Lesson 6 — I Wonder (taken from Transcending Limitations)

10 minutes of inspiration

We must wonder every day. We must take the time to turn every lower negative thought into a game of wonder. We must do as a child does. Wonder in every way. We can wonder about everything, every person, place, and thing. Wondering can look something like this:

I wonder if I could change this enormous house into a huge garden or a bungalow for homeless people!

I wonder what it would be like to rollerblade from Illinois to Florida!

I wonder what would happen if I kept wondering about all the wonderful  things I wonder about!

Many of us lost the capability to wonder in adulthood. We forgot what it feels like to wonder. When did the seriousness become us? We must return to the realm of wondering. If we are to transform this world into the New Earth, we must wonder about everything that comes into our lives. Wonder uses imagination and it brings in creativity, fun, joy, and expansion. It never judges or fills our lives with mental thoughts of limitation and “I can’t”. It always asks, “I wonder” and follows it up with imagination and elated being.

I wonder what wonderful things will happen today? Wondering, wonders to the universe and then the universe smiles back with amazing answers of grace and gratitude recognizing the purpose of life is experiencing the ocean instead of  a cup  from the ocean. “I wonder” brings in unlimited expectation, freedom, expansion, joy, and love. It elevates, protects, and enhances everyone and everything it meets. There is no answer of “no” and only an answer of “I wonder”. And as we ask, the answers that come to us are limitless opportunity. To get to this place, we must ‘wonder’ what it would take to get here and, how we can allow  the energy of “I wonder” to transform our lives.

Can you wonder with an inquisitive childlike mind about everything that is happening around you? Even during a conversation that you don’t want to be in. Even amidst the conversation that is a struggle to keep alive. The topic may be dragging on and an enormously difficult time is spent connecting. Suddenly, your child steps in and lightens up the density of the situation with “I wonder how I can connect and lighten this conversation?” You begin to wonder about all types of possibilities and suddenly, the words of a joke come wondering in, lightening up the mood. You tell the joke with such ease and joy that by the end, everyone is laughing and connecting. Now you have 5 new people and 5 new connections who have literally lightened up and experienced how ingeniously fun life can become. This is the magic of “I wonder.” It helps everyone become as a child with an enlightening smile… it just lightens up life!

When you see a limitation… You ask, “I wonder” what it would be like to be without this limitation. You question everything and then you sense and feel within your body where the restriction lays. Where do I feel this in my body? Because when we see something that stands in the way, it is only because we hold something within ourselves that is keeping us from seeing that this limitation is not even real. It is an illusion.

Remember, this is directly connected to the heart. If we see something out there as limiting and frustrating, then we go deeper and take care of our own frustrations that are keeping us from wondering. We can wonder to a state of elevation lifting us higher  to possibilities once thought  as impossible. Ideally, we become everything that is possible. This is the imagination that is more important than mental knowledge. As we open to the possibility  of wondering even more than we already are we give permission for absolutely everything to show up. Try it.

I will never forget sitting in the car with little Ethan in the car seat at a gas station waiting for the car to finish refueling. We just brought Ethan home from the hospital. As I sat waiting, Ethan was sleeping soundly, and I gazed out the front window. I was still in some shock over the new life that was unfolding before us. I was anticipating all the changes we would have to make to adjust to all the medical devices that would fill his newly decorated room and the extra supplies that would have to be stored away.

As I sat there gazing in subtle anxious wonder, I focused on a person running in the distance. This person was out for a jog, running in the direction towards us. As he approached a thought occurred to me, “I wonder what would happen if we could get Ethan to run? I wonder if this is possible?” This was astronomically impossible according to what we were told by the doctors only hours before leaving the hospital. We had already made our upcoming appointments that would be centered around all the things that were wrong with Ethan and his newly developing disabled body.

Despite these thoughts, I continued to gaze out the window and wonder. I wondered if despite all the horrible things the doctors told us about Ethan’s new life if he could learn to walk anyway. I wondered what it would take and how we could make it happen. I wondered if we could make leg braces to support his legs to give him that feeling of strength. I wondered if there were people who would join me in this dream. I wondered what kinds of foods and supplements we could use to help him. I wondered. I just sat there watching the runner inch closer and closer and my mind raced with wonder as my heart began to climb in vibrational joy.

I was no longer caught in anxiety and despair over the day-to-day things I was going to have to do to help Ethan survive. I was now caught up in the wondering of how I was going to help him thrive. Simply by sitting and wondering and being inspired by a runner off in the distance my heart began to sing, wondering about all possibility and how we were going to bridge wonder and reality together so that our dreams would manifest. In that one wonderful moment everything shifted and wondering about doing the impossible became our heightened reality.

When you wonder about things all day long, it will bring up your limiting beliefs about life. When this happens,  notice how it holds a restriction in your body. This is your opportunity to free this area by opening to wonder while  the universe magically drops inspiration into your heart. This opens you to the possibility of seeing, sensing, and knowing that the unlimited will show up. Wondering helps us believe in the possible before it even happens. We must know with absolute certainty  anything is possible before it  happens.

As we work in the realm of “wondering” we are working with our hearts to create amazing  answers to life’s dilemmas. These are just waiting and wanting to be revealed. Everything can happen, will happen, and is happening. Everything.

At any given moment there is something floating out there in the energy of the universe with a new idea, a new solution, and a new answer to anything that you wonder about. It is this way because “I wonder” is a highly creative energy filled with spirit and imagination. When we  connect with the spirit of joy, imagination, love, and creativity there is no way that anything less than this can show up.

This does require practice. We must train ourselves  to wonder as if we would train our body to learn a new exercise such as running, weightlifting, or any number of activities. We must train ourselves to become our  limitless selves. We must wonder every day, multiple times of the day. One hundred times a day we must imagine, we must create, we must elevate. No matter what we believe. No matter what our situation and no matter how far down the rabbit hole we have gone, we can still wonder. It is our job to wake up and see our shortcomings, see our limitations, and then turn them around. This is our way. This is our practice. This is what we are to accomplish individually and collectively.

Therefore, we elevate, and through elevation, we naturally return to the very thing we are. We are meant to transcend all limitations in every way possible. No matter what. There is always an answer and frequently it is something greater than you can ever dream or imagine yourself. This is why we pray, “This or something greater”. Positive expectation plants the seeds of trust in anticipation of the growth. We hold the vision and let go of the outcome. Meaning, I see it, I hold it, and I remain open to it or something better showing up which creates elevation and advance knowing to drop in. This is how masters become masters. They tap into their questioning of “Why not?” Let us see, let us open to the possibility, let us create, and let us do this. Then they invest all their heart and love into expansion in that area, always remaining open to all possibilities, and allowing their minds to be the passengers that help to lead, guide, and direct.

The heart knows. The heart is connected to all that is. The heart is creativity. The heart is imagination. The heart is elevated, expansive, enhanced, an amazing love unlike most have ever experienced before. It is only through the heart that everything can and will and does happen. This is your oneness with all that is, which is how true miracles happen all the time. Then you realize there is no turning back, no other way to live, but to fully give and to love through the heart. The heart can become everything in this universe, and it is right there. Always waiting for you, within yourself.  Just listen to the voice. It knows the way. Open, expand, become, because you are the ocean.

