Reiki & The Scientific Evidence: Something to think about before Reiki Training this weekend.

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by Ann Linda Baldwin, PhD

People who have given and/or received Reiki know, first hand, how energizing it feels and how one’s worries seem to melt away after a session. However, people who have not experienced, or even heard of Reiki may naturally be more skeptical, and may not want to venture into the unknown. What is really needed is scientific evidence showing exactly what Reiki can do to promote health and wellness. Fortunately, the Center for Reiki Research (CRR) has set up an easily accessible website ( in order to promote people’s scientific awareness of Reiki. This site provides a list of evidence-based research published in peer-reviewed journals along with a critical summary of each study. The list is kept up to date and currently includes 33 studies. The summaries of the studies were produced by carefully analyzing the quality of each study in terms of experimental design, methodology, results, statistics, and conclusions, using a procedure developed by CRR named The Touchstone Process.

The following is a distillation of findings from the more robust of the studies (as scored ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’ by The Touchstone Process in terms of the above criteria) that demonstrate positive physical effects of Reiki.

Probably the most commonly reported benefit of Reiki is that it reduces stress. One of the first places in the body that stress manifests itself is in the heart and circulation. Heart rate and blood pressure both increase during stress and these responses are caused by increased activity of sympathetic nerves in the heart. On the other hand, increased activity of the parasympathetic or vagal nerves causes the heart to relax. Studies have shown that Reiki can reduce the stress response of the heart in both humans and animals. Friedman et al (2010) found that when nurses gave Reiki to 12 patients recovering from acute coronary syndrome, a disease involving blockage of the coronary arteries, the vagal nerves became more active, indicating a relaxation effect, as reflected by changes in the heart rate variability. This was a good sign because medications that enhance vagal nerve activity, such as beta-adrenergic blockers, improve the outcomes of patients with this type of heart disease. So in this case Reiki was having a similar effect as a medicine that is a known effective therapy for heart disease. The increase in vagal nerve activity was statistically significant compared to the results from the groups of patients who listened to meditative music (13 patients) or just received standard care (12 patients). Unfortunately the study did not include a sham Reiki group, in which someone untrained in Reiki mimics the hand-positions of Reiki, and so we do not know whether just touching the patients, without giving Reiki, would have the same effect.

…there is preliminary scientific evidence that Reiki reduces stress, pain, depression and anxiety, and can help mild Alzheimer’s patients to overcome their cognitive impairment to some degree.

Studies of Reiki on animals provide particularly robust data because the animals are all kept under the same controlled conditions and so variations in diet and lifestyle that are present in human studies are eliminated. This means that the results are easier to interpret unambiguously. Baldwin and colleagues (2006, 2008) showed that Reiki, compared with sham Reiki, significantly reduced the physiological effects of stress in rats. In previous experiments, Wilson and Baldwin (1998) discovered that their research rats were stressed by the noisy environment in which they were housed and that the stress was manifesting in the body as shown by cellular damage. Baldwin wondered whether giving the rats Reiki would (i) reduce their stress and (ii) heal the damage, and so she designed experiments to test this hypothesis. In one study (Baldwin et al, 2008), a Reiki practitioner sat in front of each of three cages and sent Reiki to the pair of rats inside each cage for 15 minutes every day for five days. Reiki significantly decreased the mean heart rate of the stressed rats by 6% on average, and sham Reiki had no effect. Neither Reiki nor shamReiki reduced blood pressure. One reason that Reiki reduced heart rate but not blood pressure could be that blood pressure depends on multiple factors, including heart rate, force of contraction of the heart, and the degree of contraction or relaxation of the blood vessels, so Reiki would have to affect all these factors in order for blood pressure to be reduced. It is possible that longer sessions of Reiki may be required to achieve these changes.

In the other study, Baldwin et al (2006), showed that the rats stressed by their noisy environment also had damaged blood vessels in the mesentery, the sheet of tissue that holds the intestine together. The damaged regions in these tiny blood vessels were leaky to a large protein, albumin, in the blood. Normally, albumin is contained in these blood vessels and does not leak out into the tissue. This condition is necessary in order for the correct balance to be obtained between water in the blood and water in the tissue. It is not known exactly how stress causes damage to blood vessels but it is probably linked to activation of nerves in the intestine, leading to release of neurotransmitters that may stimulate immune cells to release toxins. When four rats were given Reiki for 15 minutes a day for three weeks most of the leaks disappeared. Four rats that received sham Reiki also showed some reduction in the number and size of vascular leaks but it was not statistically significant. The experiment was repeated on two other groups of rats and a similar result was obtained. These experiments show that Reiki can work on animals, even rats, to reduce their stress and to heal the cellular damage mediated by the stress.

