Become Intuitive – Reconnect with Your Intuition

28 Days of Lessons & Mantras

Have you ever wondered how some people just know what to do in exactly the right moment? Why do they always seem to be in the right place at the right time? It’s like they have magic all around them and they always seem to be happy.

What is different about them? Why do they seem to just ‘know’ things?

Can I be this way? How can I bring inspiration and joy into my life? How will my intuition help me live my best life?

Intuition is an embodied experience.  It is our direct connection to our Spirit. It is the spiritual language of the heart asking us to reconnect and finally live in peace & joy.

There is a collective energy system made up of everything within and surrounding you.  It is tuned into everything.  Through intuition we understand how energy does matter.  Intuition can be opened and expanded as we clear out our lower vibrational thoughts and beliefs. These can take the form of physical sensations, mental ideas, emotional beliefs, and spiritual connections.  Intuition grows as we grow in subtle awareness and spiritual connection. 

When we learn how to ‘tune in’ we can navigate almost anything in our life effortlessly in our OWN power.

We turn every perceived struggle into opportunity and we learn to surrender to the current and use it’s power as our own.

Week 1 – Embodied Listening

Become fully engaged with embodied listening.  Develop a deep relationship with soul, and spirit. Awareness expands exponentially as we tune into the intuitive sensory system.

Weeks 2 & 3 – Cleansing our Energy & Environment

Resolve, cleanse, and clear your internal and external environments. Thoughts, belief systems, and physical things carry vibration. Everything is an EXTENSION OF US. We transform & become empowered.

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Week 4 – Merging Life as an Intuitive

Each day focuses on authentically living from the heart and merging intuition into life. Become fully integrated as a conscious intuitive being. YOU ARE AN INTUITIVE.

What do I receive?

28 daily lesson plans & affirmations designed to shift into conscious intuition.  These are yours to permanently keep in your audio and online pdf files.  

4 weekly zoom calls/in person sessions (60 min sessions) to review, answer questions, and energetically clear any resistance to becoming intuitive.   

Listen to the Introduction of 28 Days below.


“Becoming Intuitive is a program that came at just the right time.  Have you ever been heading toward a lot of change?  I was looking forward to this change but at the same time moving with apprehension and a bit of fear.  Becoming Intuitive refocused me on “the Wonder”- the positive aspects.  Oh what a great tool- for this alone the program is valuable.  Having a daily lesson created a needed morning ritual.  Each daily recording explains the new tool that will be added and available whenever it’s needed.  If you’re curious…do it!  Invest in yourself.  I am happy and grateful Jen provided me with these lessons that will carry me forward.”   ~Stacey M. Clinical Representative

“Becoming Intuitive has been the program I’ve been seeking for years, without knowing this is what I needed.  I’ve had several years of traditional talk-therapy that only left me stuck in the frustrations of my everyday existence.  Talking about what “wasn’t working” never led to where or how to seek the tools to fix anything.  Jenn’s tools had me seeking answers within myself; to realize I am only limited by me. No one has the ability to control or influence my moods, choices, goals and the path to a life full of joy. The 8-10 minute audio “lessons” each day are easy to fit into a busy schedule. Taking the few minutes to reframe how I approached each day, with simple goals and benchmarks, made the program user-friendly.  Leading from the heart with gratitude and thanks for the blessings large and small in my day have reframed how I view myself and my impact on the world. Even better, I have all of these lessons and plan on a second trip through Becoming Intuitive.  Thank you, Jenn, for creating this tool and for helping me remember that joy and gratitude belong in every aspect of my life.   To your best health,” ~Lisa W. Clinical Representative

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