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Manifestation 101 – Our Soul’s Purpose & Spirit’s Joy – 5 Minute Inspiration

Yesterday, I transcended another limitation.  I realized a current belief did not line up with what I intuitively desired and the current relationships showing up. 

I have many goals.  When I took a second, third, and forth look at why something wasn’t showing up in my life, knowing I intuitively wanted this desire to manifest with all my heart, I realized I was the one who needed to shift my own perception so that this idea could begin to manifest.   I reevaluated my approach by using one of my well-established programs, The Sandwich Connection, shifted the barriers through the techniques and my manifestation began to effortlessly unfold.  The people in my life showed up in the way I had always imagined, and the goal became a reality.  The amount of gratitude I had for the enlightenment I felt and the unexplainable satisfaction of figuring out what I was really doing to sabotage this goal became a pivotal realization into my own healing and simultaneously an opening to a world I knew was possible.  It was a monumental turning point. 

I changed the script in my life so that what I truly desired from my heart could be realized.  I sensed, I felt, I breathed, I listened, I asked, and moved my body. Then again, I repeated the process, I sensed more, felt more, breathed more, listened more, asked more, moved more, and kept the process going until it finally happened.  Suddenly… I broke open to the complete understanding of WHAT I WAS TRULY DOING TO KEEP THIS FROM SHOWING UP.  It was a revelation of consciousness unexplainable in words and only truly felt and understood within the heart. 

This shift in perception instantaneously put me on the path to the realization of my dreams. 

When we see where we are and what we have been up to, then we can finally get to where we would desire ourselves to be. 

Quite frankly, if we are connected to Source… which we all are… we become conscious creators in our lives… no matter what.  We must tune into our thoughts, our belief systems, and the energy that is within us and surrounding us.  Our word choices, our body language, our sensations, our experiences all give us clues to why something is happening and how to resolve the current issue.

I did not like what was showing up, so I breathed into every experience where this limitation was showing up.  I sensed deeply into my body and felt fully into the expressions of what was happening around me.  I became still, silent, and fully present with the experience. I allowed the process to unfold within me so that I could merge with what was not showing up and understand. I became aware.   

I didn’t have to relive a story or go into any cycles of drama.  I just became aware of anything that was happening within and around me and allowed for the story my mind was creating to unfold before me.  And then I asked myself the question, “Do I believe this to be true?”  I followed the story line until I realized I had been creating this thought and belief since I was a little girl.  Once I realized I could allow the fragmented girl to merge with my true self I regained a part of me lost in another reality and played the same story line taking away from the current experience I was attempting to manifest.  It became a reunion within myself and the letting go of current perceptions clouding the heartfelt experience I desired. 

Some of us want success but we are secretly afraid that we will fail, lose our current relationships, we don’t deserve our desires, it’s not safe to be ourselves or be seen or even heard.  Any number of beliefs or ideas can show up.   

When this happens, it may be helpful to ask ourselves as a child asks… “why or what is that?” Then as an adult we can ask ourselves with childlike curiosity, “Why do I feel this, why do I believe this, why is this a limitation?” …and resist the temptation to blame, point fingers, or judge anyone and especially ourselves.   Merely sense into the experience, merge with the untruth, and allow it to speak one last time.  Give it the attention it desires for yourself first.  Then we find something amazing happens… instead of the untruth taking us over, we can forgive and release it knowing it was there serving us a purpose at one point in our lives to get us to where we currently are.  We can allow it to be finally forgiven and released knowing that as we do it will evaporate and transcend into a beautiful transformative light energy that will no longer rule our world.  As it evaporates and leaves, we can begin to breathe more, move more, and make more space for what we truly desire to manifest through our hearts.   This is how effortless and expansive this process can be when we learn to merge with ourselves and the SOURCE OF CONSIOCUSNESS within us all

We finally merge and create with our Soul’s purpose and Spirit’s joy! 

If you would like more information on how to transcend & transform limitations possibly manifesting in your life… within your current family & relationships, career & purpose, health & spirit on all physical, mental, and emotional levels it may be helpful to contact me and set up a consult to see how one of my many programs or energy sessions may help your process or the process of someone close to you.  I created the Sandwich Connection, Becoming Intuitive, teach Reiki and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, and  offer personal Energy Healing Sessions with one simple intention… I have one truth… to help the world transcend out of the darkness of lower thoughts & belief systems and ascend into the light as quickly and effortlessly as possible on all levels of reality.    This I know to be true.

“Our power of creation lives through our heart. We see it, we hear it, we sense it, we embody it. It is our navigational system.  It can do, be and allow anything to happen that is truly all encompassing and completely as itself, love.”  ~Transcending Limitations, Jennifer Lauren

Let’s manifest the people, places, and things in your life and help reach the goals and aspirations of the heart.  Let us become our SOUL’S PURPOSE & SPIRIT’S JOY.

All my love and more from the universe of limitless supply…




Meditation – Can we shape our reality?

Lately, I have been wondering… what is truly important?  There are a lot of things we may value…maybe it is our career, our family, our life purpose, and how we add something precious to this world.  Or maybe for some of us it is just about living day to day and moment to moment because that is just where we are right now.  Sometimes life can be exciting and full of incredible moments of elation and triumph and sometimes life can seem painful and sorrowful. 

There are moments in our lives when all we can do is get through to the next day and there are times when we never want the day to end because things are going that well.  Still further, sometimes striving to have a balance between the two polarities can be our greatest challenge.   

The older I get, the more I realize there is so much that I really don’t understand, nor do I have answers.  So many of us go through so many different shades of color in our lives that it is difficult to determine the answers of how to live our best life.  For everyone it is different.  What I do know for sure is that there are unlimited ways to perceive life and in this web of existence we have choices. 

Sometimes, our choices seem limited and sometimes we are elated with the unlimited possibilities. What I have come to understand is that as we look at life and the many ways to experience ourselves it becomes critical to create a partnership with our minds. 

I realized this mostly when my children were young.  Depending on what was happening in their lives I always wanted to help make something better.  I always tried to make the best of experiences and what we were given being there for them in every way I could.  Sometimes, my efforts paid off and my children thrived and other times no matter what I did or how I framed the experience it was bound to work out less than I had anticipated.  And when things didn’t work out, I tended to blame myself or something else.  Eventually, I realized that neither of these two ways of looking at the world was helpful. 

I had an inkling within me that what I was doing was not very helpful, but I did not know how to help this pattern.  Until one day, I just stumbled on an advertisement for meditation.  The people meditating looked happy.  They looked peaceful and content.  Something I wanted for myself but was ever so difficult to attain. So, I decided to try it out. 

I’ll never forget the first time I attempted to meditate.  I thought I was supposed to sit and just be… hoping that by staying quiet, sitting quietly, and through shear concentration I could train myself to make my thoughts leave and my mind.  Boy was I wrong.  I found the opposite to be true.  My thoughts became louder, the ‘to do’ list became longer, and the unfinished things that raced in my psyche just went on and on and on… like a freight train that just keeps going and going and going.  It was relentless and irritatingly frustrating to say the least. 