Another frequently reported benefit of Reiki is that it reduces pain. Vitale and O’Connor (2006) showed that Reiki significantly improved preoperative relaxation and reduced postoperative pain in women undergoing hysterectomies. The 12 women in the Reiki group received a 30-minute treatment immediately before surgery and 24 hours and 48 hours post surgery. The 10 women in the control group received standard care only. There was no sham Reiki group. Data were collected using the State component of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and a visual analog scale for pain measurement. The Reiki group reported significantly less anxiety pre-surgery and significantly less pain 24 hours post-surgery than the control group. Interestingly, the time duration of the surgery was shorter on average for the Reiki group (59 minutes) than the control group (72 minutes).

Chronically ill patients often not only feel pain, but also get depressed. Dressin and Singg (1998) demonstrated a significant reduction in the pain, depression, and anxiety experienced by chronically ill patients with a range of medical conditions who received Reiki compared to sham Reiki (two sessions per week for five weeks). In these experiments there were 12 men and 18 women per group. The men experienced a significantly greater reduction in depression than the women. These beneficial effects were still seen three months after completion of the Reiki treatments. Shore (2004) showed that 30 people needing treatment for mild depression or stress, and who received hands-on Reiki or distance Reiki once a week for six weeks, experienced significant reduction of mild depression and stress and the beneficial effects lasted for at least one year following treatment. The measures used in this experiment were the Beck Depression Inventory, the Beck Hopelessness Scale, and the Perceived Stress Scale. The 15 patients in the sham distance Reiki group who were told they would receive distance Reiki but actually did not, reported no significant change in their depression or stress.

Finally, people who regularly use Reiki often find it helps them think more clearly and improves their problem-solving capabilities. Although no research has yet been published confirming these benefits in healthy people, Crawford et al (2006) demonstrated that four 30-minute Reiki treatments, once a week, significantly improved cognition skills in 12 elderly patients with mild Alzheimer disease or mild cognitive impairment compared to the 12 patients who received no treatment. The measures used in this study were the Annotated Mini-Mental State Examination and the Revised Memory and Behavior Problems Checklist. Once again, the study did not include a sham Reiki group, and so we do not know the role that touch and personal attention played in helping the patients regain some of their cognitive skills.

Overall, although the studies are small and some of them do not address the question of Reiki versus touch, there is preliminary scientific evidence that Reiki reduces stress, pain, depression and anxiety, and can help mild Alzheimer’s patients to overcome their cognitive impairment to some degree. To find out more about these studies, and others, you can visit the CRR website,, or read our review, The Touchstone Process. An Ongoing Critical Review of Reiki in the Scientific Literature (Baldwin et al, 2010).


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Ann Linda Baldwin, PhD. Ann is a Research Professor of Physiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona and is Director of “Mind-Body-Science” ( She obtained her Bachelors degree in Physics from University of Bristol, UK, her Masters degree in Radiation Physics from University of London, UK and her PhD in Physiology from Imperial College, University of London. Her research focuses on the deleterious physiological effects of mental and emotional stress and how these outcomes may be minimized. She is currently exploring the efficacies of Reiki and of Biofeedback techniques in promoting sympatho-vagal balance, as indicated by analysis of heart rate variability, and thereby reducing the damaging effects of stress. She is also testing whether these techniques enhance mental, emotional and physical performance both in Parkinson’s patients and in otherwise healthy individuals.

This article appeared in the Fall 2011 issue of Reiki News Magazine.

Ch. 13 – Question Everything

In the spirit of sharing love and sharing life and as we enter into another week of shifting and shaping into our new worlds… here is something that hopes to inspire the best in all of us. Enjoy…

From My Book – Transcending Limitations- How to Start Where you are and Create Your New World – Available on Amazon Here

Children are marvelous creatures. They are innately curious, and they question everything. These are two of the most beautiful qualities to have which will remain a part of the New Earth as we continually shift over. We need to pay close attention to our children and follow their lead by their natural instincts which they embrace without fear or effort. If we could set our judgments aside and allow ourselves to observe the children to see how they play together, how they dance, how they sing, and how they innately move through life just being who they are, wherever they are, we would learn how to tune into our own joy again. Our joy lives with the children and they are Wayshowers of true faith and happiness accompanied by spirit-filled living.

Somewhere along the way, this joy became covered up. Limitation and fear set in over the years by the outside world, projecting onto us how we should talk, walk, dress, and live our lives according to our environments. Limitation kept us from our true innate internal connection that is immeasurable from anything outside in the world. Our true self is expanded and connected. Most of us have lost this and become the fear that is embedded in our world.

