connect, ask, and know that it is done.    
Then guess what happened…
It started coming to me on how I was going to get it all done… the answers just happened… like a download… one by one the lists started checking off themselves and the overwhelm began to subside… here is what happened…

-The school issues with classes got handled by each of my kids.
-I sent the emails out that needed to be sent…including this one.
-The carpet got cleaned effectively and efficiently with a new cleaner that was homemade and aux natural!
-Supplements got done and list was made on what to get in the future.
-House cleaners are coming in two days.
-Laundry was done by one of my kids.
-I got my recipes started and typed and had success with one of them!
-Nora made some quotes with pictures which is on this email! 
-Garage was cleaned and organized by my husband and partially me.
-Kids got to all practices on time by working together.
And there was more time for a few things that did not get done that I wanted to work on from the previous days. 

No matter what… wherever we are… and whatever is going on… we need to be in receptive mode in order to receive the goodness that the infinite universe is responding to in every moment. 
I often speak about asking and receiving… and this is one of our biggest allies.  We can ask for ANYTHING and we should allow ourselves to get out of our own way to receive.  The universe always wants to supply.  We actually don’t ask enough and the way that we ask needs to be tailored to help us ‘know’ that it IS all happening.    

We are the ocean… not just a cup from the ocean. 

I’m sitting here in awe on how it all does just work out.  Again, all I had to do was shift my vibration to match up with what I was asking for and needed. 
Every single time I forget and then remember again… it’s always a wonderful lesson for me. 
I know it may sound an easy enough thing to do… and it truly is energetic in nature.  We only need to know what we are up to and how to shift ourselves so that what we are asking for DOES happen. 

This is what the Sandwich Connection does.  Several years ago, I created this program so that I could bring in what I wanted.  And it consistently does, repeatedly. 
Now, I always remember…. To ASK. 
If you interested in bringing in the Sandwich Connection and learning how to receive what you want and heartfully manifest in your life these classes are ongoing.  Just email me and we can develop your personalized program. 
A Sneak at what is happening in August: 

Most of the events I do are personal and organized individually or by the groups…please contact me to set up your event.  

INTUTIVE READINGS AT CORNER HEALTH FOODS  (various Friday farmers markets and Saturday events in August) – these are twenty minute healing sessions filled with intuitive guidance in the areas of physical, emotional, and mental issues.  Jennifer works with the guidance of her team of angels, guides and masters that will pass along the information needed in the areas of your life that are requesting guidance and direction.  More information here 

July 27th & August 31st (Last Tuesday of the Month) – 6:30-8:30pm $33 
ANCESTRAL ENERGY CLEARING CIRCLES – these are extensive group healings, guided readings, and energy sessions filled with the information to help you move forward in your life on all levels of physical, emotional, and mental needs.  Each person in the group will receive an energy ‘reading’ and guidance.  Jennifer brings in the guidance of the angels, masters and guides for the group.  All participants benefit from the group energy to heal and transform their current state.  Please email me to reserve your spot – 

Reiki 3 – Mastery – (Wednesday August 11th 2:00-6:00pm) – You will receive master symbols and learn how to fully embody Reiki Mastery every day of your life. Reiki 1 & 2 are prerequisites.  Room for 2 more participants.  More information is here or email me here.  

By Appointment – $80 per hour
SPIRITUAL HEALING JOURNEYS – Much of our illness in the world is derived from the disconnection that we feel between us and our Source or our Soul’s Purpose and our Spirit’s joy.  Taking a spiritual journey with Jennifer will reignite the fires that burn and reconnect us to our truth.  Many people receive direct guidance from source, miraculous healings of physical, emotional, and mental challenges, and learn effective techniques to continue to help themselves and permanently shift their lives.  These can be done as a group or individual and they are scheduled together.  Contact me personally to set up your Journey.