I gave up many times.  Many, many times.  I just didn’t understand why people could speak about meditation and how it helped them so much.  I felt like such a failure.  It just made things worse for me.  Then I enrolled in a meditation class.  I walked into a studio and paid them cash that day hoping that if I did what they told me it would all just go away, and I would get the answers.  And it helped, it didn’t cure my mindless activity, but it did help me begin to understand what was happening.  I discovered how our thoughts are an endless culmination of three aspects of the mind.  The negative, neutral, and positive mind.  That we have a negative mind; useful in protection and alerting us to something that is wrong or a threat.  We have a positive mind; useful in expanding a thought into possibilities instead of contrasting it into limitation and lastly, we have a neutral mind; helpful in deciphering the positive and the negative in relation to where we are now and what we choose our experience to become.  As we develop ourselves through meditation, we become aware of our positive and negative mind eventually finding the neutrality of it all by becoming aware of what we have been doing.  Then we realize we have choices on how we would like to shape our lives within our current states of awareness. 

Then I learned about breath work.  Practicing control of the breath through meditation.  As I learned and practiced more, I found that breath work controlled our life force.  The more I learned about breathing and how to control the different states of my breath the more I could control the different states of awareness within my mind.  Thus, I could choose the expansiveness of my energy.  Through breath awareness I could stimulate and enhance my energy thus adding more control to my thoughts, my energy, my reality. 

Then I found mudras and mantras.  I discovered that mantras are words or phrases that can be repeated aloud or to oneself with the rhythm of the breath, and mudras are the use of the hands to focus the brain.  I was skeptical at first, and the more I practiced I was surprised at how much better I felt, the lasting effects of the practices and the simplicity of it all.  I began to understand the helpfulness of my negative and positive minds and the innate ability of my neutral mind to intuitively focus.  I was amazed at how a simple practice of strengthening the breath, using mudras to stimulate the brain, and mantras creating a rhythm of internal wisdom within my body could create lasting effects.  I was hooked, to say the least.

Limiting beliefs haunting me for ages began to melt away, my energy returned, and my outlook on life improved.  What did I learn?  Life could change.  I had some sort of control and that I could shape my reality.  And I never needed to censor my thoughts, I needed to find the right practice for me. 

If you are innately curious… I invite you to try a meditation class or practice at some point in your life.  I just happen to teach a couple at Trillium Yoga in Antioch, periodically.  Here are some dates… 5:45-6:45pm on 4/24, 5/8, & 5/22. OR try the online zoom meditation Wednesdays at lunch time… all you have to do is sign up at eventbrite here. I hope to see you soon!

Living a life full of HEART FULL purpose…

Lately, I’ve been running through all the scenarios in my head of how I could have, would have, should have done things differently in the past. All the past experiences and decisions that I made that turned out the way they did and happened in the manner they happened.

Some were wonderful outcomes and aligned with my inner truth and some were decisions that I am not so proud about. It’s those decisions that never really turned out the way I had hoped that I live in regret. And I know that living in regret doesn’t really help us to move forward in a positive and uplifting manner. But I have to admit… like many of us… I’ve been doing this to myself again and again.

I approach these scenarios with my mind, and I tune into my heart that longed for a different outcome. I ask myself if there is anything I could have done differently, and I always see it as a, “Yes.” A resounding, “Yes.” Not the kind of ‘yes’ that wants to beat myself up with judgement but the kind of ‘yes’ that sees with new eyes now how there are so many roads to our destination before us that we get to pick and choose which journey we’d like to embark.

Do we want our road to be rocky, deserted, painful and full of regrets? Or do we want our road to be synchronized, effortless and free to fly and be me?

You see… I was thinking… pondering this idea and it occurred to me… every decision I ever made, every idea that ever came to me, and every detail of my life always came down to my internal questions from within…. The big one… the ultimate question that maybe we all struggle with from time to time…. What is my PURPOSE? Why am I here and what is my LIFE MISSION? Related all together… what is my Life Mission and how am I going to live my life through this life mission that I am realizing before me?

Every experience I have ever had, every failure, and every perceived success has come back to this internal question. Am I making decisions in line with my highest potential and highest purpose at the time that I make these decisions or am I experiencing a lower version of me that is covered in fear and doubt?

Well, once I broke that down and realized that… I began to understand… I mean truly understand why I do what I do and all the programs I have that really do work. It’s because, I just believe… I believe so much that anything is possible, and we have a beautiful world of all possibility that is reflected upon us based on our own beliefs and ideas about life that I only live what I completely believe in every moment, every hour, every day, and every year. Doing anything less just doesn’t work anymore. And deciding that I am leading my best life and helping anyone who wants to come along IS MY PURPOSE!

WOW…Does that feel good! The kind of good that we just want to SHOUT FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP OUT TO THE GRAND CANYONS OF THE WORLD!


This is what I want for you TOO!

I have one question I live with daily…. “In all that I AM… Am I living, breathing, and walking my life mission and am I in alignment with this?”

Most times now I can say yes…and when I can’t answer with a resounding ‘yes’ I now know how to shift myself into that alignment, effortlessly.

And I guess… I just want everyone else to know this and feel this and be this as well. I just want the empowerment flame to be passed along form one person to the next and for all, everyone to feel as though they can express themselves to their highest version out into a world that WANTS to receive the beauty of their uniqueness shine through! I believe in this world… I believe it exists. I believe everyone has their version according to where they are and what they came to experience. I believe in you.


Is to take you there…

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We need more BIG Kids on this planet to help us small people feel like its ok…

Yesterday, I met with an old friend.  This man, this amazing being of light is a brother of mine.  We have known each other a few years, and I have known him in another lifetime for sure, if you believe in that sort of thing.  Just a lovely being.  Yes. 

He is a musician you see.  A glorious eclectic musician who follows his beautiful passion for music.  As a self-taught musician, he travels the vast Chicago area bringing his gifts to others.  He shares his tapestry of musical compositions with others, for no apparent reason other than to give love and share his passionate heart through his art.  A beautiful musician and a beautiful way to live. 

Every Thursday he invites people to his abode to just be.  A ‘by appointment & get to know you’ session with no agenda.  Let’s just sit and get to know each other.  Just refreshing.

His only expectation is to just share stories.  Sit as long as you like, allow the conversation to just emerge, and just enjoy the company.  To say the least… it was delightful.  We filled our time with amazingness.  Amazing ideas, amazing passions, and amazing effortless love.  Whatever wanted to come in…came and the conversation just became more all on its own.  We held space for each other and delighted in our similar and different views on life.  It was an eloquent orchestration of heart spoken words deeply meaningful and profoundly elaborate.  Sometimes we agreed and sometimes we didn’t.  Accepting and allowing the flow to take us wherever it wanted to go.  As if we were riding a smooth riverbed filled with possibility.  I felt seen, heard, and accepted…something that has been estranged to me for so long.  I was grateful.

You see, a long time ago, feels like lifetimes ago… I lost my family.  To pain, heartache, and mental instabilities that we label as addictions and mental illness in today’s modern world.  Growing up, it was a very tough life.  Very tough.  Lots of heart ache, pain, and tragedy.  As I grew up, more tragedy perused my life in many ways.  I had been given many obstacles in most of my life to overcome.  I eventually wrote a book on the subject thinking this would help my troubles… and hopefully help others in similar situations.  And it did… for awhile… until I realized that my limitations were exactly that… my own… and writing a book would not solve the issue but changing my perception did.  So, even to this day… I use all the gifts that were bestowed upon me to help me through troubling times and to keep shifting my perception so that nothing equaled a limitation anymore.  Truly coming to terms with the struggles I felt like I had to face and turning the struggles into vast landscapes of possibilities. 