When we are in a state of fear, we feel contracted, insecure, alone, tight, unsure, restricted, limited, and afraid. We begin to think in statements of “I can’t do that”, “there’s no way”, “that’s impossible”, “they will never understand”, “I will never be able to make that work” and the list can go on and on. We awaken in the moment we notice this is happening. It is in the moment of noticing that we begin to question everything. In the moment ‘limitation’ arises from within is the moment when we must see what we are doing. The years of limitations that we have embraced as our own are coming to the surface and that is the moment we pause. That is when we stop everything we are doing, become aware of what is happening, and begin to awaken.

That is exactly what I had to do repeatedly as I faced a world that believed in limitations for a child with a ‘disability’. Every time we faced someone who wanted to define what Ethan could or could not do, I had to breathe into the moment, become aware of all the sensations that were happening within me, decide how I wanted it defined, and transform the energy into what I believed was possible. Over time, I trained myself to shift the energy patterns that were constantly being presented to us that were based on limitation and heartfully turn them into expanded states of awareness that joyfully responded with questioning that asked, “how can we turn this around and do this differently?” This metamorphosis took a deceivingly limited and confined situation and expanded into limitless potential based on what we heartfully desired for Ethan instead of what the world wanted for him. We became the masters of our reality.

In the moment negative thoughts or beliefs arise, and the limitation has appeared, we turn it around. Every limitation is answered with a ‘why not’ and every negative thought or belief is answered with a ‘canceling’ of that thought. We feel the negativity, we are aware that it is happening, and in that awareness, we shift into a new state of awareness without the limitation, simply by questioning ‘why not?’ We feel them, we name them, and then we allow them to go. Simply, it is allowing ourselves to feel the limitations of our mind, understand they are illusions of the past, accept they have been there for a  long time hiding  in the shadows, and we commit to questioning everything surrounding the limitation.

For example, Ethan, being diagnosed with a medical condition, has been told repeatedly there are certain things he will never be able to do mentally and physically in this current paradigm. With each limiting belief we peeled back the layers in this realm, decided we had a choice to question the current reality showing up and choose to accept what was happening or find another way.

At first, we had some very difficult life-threatening choices to make. We were told that if certain procedures were not done to save his life he would die. So, as parents in fear and wanting our child to survive we put our faith in the hands of the doctors, and he indeed did survive. Grateful as we were in the skills of the professionals, what we failed to see at the time is as we continually only trusted in the doctors, we failed to trust within ourselves. We gave up ourselves, though allowing a predicted outcome to prevail. Naturally, everything they determined would happen based on medical science, did. When he was born, his life was based on survival. We did the things we were told that needed to be done to survive. This was necessary, and it saved his life.  

On the other hand, we were still limited by our own beliefs. You see, if Ethan did not come into this life with the condition that he did, he would have had a completely different birth and a completely different purpose. But he came in with this diagnosis on purpose. It was his purpose to do this, to be this so that we could see that there is always another way. His life has been a product of questioning everything. When they said he would not walk, we asked, “Why not?” We were told exactly ‘why not’ by doctors and other professionals, and we had a choice to make. Believe in the limitation or find another way. We found the other way.

When we were told he needed surgeries to correct and take care of limitations he would always have with his bowels and bladder and kidneys, we asked, “Why?” and they told us ‘why’, all the limitations of ‘why’. I asked the universe, “Why not?” and I was shown because it was what you believe. So, I questioned the belief and chose another way. Never having bowel, bladder, or kidney issues. Ever.

Finally, his shunt, (an instrument surgically implanted in a child to help pump cerebral spinal fluid throughout the body) we were told this would need multiple revisions his entire life and to expect multiple surgeries every year, not to mention a host of other issues related to cognitive functioning. So, what happened? You guessed it… We found another way. Ethan became an anomaly and the kid that was the ‘healthiest’ kid they had ever seen. It didn’t require magic or miraculous prayers reserved for the worthy few. What it took was the courage to question everything along with belief in the miraculous. We were convinced there had to be a better way. We were convinced we could not live our life like a textbook, and we had to do something else. We were convinced we would not become another statistic. We needed another way; their rules were too limiting, too unnatural, too constricting, and too separating from inspired living. The only way that felt better, sensed better, created a more fun and joyful way for us, for Ethan, for our life, was to question “WHY NOT?” and then find another way.

