28 Days of Conscious Intuitive Living

What would happen if my life were consciously connected to the intuitive knowing within myself that peacefully understands? 

How would things be different for me in all parts of my life; my family, career, my health, spirit, relationships, and finances?

How do I live my life consistently from a place of high consciousness despite what may be happening all around me? 

What is intuition and how can I use intuition to help facilitate all aspects of my life?

In this program you will become one with the part of yourself that is conscious and intuitive.  On a daily basis you will know what it feels with every sensation of your body and including your 6th sense, your intuitive knowing. 

I designed this program after decades of using these skills on myself and family and teaching them repeatedly to clients with much success.  What can be expected from this course?

There are four weeks of lessons, mantras, and insights on how to become conscious and intuitive.  Every day you are guided through a written lesson and an audio lesson delivered to your inbox.  In these are insights and mantras to practice along with key ideas to consider throughout your day.  Each week has a theme and a goal designed to get you to the next level of becoming a conscious intuitive being. 

Week 1 – The Art of Listening

We will understand what it means to be a fully engaged being tuned into all the senses of the body including our 6th sense.  We will enhance our ability to be and do at the same time.  We will learn how to see life from an embodied awareness that is joyful and spirit filled.

Weeks 2 & 3 – Cleansing Within & Cleansing Out There

In these 2 weeks we are resolving, cleansing, and clearing our internal and external environements. Everything holds energy. Our thoughts, beliefs systems, and our external things that we have in our lives all hold energy. We will look at all of these things AS EXTENSIONS OF OURSELVES and consistently ask ourselves what we truly want to empower our lives.

Week 4 – The Art of Living a Conscious Intuitive Life

You have arrived. In this weeks lessons we will be zoning in on the elements of an intuitive life. We will merge with our conscious and intuitive selves completely. Each say will focus on living from the heart and how we finally see the world with new vision.

What else will I receive?

In addition to the daily mantras, insights, and lessons there are introductory lessons infused into each week of the program.  So, you are really getting 32 lessons with detailed instructions on how to shift your life to one of conscious intuition.  

Even more!  I am dedicated to your practice.  I will be giving you 4 weekly ZOOM calls scheduled one per week of the program at your convenience.  These calls are meant to answer any questions 1:1 about the program and help you clear and resolve any blocks that may be keeping you from fully embracing your intuitive self. 

I am so excited about this program and how it is designed.  I am here to guide you not only every day on the audios but also every week on our calls together! 

Let’s start where you are today!  Let’s empower you to becoming the master of your own life!

32 written lessons and audios, 28 daily mantras, and 4 personal 1:1 sessions.  

Listen to the Introduction of 28 Days below.


28 Days of Conscious Intuitive Living

The entire program including 4 Introductions to the new weeks ahead, 28 Lessons Plans, 28 Daily Mantras, 28 Ways to experience life as conscious and intuitive, & 4 personal 1:1 sessions with Jennifer over Zoom


Do you have more questions? Would you like a free consultation to see if this is right for you? Let’s talk and make sure this is something that you would want to do. I want this to be a perfect match for you and I don’t want you to waiste your time or your money. Contact me if you are interested either way!

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