I heard an author say that he had many ideas.  So many ideas that were so inspiring that it was a burden at times.  Kind of like… I can do so MANY things and there are so MANY possibilities… how do I get them all done?  That was anxiety producing.  It felt like a responsibility… much like the responsibilities we put on ourselves to make it in this world or follow the path that we think we are supposed to do.  I really related to that.  For me, it’s like walking into a SUPER TARGET… I get overwhelmed by the number of choices.  I don’t want to choose between 50 types of tomato sauce… I just want the one that was made out of passion and love by the individual who made it. 

This author had a remedy for his perceived limitation… the number of great ideas that he had.  He started a folder.  He called it ‘Great Ideas’ that would take some time to develop and bring into fruition.  Then he would store these ideas and periodically look at them.  After a while some of them that were ‘great’  would just seem not so great anymore and others would continue to remain ‘great’.  The ones that hung out and knocked on his passion door are the ones he would choose to develop over time.  And this worked for him. 

This helped me a lot.  I started applying this same idea to my life.  Instead of looking at everything as another limitation that I had to overcome I started choosing differently.  I started choosing whether I needed to go that direction or this one. I started choosing for me again. 

Probably because I am just at that point in my life now.  My role as a Mother has shifted tremendously and I no longer have to do the things I did before to help the people in my life in the way that I used to.  I chose to do it this way… and now I can choose again. 

So here I was choosing to spend time with a marvelous musician who has always looked at life that way.  Free to be himself in good times and bad.  Just expressing his creativity and allowing life to take him down the riverbed of mystery.  What a glorious concept. 

Inspired I was… to say the least.  In that moment… I made a decision that would change my life.  I decided to live again in the way that felt good to me. To just continue to be me and allow my gifts to go where they are asked for with no expectation in return. 

I am beginning again… this time I am looking at my life as a beautiful piece of music that keeps moving and shifting, and changing, and traversing through the compilation called ‘living’.  And it is uniquely my own. 

That’s the beauty of spending time with people.  We can just be ourselves.  Just coming together and getting to know each other.  It’s magical. 

A lot of us grow up thinking we must be someone or something when we get older.  Ugh… I think that is a lofty idea and it is hard for me to understand why people want to GROW UP.  I just want to be a kid forever.  Play in the sunshine, sink in the mud, and sing to the moon.  Effortless and free.  We need more of that… we need more BIG Kids on this planet to help us small people feel like its ok.  And then maybe there would be a beautiful piece of music that has the potential to tune our hearts to a profoundly incredible world.  Wouldn’t that be amazing!? 

Maybe more of us would be a lot happier and feel a lot better if we gave ourselves permission to be more of who we wanted to be instead of what everyone else wanted us to become.  Maybe all we needed was for someone to tell us that this is a choice we can actually make… at any age.  Plain and simple… be more of you.   Just being you and doing more of what you love… repeatedly will eventually lead you to everything you ever thought you needed.  And you know what happens then… you begin to really live again. 

All my love,

Jennifer Lauren

Continue to Cultivate Your Diamond through…

mental balance & an intuitive heart

Ever since I wrote my last blog on gratitude it made me think…how much time do I spend in my head avoiding my heart?  I wondered what percentage of my day I spend in the part of my mind that remains negative in just about any situation appearing before me.  I also wondered with all the years of reiki yoga, and meditation training if I was allowing complete balance through all the parts of my mental mind and intuitive heart.   So, I simply sat down during one of my meditative practices and asked.  I didn’t receive an answer right away.  Normally, I don’t. Typically, answers come to me through experiences.  This time the universe seriously answered me through an experience I will never forget…

I was traveling to Dallas with my daughter.  We had an early flight at O’Hare airport in Chicago getting us into Dallas with plenty of time to pick up our prepaid car rental and check in at our host hotel for her AAA hockey tournament.  She plays upper level hockey and often has to travel around the country.  We had planned everything in advance and all our arrangements were secured. 

That morning flight, the universe began answering my request to know if I had improved over the years with my practices.

It first began at airport security.  Things seemed unusually tense that morning.  Not as many airline agents were helping with bag checks which made check in a bit confusing and the airport seemed to be busier than normal with rushing people.  After sifting through the initial confusion, I began to realize that this was going to be an unusually intense morning.  We were able to find help in checking my daughter’s rather large hockey bag and made it to security check point.  Shocked to find out that security officers were making people line up shoulder to shoulder and walk down a 20 foot long carpeted path reminding us to stay in line and next to the stranger you were paired with.  If we unknowingly walked more than 6 inches ahead of the person, we were next to, we were reprimanded to stay orderly.  I was separated from my daughter which gave me anxiety and feeling like we were immigrating to a foreign country.  As we walked down shoulder to shoulder the 20 foot gray carpeted path we were electronically scanned, recorded on video cameras, and sniffed by police dogs for anything that we could be illegally carrying.  The experience was enough to send someone with mild anxiety into a tail spin.  Next we were instructed to place all our belongings on the radar belts and walk quickly through the monster Xray scanners.  After the initial interrogating 20 foot walk the normal Xray scan seemed a bit heightening in anxiety.  Empathically, I feel everything and the amount of energy running through my body was insurmountable at times. 

My heart was pounding and my body ached with sorrow as I watched each person receive micro traumas as they passed through something that has become acceptable practice in our society.  Children were upset and parents did the best they could to manage a difficult situation. I ached with remorse with what seemed like an enormous dark cloud sweeping across the airport. 

Amid what was happening, I reminded myself of the practice.   Immediately I silently announced to myself, “Thank you God.”  And like I tell my students in yoga and meditation classes… “Keep Up!”  And I did just that… I kept up… I kept focused on my breath pattern and focused on all the sensations that were happening within me and all around me.  I became completely aware.   

I used the breath…

I inhaled deeply through my nose for a count of four…1, 2, 3, 4.

I suspended my breath (held the breath) for a count of four… 1, 2, 3, 4.

I slowly exhaled for a count of four… 1, 2, 3, 4.

I suspended my breath out on the exhale for a count of four… 1, 2, 3, 4. 

I repeated this process from the time I was separated from Nora all the way through the cattle shoots and being birthed out to our final airplane gate. 

As I kept the breath going, I also silently added the mantra, “Sa Ta Na Ma” to the 4 counts.

It is a kundalini yoga mantra effectively able to bring in transformational energy. 

This added depth and strength to the breath pattern able to carry me further into what was happening and allowing everything to pass through.  My mind remained focused, my body balanced, and my heart strong. I was one with the process.

Wave after wave of sensation passed through my heart and body.  Step after countless step I remained present.  Consciously and consistently, I remained separate from the mental sea of judgment, panic, and anxiety surrounding the airport and uniquely within the light.  The public faces of shame, discontent, insecurity, and panic were subtle and yet intense.  I desired only to be light and help as much as I could.  Whether it was a smile to the security officer, a thank you, assisting other’s with their bags, or gathering the numerous large plastic bins to help put them aside.   