When you question everything, you question the very fabric within you, your family, your lineage, and your ancestors. You question all the thoughts and beliefs within your life that have ever made up your life, and when you do that, it forces you to go within. When you go within, you get to know what you genuinely believe and if you don’t like what you see you get to change it. Every perceived problem has an answer and in this reality, the problem no longer exists because we know that once we see the limitation, the answer already appears. It is that fast, so fast that soon the problems become nonexistent. Or if the ‘problem’ does persist we see it as an opportunity to find another way. When it happens enough, and we see the results of our paying attention we are taken to an entirely new level of understanding and then that new level becomes our floor of existence. It is here that we begin again.

Questioning everything begins with curiosity. It begins with a knowing that this can’t be right because I trust when it does not feel right. It is calling me to notice something is not lining up within myself. Once that happens, you begin opening doors to new ways of thinking which opens doors to new ways of being, which opens doors for all possibilities to drop in.

When you are aware of your own limitations, you have the power to free yourself from the limitation itself. It is here that you realize nothing is holding you back from anything. It was only there to help you see the truth. You are to move higher and higher and continually release boundaries for yourself by questioning everything. As you do this first for yourself it will naturally ripple out and extend to others around you.  They will sense the shift and eventually be inspired to go above and beyond their own perceived ceilings to lift themselves to a new level where their ceiling is now their floor.

You are to keep going, raising yourself higher and higher so that eventually, ceilings don’t exist, and your limitless existence is all there is. That is what childlike questioning allows us to do. It asks, “Why not?” to everything with a curious, joyful, limitless expression that is open to all possibility. This is the true gift of a child. The purpose of a child is to help the adult see what they once believed for themselves.

Lesson 13 — Question Everything

There are no floors, there are no ceilings.

Question everything.

Perceptions can create limitations until we open to our true understanding of whom and what we can become.

We are limitless, childlike, beings, capable of anything.

Show up as Your Truth

When Ethan was born I was stretched into a world that did not exist at the time. It was a world that I had to create. A world of miracles, synchronicities, strength, and an internal knowing that healing is possible. That miracles are the truth and nothing can hold you back from realizing your true purpose and what you came here to become.

23 years ago I began as part of an entourage. An entourage serving the LIGHT. I didnt realize it at the time, there was a group of wayshowers beginning the long journey ahead that you are now reaping the rewards. We were spread across the world, made to begin the long journey, believing we were alone. What we didn’t know is that as we grew stronger in the light, little by little, deeper and deeper in the truth we would one day grow stronger and unite with each other and the world. We are the wayshowers of the light. We lead, guide, and direct people into their loving fearlessness. Where there is will, where there is light, however small it may be, we will find a way to shine.

The book I wrote about my journey through Ethan’s healing, is just a small snap shot of what needed to happen to change the way I viewed the world and what was possible, leading us to the miraculous. I will never stop believing in the purpose. To inspire you to find your own way. We have gifts. Everyone has a contribution to make in this tapestry of golden grid we are making of this world and this universe. If you find it in your hands and can make the words your own… apply them to your own life and watch how your world will unfold into the miraculous like it has for mine and our family. (Book available for purchase here. )

Reiki was always a part of this journey, it’s what led me to believe in the healing power of love. And for that… I am proud to say that new offerings and trainings are just around the corner. Join me at one of these events.

New class at BCY… Reiki + Meditation

Combining Light Body Meditations with the shower of high vibrational loving Reiki energy to attune to higher states of consciousness. Join us!

And if you are looking to unite with Women of Light and connect to the Ancestors of Light through the masters, sages, angels, and priesetesses all around you… join me at this home event at my studio on Winwood. You will not be disapointed.

And of course… come receive a 1:1 session to shift your body and mind out of pain and suffering on any level and into pure energy in motion bliss with the strength capable of rising above all perceived issues. I truly believe.

Lastly, kundalini every Tuesday and Thursday… it teaches you how to ascend and become one with your own light. Truly an amazing practice and a village of tribal support every week.

The gift of sensation takes us to the other side…

We tend to look at our lives through a lens of emotional energy that creates overwhelm and a sense of seperation. This can sometimes further lead to an energy of ‘shut down’ and an unwillingness to become related to the truth of what we really feel. We ‘cut our selves’ off from feelings and sensations because we decide it will hurt too much to ‘go there’. We also tend to do this because if we ‘open ourselves’ back up we may hurt or the fear of pain may be so great we desperately feel we will never make it. We may even have a fear so deep we feel as if we could actually die. This may seem extreme and it often feels this extreme for many of us.

