Becoming Intuitive

28 Days of Lessons & Mantras on How to Live Reconnected to Your Intuition

Have you ever wondered how some people just know what to do in exactly the right moment?

What is different about them? Why do they seem to just ‘know’ things?

How can I be intuitive? How will this bring inspiration and joy into my life?

Intuition is an embodied experience.  There is a collective energy system made up of everything within and surrounding you.  It is tuned into everything.  Through intuition we understand how energy does matter.  Intuition can be opened and expanded as we clear out our lower vibrational thoughts and beliefs. These can take the form of physical sensations, mental ideas, emotional beliefs, and spiritual connections.  Intuition grows as we grow in subtle awareness and spiritual connection. 

When we learn how to ‘tune in’ we can navigate almost anything in our life effortlessly in our OWN power.

Week 1 – Embodied Listening

Become fully engaged with embodied listening.  Develop a deep relationship with soul, and spirit. Awareness expands exponentially as we tune into the intuitive sensory system.

Weeks 2 & 3 – Cleansing our Energy & Environment

Resolve, cleanse, and clear your internal and external environments. Thoughts, belief systems, and physical things carry vibration. We must cleanse and clear all of it to raise our vibration and tune into Intuition. Everything is an EXTENSION OF US. We transform & become empowered.

Week 4 – Merging Life as an Intuitive

Each day focuses on authentically living from the heart and merging intuition into life. Become fully integrated as a conscious intuitive being. YOU ARE AN INTUITIVE.

What do I receive?

28 daily mantras, insights, and lessons designed to shift your life to conscious intuition.  These are yours to permanently keep in your audio and online files.

I am dedicated to your practice. 

4 weekly ZOOM calls to review, interact with like hearted intuitives, answer questions, and energetically clear any resistance to becoming intuitive.   

Listen to the Introduction of 28 Days below.


Becoming Intuitive in 28 Days

The entire program including 28 Lessons Plans, Mantras, & Insights 4 personal small group sessions with Jennifer over Zoom or In person in Libertyville, IL


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