I consistently leaned into the resistance and allowed everything to become one.  The mantra and breath pattern helped me walk through a difficult time untouched. 

As we continued our travels… only running into another dilemma requiring more patience and more gratitude.  Apparently, when we arrived in Dallas… our prepaid car rental could not be honored for another 4 hours. 

Car and employee shortages as well as long wait times filled the airport.  Stress was high and waves of trauma coursed through the air. 

Wifi was spotty and communications were limited between people.  Anger and hostility were rampant.  I caught myself beginning to get swept away with the process. 

I grabbed onto my advice, after I realized the temptation before me to slip down the slippery slope of blame and desperation being created. 

Once again, I picked myself up with a, “Thank you God” and asked for guidance.  Instantly, I heard the mantra “Aap Sahaee Hoa” fill my body.

In kundalini yoga, it is a mantra that penetrates the unknown without fear and brings in protection, mental stability, and balance. 

Wave after wave of fear and intimidation swept through my body… every emotional instability of every person, place, and thing came through me… I kept up… I sunk into the mantra and I processed the grief.  I paused, I breathed.  I tuned in.  I kept the mantra up… sending light and allowing.  Tears came over and through me as I watched the people calm and the energy shift and change all around me.  I breathed, I sensed, I remained present.  I felt more, sensed more, processed more.  Before long, the dark cloud that had consumed the area began to disappear, the desperation flattened, and community began to form.  People were striking up conversations, making personable connections, and taking the time to be together with complete strangers.  The air was cleared, and lightness began to prevail.

I was grateful.

Thank you…. Thank you…thank you.

Some of my teachers would tell me to keep strong and don’t allow these things to come near you.  And here is the problem with that… now more than ever we need people who do what I do in the midst of chaos to hold the light so that the light can come through.  It only takes one being to make the initial shift and the others join in as consciously we bring more light to very dark situations.  It can be done.  It only becomes easier and easier as we all awaken to the clouds of darkness that have had a hold on us for so long and keeping us where we are unconsciously aware of our true powers.  We have the power to transmute darkness.  We have the capacity to make change softly and with intelligence and wisdom through a lineage of masters that have come before us.  It is possible.  We first need to awaken.   

Hence, the mantras, the breath work, and my reiki training are what made me capable of doing what I did.  My prayers were answered though the experiences I was having.  I became awakened once more.  I needed that to happen.  I needed to allow myself to go through that experience and continue to learn what is possible.  Light will penetrate the darkest of places just by its presence.  It does not need to fight or claim to be right.  It just is.  It is quiet and powerful all on its own.  It is wisdom. 

Light brings rest to the unrest, worthiness to the unworthy, and security to the insecure.  Light always prevails.

And 4 hours later… we gratefully received the only car available and drove to our hotel. 

And I realized once again that the universe continues to amaze me.  Through awareness we continue to awaken to our true form and as we do we realize what is possible. I woke up that day, again.  As I continue to do every day, never knowing what will come but always having the balance of my mental mind and intuitive heart.  And even this is always a continual work in progress. 

Why do I share this story with you?  Because consciously and unconsciously we encounter these situations daily.  At work, in our communities, our homes and our families.  On larger or smaller scales.  It all adds up.  Micro trauma can build up and become a condition associated with post-traumatic stress disorders.  We need help, people need help, and support is available. 

This is why I teach.  Sharing Kundalini Yoga, Meditations & Mantras, Reiki, and Intuitive Readings & Energy Healing Sessions with one purpose; to awaken the power within you.  We can fish for others only for so long… the real miracle comes when you give others the tools and help them cultivate the knowledge already within. 

Reiki, meditation, mantras, and kundalini yoga are the tools and learning to use them to our advantage will only help us and society transform.  As we continue to walk through what is happening around us and within us these techniques add to our life and help us with our current professions.  It is as if we are learning the power of ourselves through the offerings and then able to transfer light into our own homes, careers, and communities. 

This month I invite you to join me in one of the following classes, events, or sessions.  As they are designed to teach how to become lighter and able to shift what may be happening within and all around you in your own unique way.  The teachings bring us purposeful true power.

Here are the April offerings…. (click the pictures for more information and sign up links)

Become Strong As Diamonds

& Allow your Diamond to Take Shape!

Thoughts on Gratitude…

The other day, a client asked me, “Do you know anything about gratitude? And how does it work?”  To which I replied… “Oh yes!  Thank you for asking…gratitude does work!” 

And of course… I didn’t just stop there… I continued on… with one of my long winded answers. 

I just love it when people ask me questions… I tend to go on tangents and then always have to circle back and ask, “Did I answer your question completely?” I just get carried away with the winds of wisdom that blow on by with creative and fun answers that just hit me in the midst of conversations with clients, friends, and family. 

So… it got me thinking this week… how can I talk about gratitude in a simple form to help us all elevate and expand our experience?  Here goes…

I have to thank this client for asking me this question… little did this person know that they were my angel in disguise that day.  As soon as I was asked the question, I knew that my team of lightworkers were laughing at me going… “You see how you need to practice what you already know!”  I was drowning in my misery that day over several obstacles I kept running into!  And then this person called me with a question in the midst of a frustrating experience I was having in that moment!

Here’s the back drop of the story:

This particular day, I was out running errands finding myself repeatedly frustrated.  I was in the midst of changing over documents and signing papers at my local bank due to an official name change.  I never knew that doing a name change could be such a COMPLICATED process!

As it seems, our society either assumes that if one is changing their name it is either because of a divorce or a marriage.  To which I always had to further explain… neither… I just want to change my name to match more of who I am becoming… “Hmmm…I wondered if they thought I was crazy?” To which people mostly replied… “Why?”

I’m used to people asking me why… I usually have a different opinion than everyone else and seen as ‘curiously unusual’.  It was becoming more and more clear to me that when I decided to walk down this path of a name change that I really was an ‘interesting genre’.  LOL! 

Energy clients usually come to me with issues that have been ongoing or seeking a fresh perspective to a complicated problem and they need motivation to help bring ‘light’ to the situation. 

So, here I was faced with my own interesting situation that I had to bring in light.  We tend to see things in either ‘black’ or ‘white’ and I like to see colors.

I changed my name because I had always wanted to have a name that expressed the energy that resonates from me… uniquely my own and not something that belongs to anyone or anything else. So to me, it was a way to honor my birth family and married family by becoming vibrationally more of what I came here to express. I recently was ordained a spiritual name and felt the desire to integrate it into my first and middle name independent of any prior last names… why? It felt right.

So here I was… trying to explain again why I was doing what I was doing… and why it matters. 