This is an aspect of trauma. It can be a specific event of trauma that happened many years ago, let’s say when we were a child, or it can be trauma that has built up over time from one disappointment to the next. These traumas can be the root cause as to why we make unconscious life choices. These life choices end up leading us down a path that may or may not be a part of our highest potential. We may keep subconsciously going on this path thinking we are doing what needs to be done just to get to where we think we may want to be only to realise when we get there that it is not what we really wanted. Yet still, we keep trying and keep finding the way we always did things before just doesn’t work anymore. No matter how many times we try and no matter what we do it just feels as though we are spinning our wheels.

Most of the time, this is because we are trying to solve the problem with the mind that created the problem in the first place. This just doesnt work.

Meaning, we have been conditioned to believe we can solve our lives like we solve an equation. If I keep doing things in the way it has always been done then it will eventually change. And it just doesn’t. No matter how many times we try and no matter how many ways we apporach this situation we get nothing accomplished. Repeatedly, we find ourselves in the same issues with the same people and our ‘play’ we have created. It simply no longer works because we are trying to solve something with the mind that thinks we have to figure it out.

We can keep approaching these situations in the way we have always done and we can keep coming up frustrated. Until we decide to do things differently. Except it is not that easy to decide with the mind when we are trapped in lower emotional patterns. Many of us either blame ourselves or the outside world for our problems. This is the very reason why we remain trapped and unable to move foward. It’s one of the many reasons why we don’t reach our goals or never seem to ascend to the next level in our lives.

We are not meant to stay where we are and nor are we supposed to keep spinning our wheels. We are meant to shift, grow, sense, shed, and become more. It’s a cycle of birth, living, death and rebirth that is supposed to help us keep going, moving higher and higher into stages of elevation that can be blissful and effortless if we allow it to be.

Unfortunately, many of us become stuck in the overwhelm feeling defeated and not good enough thinking and believing we have failed. When in actuality we only need to move to the other side through sensation. What we think is a problem remains a problem because our minds created a problem based off of stored lower emotions forgetting to tune back into our hearts to sense and feel what is truly happening.

When we open up to sensing and feeling and allow the body to speak we finally bubble up the stored fears and lower emotions unconsciously navigating our life. Our stored lower emotional energy was keeping us in a perpetual motion of loop experiences keeping us where we are. Recreating the same experiences until we finally allow the gift through sensation to break us through to the other side.

When we stop, sense, and feel into a moment we finally allow this congestion to move and transform and finally release. What we were doing with the mind wasn’t working because it was stored energy fragmenting our lives and creating chaos. We just need to clean it up by being in the experience, breathing into it, and allowing the stored energy pattern to dissolve. Thus we can then move into new expereinces unlike anything we have ever experienced. Every times we move these lower emotional patterns and shift the energy within ourselves and all aound us we re-position our lives, opening up to more possibility. In the moment we allow this, we become the opportunity and new awarenesses drop in.

There is no need to remain trapped in the stories and dramas of life and our life frees to a new level of expereineces unlike anything we could ever imagine with our minds.

This is the beauty of the heart consicousness that allows us to break free from lower emotions and move us to the other side into elation.

As we go through our next portal in our lives, through the fall equinox allow this perspective to be your new framework navigating your life. Here are some ways to cultivate and enhance this aspect.

Services to take you to the other side:

The Fall Equinox – A time of the Cosmic Mother & Our Divine Truth

On Friday, September 22nd into Saturday, September 23rd we mark the transition from the longest day of the year into the gradual progression towards the shortest day of the year. The fall equinox is upon us. The significance of this moment… at precisely 1:50am central time on Saturday the 23rd we are presented with equal day hours and equal night time hours across the globe as the sun crosses the earth’s equator from north to south. It is a point in our global community where we can bring in global balance. During this time there is an opportunity to shift our own consciousness and spiritually merge into our own personal truth. Meaning, our previous goals and aspirations are now harvested and we are preparing to be taken to the next level of our alignment, whatever we may determine that to be.

It is an opportunity to recognize our accomplishments and remain in sincere gratitude for the help of the universe bringing us closer to our desires. It is a time to pause, give thanks, and begin to contemplate our next cycle of celestial rebirthing. We celebrate our prosperity as we begin to nourish the next cycle of development beginning to unfold before us. As we begin the descent into the darker months we honor and internally nurture the next phase of our goals by continuing to refine and strengthen our talents. It is truly a sacred time.

This is the significance of merging with the Cosmic Mother and the opportunities before us calling us to unite with our Divine Sovereign Truth.

As we acknowledge and harvest we also begin directing our intentions. We refine and enhance our personal alchemical process.

The darker months unite us with the cosmic mother, the womb of creation. We enter into the next phase of comfort and reassurance as we reaffirm we are on the right path. Summer moved us into a grander vision as we spread our wings and either learned to fly or elevated our skills into acrobatic miraculous measures. We have gained an undeniable understanding of who we are and what we desire to bring forth during this next phase of internal growth and nourishment.

We realize we are capable of extending ourselves further than ever before and we desire to continue to diligently work on the next phase of our expressions of truth. We faithfully begin to enter into the rebirthing womb of the cosmic mother. We intend to cultivate our desires by allowing time to refine creative projects and develop new aspirations as we merge closer to our soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy. We set our heart’s intentions forward on the next 6 months knowing that as we envision our future in this NOW moment, all will come into fruition as we prepare our rebirthing in the Spring – the emergence of the Cosmic Father.

This is truly a time of refined learning, more tuning within, and deeper understanding of our truth.

We ready ourselves for the next journey by honoring where we are and envisioning what else will come. We walk side by side with our highest potential and holding sacred our divine sovereign soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy.

A sacred time indeed.

In honor of this time…. i invite you to a sacred ceremony.


This is a two hour evening dedicated to honoring the divinity within through sacred ceremony and activation meditations.

The unified chakras, light body consciousness, and active manifestation processes will be some of the evening content.

It is my goal to honor how far you have come and help you learn how to activate and enhance the next 6 months of the sacred time of darkness as we enter upon the womb of the cosmic mother. An inspiring opportunity to move consciously into the next 6 months of our highest potential.

Join me as we step into this next divine phase.

Then if it feels right and good for you… I encourage you to continue to…



The Sandwich Connection – Rebirth your life in 6 weeks and actively manifest for the next 6 months.

The Sandwich Connection will begin on September 25th marking the next 6 month process with 6 weeks of coaching & learning how to incorporate ritual and divine sovereign techniques into your day while enhancing the highest potential possible and infusing spiritual concepts. This course defines your goals for the next 6 months and accelerates your manifestation process by zoning in on your soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy in 6 main areas of life; Career/Purpose, family, relationships, health, spirit, and prosperity. Thereby enhancing your ability to manifest your exact goals and desires for this next 6 months of the rebirthing process.

Take advantage of this sacred time of year and learn how to allow the sacred course of the cycles of the universe can help you elevate and enhance your time here on Earth. Click on the links today to sign up for your spot. More website information here.

The Cosmic Mother Friday, September 22th – IN PERSON

The Sandwich Connection – 6 week course beginning Monday, September 25th – REMOTE

It’s Only Change…

14 hours of reflection on my drive back from Colorado.

I just returned from a long drive out to Denver, Colorado. It’s about 14 hours. Coming from Illinois it is very serene, beautiful, and eloquently elongated ride through the countryside of Iowa, Nebraska, & Colorado. There is something I love about hoping in a car and going for a ride across country. Driving just brings a serenity and state of mind that allows for clean thinking and being along the routes of the beautiful country we live upon. I’ve driven up the coast from Arizona to California, driven across from Arizona, thru New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, to Illinois. I’ve driven down through Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida. Across the country again through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York State, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York City. I’ve gone through Virginia, North Carolina, & South Carolina.

With all of these trips there is always one connecting thread, ‘wherever we go and whatever we do, there we are.’ We see what we want to see in every moment. We see with the eyes that come from the perceptions of our inner truth. It doesn’t matter where I go or what I do I always see in others a reflection of what is truly within myself. Everyone is a reflection of a facet of a diamond with which we all contain. Truly we are all facets of the same diamond reflecting upon one another an aspect of ourselves.

This one recent trip out to Colorado was a significant turning point in our family. My middle son made his final transition over to college. It has taken him several extra years as a high school graduate of 2021. Well worth the wait, he entered upon a new chapter in his life. For this, as a parent it comes with mixed emotions. Relieved, he has finally come into his own grounded stated of awareness that took the time to reflect what was truly important to him and what he wanted to do with these next years of his life. Sorrowful, I don’t get to see him everyday and look into his love filled eyes of purity that shine upon you when he connects. Delighted, he is becoming a self empowered man and gaining skills and confidence daily. Joyful, this new beginning is happening for us all.

After the long awaited anticipation of this time was finally here and after we spent the past week unloading his new life it finally came upon me the time to reflect on my solo 14 hour drive back from Colorado. I savored this time with myself. Allowing to work through every emotional wave of instability, doubt, and fear that would surface as I contemplated all the memories of our past 20 years together. I felt hollows and depths within my heart that I was never aware of until this long drive. Not trying to figure it out and allowing the memories, the regrets, the excitements, the wins and the losses of his life in our family come to surface. I have my version and he of course, he has his. As I completely let go and allow for the new relationship that will be forming between our family to unfold I look back at all the events in our life containing Aiden with complete honor. I am honored to be his mother and friend. Honored that he allowed me to enter into one facet of his life for such a short time. I hold new hopes of a new life that will be filled with more diamond moments of Aiden and all the love that he offered in this stage of his life. I look forward to more and how our family dynamic continues to evolve and transition over to new possibilities for us all. A beautiful dance we get to do where we think we know the next steps and then have to just go with the flow of the music.