We are based on vibration… everything we are, think, do, and say is based on a vibration that is within us and all around us.  Our vibration attracts more of what we are.  When we allow our vibration to keep climbing higher and higher we want the world around us and within us to reflect more of what we are at the current vibrational state.  We feel it within us and all around us when we walk into a room, visit a town, a friend, family member, or institution.  We are vibrational beings meant to express ourselves at our highest potential and what we feel, say, and do… matters.  As we grow in conscious awareness our vibrations climb and our lights shine.  In so doing we lift ourselves and the world around us as we become more of ourselves.  We naturally feel better and the world around us reflects that.  Soooo…. I wanted to change my name to the vibrational version of me that was emerging within me… and here I was trying to explain this to a bank… a difficult task to do in a few words…

So… after I had finished with the bank and trying to explain an unusual concept within me … I was feeling defeated… like I was having trouble expressing myself… and wondering what was happening within me… I felt like Pig Pen’s Charlie Brown character walking around with a cloud of rain over my head… like why doesn’t anyone see me?  And then suddenly… this person called…. And asked me the question that helped me snap back into place…

Back to Gratitude… and how it works…

After I got off the phone and finished explaining why gratitude matters… I realized I was trapped and not feeling grateful for my current experience… and “Walla!!!!” It hit me… I was having trouble seeing myself clearly so the people around me were reflecting back to me what was unclear about me. 

And then the light bulb went on… and I was SO THANKFUL for that seemingly difficult experience!

So… how does gratitude work?

Gratitude shifts your vibration.  In all moments and every moment.  As soon as you announce, “Thank you!” the universe responds with exciting enthusiasm back to you… you are announcing acceptance and the energy of higher awareness keeps moving towards you…. Even if the perceived event seems lower in vibration… the energy of the event automatically begins to change.  It shifts into a higher vibrational state to match the new energy you are announcing to the world… even during a seemingly dismal outcome… the energy begins to get lighter.   With an acknowledgement of this is happening ‘for me’ instead of ‘against me’.  Everything is happening for us… everything is happening because we have something we are learning or saying to ourself repeatedly within us… we are like tuning forks walking around in the world.  What comes to us is usually a vibrational match to our current state of awareness.  If we are seeing darkness all around us, it’s usually because our vibration is asking us to get stronger within our light.  Resonating on a high vibration can be a difficult adjustment at first.  It challenges us to keep shifting and moving to higher states of being.  It’s symbolic of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.  We need to work within ourselves to build our high vibrational tune so that we can transform our world into what we are longing to become… a butterfly uniquely our own… or maybe it is a tadpole into a frog… or any metaphor will do.  We all have a metamorphosis and why not allow ourselves to just go there?  Our vibrations do not match on purpose and we are here to respectfully create our world to become more of who we are and not what others believe us to be.  Nothing is wrong with that, and everything is RIGHT with that! 

Sometimes, the universe throws us an experience because we have big things to learn and sometimes it allows us to flow effortlessly because we have matched our new vibrational level and we are celebrating the vibration of our metamorphosis. 

So just remember… expressing gratitude always brings more gratitude and higher states of awareness.  So whether you acknowledge a deceivingly difficult time in your life with acceptance and gratitude or you are genuinely elated by achieving something monumental in your life… tune into the many colored versions of gratitude and just say “thank you” no matter what.  Allow yourself to become the diamond that is emerging within you.

And there is nothing more fun and joyful than living with clarity of what we love and expressing who we are in ways that allows others to be expressions of more of what they love in their way.

To become Strong as Diamonds… allow your diamond to take shape. 


Jennifer Joti Tajdeep Kaur Lauren

The White Wave of Crowning Light & Victory

Some offerings this week to help polish your diamond…

Click photo to sign up today

Just reach out to me. Energy is amazing and when we learn to direct it to our highest purpose we transform our lives into nothing like our minds can create and only what our heart wants to sing. Find your song and let’s sing it together.

Keep Going… raise yourself higher and higher. Seek to raise your vibration constantly and consistently. Even when you seem to have reached your ceiling… press on. Raise yourself so high that ceilings no longer exist and your limitless existence is all there is & as you do… remember this… In order to be the light that shines brightly you need to recognize your own light from within.

As we move into spring time… allow your rebirth to launch you into a new phase of your limitless life. Allow the universe to expand and show you where to go next.

Here are some offerings to help with expansion:

Meditation groups to inspire your best life. 1 of 3 locations

Wauconda Monthly every 3rd Monday – 3/20, 4/17 & 5/22

Monthly every 3rd Monday in person

Antioch 3/27, 4/10, 4/24, 5/8 & 5/22 (Monthly on 2nd & 4th Monday)

Antioch Trillium Yoga Monthly 2nd & 4th Mondays

Lunch hour energy clearings and meditations to manifest your best self – Zoom on Tuesdays beginning April 4th 11:30am-12:30pm.

Reiki classes to harness intuition and channel life force energy. Bring more balance, integration, and consciousness into your daily life. Black Cat Yoga Libertyville

Reiki 1 April 18 & 19 – 6-9pm

Reiki 2 (must have reiki 1 certificate) April 29th

Kundalini Yoga for self growth and prosperity consciousness in all areas of life. 6 weeks of the prosperity consciousness series. Master your breath, move the body, manifest your highest self.

As always Individualized Energy Healing Sessions provide clear guidance and energy healing for rapid transformation & expansion along your journey. Remote or in person (Lake County Areas)


Thoughts to Things, Light to Gray, It Matters

Take 5 minutes & Ponder this…

Thoughts are things.  They have an energy.  A force upon them that can either be good for us or not so good for us.  Let’s just say there are many shades of gray but there is only light.  There are many forms of light consciousness and they all become one form… light.  There are many forms of gray consciousness and they all become more gray.  Imagine this… when you put light together as in layers upon itself… it becomes more light.  It just shines and yet it shines ever so brighter.  Brighter and brighter and brighter… It just keeps becoming more of itself.  In the process of becoming more light it allows light to penetrate through every obstacle and anything perceived less than itself.  It keeps becoming more… effortlessly moving into various places only penetrable by the light.  Only light can go where it has never been before.  It does not harm, and it does not force, it just is.  It doesn’t make anything turn into itself… it shines a light on the darkest of places so that everything can be seen.  It illuminates awareness and sight.  It shows us what was there all along.  That it has been there all along…just waiting to penetrate deeper and deeper.  Light transforms darkness, gives us the opportunity to see and be seen, and then it is our choice to become more light or not.  To be or not to be.  That is the question, is it not?  Once we see, once we awaken to higher and higher forms of light we can never return to what was once there.  The darkness forever goes and no matter how hard we try to make the light go away… it just grows. 

This is just as true for gray… gray matter collectively becomes more gray and then just becomes darkness.  It covers like a blanket of deep darkness as it slumbers us into a state of unconscious.  That’s ok.  We can accept this, because sometimes we need the darkness.  We need to rest, recover, and blend in.  To just be in a state of being with nothing to be, do, or know.  We accept this… and we continue.  We eventually remember, it’s only a blanket, temporarily covering our light. When we return to who we are, the blanket is removed. And when we know this we realize our world is full of these polarities. We can see the beauty in all of it, that’s when we truly awaken.  We see that there has always been something guiding us towards this balance.  This perfect dance that we do to truly encompass all that we are.  It’s only when we fear the darkness & fear the fear itself that we limit ourselves the experience of going through the darkness.  Within the dark there are lessons to learn, experiences to feel, and sensations to learn. And only through respect for the darkness can we return once again to more of what we would like to become. 

Many of us, most of us are some spectra of light.  There are times when it seems as though darkness has taken over forever, and this is just the illusion.  The illusion of polarity.  We seek to return to the balance and even pure light travels into dark places just as dark ones eventually seek to return to the light.  It’s all the same just polarity taking its course in many shades of gray.  Eventually becoming light. 