From this day and every day, I will allow for new versions of all of us to come forward. Once someone shifts to a new level in our life everyone gets to try out other versions of themselves. For this, I am thankful. Now we get to see what else is just around the corner.

Sometimes change can be difficult and sometimes change comes with great relief and sometimes change is exactly what we needed but didn’t know we needed it until we find ourselves in the change itself. The thing is, we wake up new everyday. We are never the same as we were yesterday, nor shall we ever be. The only thing that stays the same is the idea that there is always change. And that is good.

In Kundalini yoga, there is a mantra, “Sa Ta Na Ma”. It’s about change. How we go through the seasons of life through all the seasons of change and living fully in every way possible. It is a mantra of reflection, allowing, and cycles. When it is repeated for 11 minutes it begins to allow ourselves to sink deeply into change with the new heart felt understanding that with love and living change will always be there and embracing this constant is the way though many perceived obstacles in our lives. It has been said, to be the change you would like to see in another. For me, I like to see people evolve and become more versions of themselves through simple change by breathing into life and allowing what speaks in our heart to live through our day to day actions. I believe in love and how the love of life always changes us for good. When we allow we evolve and shift into something brighter as we stay present, listen, and let go.

And much like the new season of fall that is upon us, as we witness the leaves drift to the ground, we get to welcome more changes and more seasons taking us further along on our journey we get to call “life”. My highest hope is that you welcome change, allow it to unfold, and that it comes effortlessly into existence through drifting peace that is all around us.

And if it ever seems to be a struggle, I pray you take the time to be still and know “it’s only change” the forever constant we will always have within our hearts. I pray you will reach into the stillness of your heart and allow for your dance to flow through you taking you to the next steps of your life.

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Sunday, 9/10
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Friday, 9/22
Goddess Workshop – The Cosmic Mother & Our Divine Truth Return to your internal truth. The divinity residing within you. Be activated to fully ground your powerful gifts into the new earth frequency filled with light and strong powerful divine mother love. Fully embrace and become the 144 qualities of divine love. Immerse in transformational energy through light body activations. More information here
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September thru October2023
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September 2023
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Sometimes, there is nothing left to do.

We feel it, we sense it, it is undeniable.

With all our heart.

And yet…

Obligations, pressures, responsibilities… keep us pressing foward.

One day… after we have been around the same corner… time and time again… we decide… it just doesn’t matter anymore. 

What drove us to do it the way we did it before…


What inspired us to believe the way we did before…


What created the life around us in the past…

              Moves on

And everything changes.

It just goes away.

All thoughts,

All fears,

All worries,

Linger in an abyss.

They will always be there…

Until eventually, we find the hold they had on us before…

Just no longer exists.

The darkness is no longer fearful.

It becomes instead…

A sacred womb.

A tomb of safety.

A confinement sought after.

A stillness much desired.

We find…

In the darkness… is where we find ourselves again. 

It’s where we were always hiding, waiting to come home. 

A place of process.



A becoming.

All pain and grief are released. 

Making room for new forms to be created. 

Only within the womb of the mother.

Remain in the darkness.  Not to be feared and only cherished and desired. 

Through darkness… we become.

In the past our directions were navigated by the winds out there. 

Blowing us around… making us feel inadequate and insecure. 

We reacted to the world around us. 

Until one day, we finally realized.

The stillness is where we dig deep into our grounding. 

The darkness is where we allow the roots to take hold. 

We hold onto something bigger than us.  Something that surrounds us eternally.  Something that has always been there. 

The light we could never see. 

Come back home.

Spend time in the womb.

Be in the darkness.

The stillness of the heart.

No need to achieve, or become, or have, or do. 

You are a wild thing. 

Meant to grow and prosper right here.    

The darkness.  The depths.  The seeds.  The roots that grow deep.  Becoming stronger.  Effortlessly growing into the desires of the heart. 

In the stillness of the dark is the return.

Come back home.    


Where there is stillness, we see again.  Where there is nothingness, we sense again.  For there we are, and everywhere we shall be.

Through the eyes of a child, there is hope.

The laughter of a sparrow, there is presence. 