Quite honestly, I enjoy polarity.  I enjoy one spectrum versus the other and sometimes I need a little dark to understand who I truly am… pure light.  Eventually, this will no longer be so.  I will continue to walk the path of light and just continue to be more light without the dark.  Only with one purpose, to be the light for others to do the same and to see the consciousness within themselves that has always been there.  Just like Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz… the magic was always there, your ruby slippers were always the way home dear one, you just needed the journey to understand who you truly are; light. 

If you are looking for more… to be more, experience, more and to become more of that which you believe yourself to be I invite you to experience light in many forms… all spectrums of light… here are just a few ways… ongoing possibilities available to you and my honor to offer to you. 

With humbled blessings….

Sat Nam


Please & Thank you,



Merging with Consciousness

10 minutes to inspire your intuitive abilities… this is an excerpt from the ‘Becoming Intuitive’ program accessible as a ‘study on your own’ with 1:1 personal support from me. Enjoy the gift…

Many of us just want to know… “How do we become conscious and intuitive in every moment?”

Only in the awakening, can we become the consciousness that resides intuitively within us. 

As we become conscious and intuitive in nature, we recognize that our true power comes from the sensations of the body, which naturally tunes us into this knowing.  This is the self-connected internal knowing recognized as the triad of consciousness spoken about earlier.  It is not necessary to have all our energy systems in our body perfectly aligned nor must we be well versed in metaphysical concepts.  Rather it is more helpful to NOT have any type of metaphysical or spiritual background.   When we have studied and become well versed in metaphysical, religious, or spiritual concepts we run the risk of ‘knowing it all’.   We run the risk of already knowing everything and having all the answers.  We stop believing.  This is the mind keeping us limited.  This work is not for the mind.  The minute we ‘know it all’ we lose our connection with consciousness.  In this work we know nothing with the mind and the sensations of our body become the keys to our release. 

Through sensation we can resolve and release that which is unknown to us, which keeps us where we are.  In essence the key is to sense that things are already ‘taken care of’ because we are tuned into and tapped into something greater than us.  Even if we do not know what that is or believe that there is something greater, we still receive help and we still receive our shift in consciousness.  Conscious intuition is without the mind.  It is guidance felt through the heart and opening us to an expansion unidentified by form.  It surprises us with humble confirmation that as we follow our ‘knowing’ we come across answers to dilemmas that are beyond our rational mind. 

For example, some very important information came to me for over a month about ‘narcissistic’ personality traits.  I did not know why I was receiving this information, nor did I understand the connections at first.  I simply found myself very aware that I kept receiving this information from various sources.  Simultaneously, there was a certain person in my life I felt was not completely genuine and I understood I did not need to judge.  Instead, I remained present with an open heart.  Later, I began to realize, before a ‘partnership’ advanced with this person, that I was dealing with a narcissist personality. Throughout this experience, I sat with myself in the not knowing of what was unfolding before me, and allowed the experience to happen.  There were many instances that felt confusing during our interactions.  Why was it that in some situations this person felt life affirming and in other situations it felt consuming and depleting?  Why was it that my ears heard what they were saying but the energy behind their words was of a different intention?  I continued to sit with myself, breathe through these confusing moments of fear, and allowed my insecurities and feelings of instability to rise up to the surface of my being.  I never asserted myself from a place of needing to be right no matter how I felt.  I remained neutral and unreactive.  I waited and sensed within what was next before going forward. Through simply confirming the conscious intuitive knowing from within and following through with ‘NO’ action I received answers and found the solutions to my dilemma. 

I affirmed ‘no action’ by not going further with a partnership.  What this person was promising verbally was not truthful and conscious intuition was clearly guiding me to walk away; no matter what resistance I encountered.  My resistance was the clearing that needed to happen of a learned belief stored away in my past and no longer serving my world today.  My heart felt contracted and tight.  My guides showed me nothing every time I asked for them to show me the next steps to take.  I received nothing and therefore was to do nothing.  Believe me…this was a true test of my ability to allow the embodied 6th sense to reveal the reality of the situation. This ‘spiritually enlightened person’ was not to be trusted.  Things are not always what they appear to be.  I later learned that if I had gone forward with a partnership there would have been much deception and financial strain.  Our intuition knows the truth behind all actions and senses this through the heart of consciousness.  It is sometimes very quiet, and it is always there in truth.

Ultimately, we may begin to understand our outer experiences are a representation of our subconscious beliefs. When we finally realize and wake up to our awareness, we begin to embrace a powerful part of ourselves.  As we practice, the illusion of searching falls away.  We are no longer unconsciously searching to confirm our old beliefs and conform to the outside.  In essence we are being where we are with our truest intentions because we are more in line with our authentic self.  We are the being.  It is in here that we embrace our soul’s purpose. 

The person who is sweeping streets may be more consciously alive and in tune with their purpose than the person who is working the stock market and making millions of dollars.  It all depends on where we are and if we are in alignment with our truth.  Do we need confirmation and conformity or can we exist in our current relationships with our own awakened connection?

When my child throws a tantrum on the floor of the grocery store is my love for them dependent on their behavior or does it always exist.  Am I able to hold myself in that love and come from a place of consciousness to help them or am I troubled and caught up in the situation trying to control their behaviors?  We do this in relationships.  When there is a discussion between two people.  Can we be in our conscious knowing that what is happening within us has nothing to do with the other person but rather something of our own that is bubbling up to be revealed.  If we remain conscious, we connect in moments of fear and love without judgment and with invested interest that we are working towards a greater cause.  The light of our consciousness never fails.  It does not control, and it does not judge.  It holds no grudges, nor does it resent and place itself in a form of self-defense.  It shines in complete acceptance of itself and the world around.

A flower that grows in the forest does not dwell on the idea that it may be the only flower for miles in a sea of trees and tall grasses.  It grows where it is in a state of unconditioned reverence for its existence where it is.  We are the experience.  Our state of being determines nothing and everything at the same time.  Our desire for consciousness determines nothing.  When we are being, we realize that all that is happening has nothing to do and no way to control.  It just is. 

Here is your practice for the day…

With every situation, which arises, and every condition that happens…be.  Just be.  Offer no advice or try to determine the best outcome to take.  Just allow things to unfold on their own with a state of conscious peace.  If a business partner is unraveling frustration over a situation and is looking for approval from you to make a decision to go in a direction that is unclear…then just pause. 

Pause…breathe…excuse yourself…and take a walk.  This is possible.  In a moment that one must make a decision because it is a life-threatening situation we need to act without hesitation, for sure.  This is NOT what I am referring to.  In these cases, our survivor instincts kick in and we are to follow through for sure.  I am speaking of the idea that we do not need to make decisions when someone else is pressuring us to do so because of their perceived time frame.  We must sense our way and feel what is happening within us.  Connect in our triad of super consciousness and become our purpose in every moment.  Ask yourself, “Am I living my purpose in this moment?  How can I be in this moment and be aligned with my highest purpose? How do I remain aligned right now?  How do I become more in tune with the true purpose in my life? Who am I in this moment? Who am I truly? Who am I?” 

One may continue to wonder, “Why we ask so many questions directed at the self and our own actions?”  Well, the only thing we have control over in our life is ourselves.  Even our own self-perceived control is a mystery.  When we come to this level of consciousness, we come to the realization we control nothing and the only power we have is in a triad with all that is.  We are connecting and being in every moment.  No matter what.  When we pause to ask ourselves the questions, we also find that our heartbeat slows down, our vision opens up, our ears keenly become aware of our surroundings and our digestion rests where we are.  We become one with timelessness and understand that the perception of urgency is not based on anything but human creation.  That in the realm of space and time there really is no space and time.  It is here that we have access to all possibility.  It is in this moment that the connections are happening all around us and our new reality lines up. 

When we realize there is a human unconsciousness that is always trying to figure things out, we are in that state, always.  We never allow for miracles, and we never allow for any other possibilities because we are energetically sending out the message to the universe that ‘we’ve got this all figured out already’ and ‘we don’t need the help’.  Thus, we have intentionally cut off the supply of miracles, which now has no room to show up.  When we pause and respond in a new way of being that is heart centered, we detach from the collective unconscious.  In that detachment we automatically begin to realign with something greater, conscious, and intuitive. 

Imagine unplugging from the collective unconscious of the business entity on purpose.  We unplug ourselves so that we can lead in a higher way.  When we unplug, we are allowing ourselves to fly above situations and see from the bird’s eye view.  If we are so attached to the collective unconscious of that entity we can never actually see from outside the picture.  We are always inside the framework of what we perceive to be happening and thus remain in the box full of ideas that are only available where we are.  When we unplug and allow ourselves to breathe, walk, tune in, and separate in a way that connects us to our intuitive consciousness, we are tuning into something bigger than all of us.  We are aligned with consciousness that has the highest and best interest for everyone and everything and then we allow for the highest and best possible outcome to be available to us.  We may not understand ‘how’ or know ‘why’, at first.  But this is the process of opening and becoming reconnected.  Remember, the journey always unfolds exactly as it is supposed to.  As we reconnect to ourselves, we reconnect to allowing flow back into our live.  We are guided and directed.  We lead others as we are led in a new way.  We are that which we seek, as we trust, the path will unfold.  It’s in the attempt to find, that we keep searching.  When we cease from searching, we finally realize we were already there. 

Today.  Our mission is to continue to merge with consciousness.  Walk amongst nature.  Sit with a flower.  Be with the Earth.  Feel the sensations of consciousness all around.  In the wind, the trees, the grass, the flowers, the smells, etc.  Be with the aliveness all around.  It is in the fish within the fishbowl, the dog near you, and the plant by your bedside table.  It is the aliveness that is the living consciousness in everything.  If you can take some time to sit with a tree…close your eyes and imagine yourself merging with her.  Be in the tree…imagine yourself being the tree trunk and expanding your arms up to the sun and your legs running deep into the Earth.  Be.  Be the grass.  Be a blade of grass… reaching high to the sky and rooted within the dirt below.  Wave with the wind.  Feel the expansion.  The aliveness of nature is the aliveness of consciousness.  It is all around us. 

Bring nature into your home.  Have potted plants in the office to remind you of who you are.  Find rocks to place around, these are the elements of this great universe, and decorate the computer screen with mountains, and streams, and organic materials.  Be connected to all that is and allow reminders all around the environment.  This fosters connection to the world within and subtly fosters the knowing that everything that is in this world is not of this world.  You are not of this world and certainly we all will be going to another place when we are gone.  Ask yourself, “What is my purpose?  Who am I meant to be and am I becoming what I am?  What is this?  Who am I?  How do I know this?”  In asking these questions…don’t wait for answers just sense the aliveness within and around you.  Continue to ask, ‘Do posing these questions arise any unsatisfied emotions? In posing these questions do I feel a shift in how I relate to others?  Has my perception as to what is important and non-important changed?  In asking these questions do I feel any different about life?  Am I able to connect with the world around me in a new light?’ 

In posing these fundamental questions of existence we are in essence acknowledging the action in non-action.  This is how conscious intuition can help us be more productive than the mind alone.  When we merge with consciousness we are disconnecting from the collective unconscious, and we then can lead guide and direct from a far greater evolutionary position than anyone has ever been able to do before. 

People begin to look at us differently because they can feel a shift.  Those that are beginning waking up to their own consciousness may be very inquisitive.  They may ask what we have been doing and how come we look so much better.  We may not notice the shifts in ourselves, but they will.  Some that are fear based will wonder if we are ok and if we need to talk to someone about what is going on in our life.  Just smile and thank them for their concern and assure them you have never felt clearer about your life and the purpose of your work.  Most people will be curious of your newfound strength and peace.  Your openness to creativity will produce inspired answers to problems that came from something outside of the unconsciousness that was residing in the current institution that you work.  Your contributions will be conscious and different.  Consciousness is in everyone and everything and when it begins to wake up it spreads easily and fast as if you turned a light on in a room.  Remember, you are not shifting anyone, and it is not your job to preach what they should do.  Your path is your own and theirs is their path.  We spread the inspiration and intuitive consciousness by being this ourselves and connecting at heart-to-heart levels with everyone around us no matter what.  We accept everyone for who they are, and we attempt to change no one.  This is truly conscious and heart full living.  This is living without ego and without the form-based perception that most of humanity is attached to.  We are formless.  When we leave the Earth, we do not take our bodies with us.  The aliveness is no longer in the body that we left but that does not mean we are not alive. 

Today, just for now.  Be.  Merge with your consciousness by purposefully being in nature to merge with nature and practice in the most complex situations that may emerge in relationships throughout your day.  Practice many of the techniques we have learned the past 3 weeks.  Keep merging with your life as an intuitive tapped in and tuned into ‘being’.  IN-Joy life. In-Joy-Ing life is the being of joy.  So, In-joy today. 

When complex situations emerge… take care of yourself…take a breath, excuse yourself, walk, give yourself space and a moment to allow yourself to merge again with your spirit.  Then come back without an answer.  There is no need to force, and everyone has the right to moments.  It is one of the greatest gifts to give our self and our emergence into a conscious life. 

Today is about merging.  Tomorrow we will practice how to be one with this newfound awareness and we will practice opening to more enlightened ways of listening and tuning into our connection. 

Today’s Mantra

Just for now, in this now moment, I merge with consciousness. 

Just for now, in this now moment, I merge with consciousness.

Just for now, in this now moment, I merge with consciousness.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing for stress reduction & relaxation bringing balance and healing to the entire human energy system in all areas of life.  Mental, Emotional, Physical, & Spiritual issues are all addressed and helped with a Reiki practice.  It is complete health and healing to the body, mind, and soul. 

  • Reiki is for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances. 
  • Reiki facilitates self-healing, the healing of your business, your life work, & the healing of your family.
  • Reiki helps our careers, families, relationships, prosperity. 
  • Reiki is empowering. It increases the energy of our healing potential and symbiotically helps the people, places, and things that surround us. 

How it works:  To perform Reiki, you must be attuned by a master to the higher frequencies of the energy.

There are three levels to Reiki.  Each Level must be completed in sequential order.  Reiki 1, 2, and 3.

Reiki 1 is being offered 2/10 & 2/11 in Wauconda, contact me to sign up

Reiki 1 is also being offered 2/14 & 2/15 in Libertyville, go to this link to sign up

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