The callings of a crow, there is knowing. 

Be still and know, there is always more.

It will always be there. 

July 10 & 24
IntuitLove Energy Circle Become your heart desires by allowing your energetic vibration to match your manifestations.
6:30pm to 7:45pmZoom
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Sunday July 30th 6:00-7:15pmBlack Cat Yoga Libertyville

A Summer Solstice Blessing & Offerings

Be More of You

For what it’s worth…

On this special day of sunshine and cheer

Allow the light to shine upon you.

All around you

And especially through you

Do what you love.

Only what you love to do today

Be who you want to be.

Don’t hold back.

This day only comes once a year…

It is here, in this moment right now…

Right here, right now

That the rest is born

Into the ecstasy of your ecstatic vision

A voice that wants to be heard

A voice of the divine within you

Speaking through your heart


It is calling you.

To be more of you

We need your brilliance.

We need you to shine.

And no one needs you more.

Than you

Give yourself to the desires of the heart.

Sing and let go.

Finally, set yourself free.  

From this day forward

Today and every moment to come.

Fill yourself only with what you love.

And from this moment on

One hundred-fold will be blessed upon you

This is the secret to all life.

To really live

To truly live

Connected and in unison with the heart.

For there is no greater gift or lesson to learn than the gift of the heart.   


Jennifer Lauren

June 212023
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Kundalini Yoga Open the door and walk through to your higher intuitively connected self through breath, meditation, postures, and balance. Allow Kundalini Yoga to take you there. Where all is possible. Join me in person
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Stillness is the doorway to a perception without limitation and full of creative possibility.

Our lives are constantly moving forward, no matter what.  Everything keeps going…moving…shifting…changing.  There is no stopping change.  It just happens.  We all change.  We all shift.  It is inevitable. 

Everything around us is a representation of this.  The cycles of life are present everywhere. In kundalini yoga there is the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma…birth, life, death, rebirth.  Then there are the seasons of mother earth…winter, spring, summer, and fall.  We also have the four directions…north, south, east, west.  We have four basic elements around us everywhere…earth, air, fire, and water.  The cycles of life are intertwined and a living and breathing part of all stages, all realms, all disciplines, all environments, all institutions.  These stages are a part of everything, everyone, and everywhere.  Change is the only thing that is constant.  It is a part of us.

I have difficulty with change.  I usually stay where I am until forced to go forward.  It can be one of my largest assets and one of my biggest detriments.  

This became so apparent to me the other morning.  As I was practicing kundalini yoga, breath, and meditation… I was feeling a sense of hesitation.  I did not feel fully present and was having difficulty moving through certain postures. 

This is not the first time I have been present to the resistance with my practice. I decided to continue to only focus on the techniques of the breath pattern and the formation of the postures and allowed myself the freedom to explore the sensations that were coming up.  First, I began focusing my breathing… I breathed into the resistance.  With breath control, I stayed present to the energy and allowed the energy to naturally move on its own.   Then I decided to breathe light into any area of my body containing resistance.  I stayed out of all the mind chatter.  Allowed all thoughts to just wander away.  And continued to only breathe and practice.  And things began to shift. They started to unfold.  The fears began to unravel all on their own.  All I did was breathe, move through the postures, and allow the thoughts to just drift away.  I kept going.  Taking the breath to the next level.  I used an 8 counted breath, inhaling deeply for 8 counts, suspending my breath, and then exhaled completely for another count of 8.  With repetition and persistence, I began to shift even more.  My body began to relax, my nervous system aligned, and my mind silenced.  The intensity subsided, the constrictions softened, and space began to emerge.  The breath and the postures became effortless and flowing.  And suddenly, yoga became my friend again. 

I sank deeper and deeper into my practice.  I became rooted and all obstacles ceased to be present.    

Suddenly, there was nothing left but the air around me, the water in front of me, the earth below me, and the fire within me.  I became the cycle.  The cycle became me.  And in that moment, nothing but stillness remained, and the greatest gift emerged.  Stillness became the doorway taking me to a perception without limitation and full of creative possibility.   

Thoughts may come and go, cycles continue, and seasons change.  We have breath and choice.  By choosing to breathe through the sensations it is possible to gain access to a reality where resistance no longer exists.  ~Jennifer Lauren, IntuitLove

Events Coming Soon:

Lesson 6 — I Wonder (taken from Transcending Limitations)

10 minutes of inspiration

We must wonder every day. We must take the time to turn every lower negative thought into a game of wonder. We must do as a child does. Wonder in every way. We can wonder about everything, every person, place, and thing. Wondering can look something like this:

I wonder if I could change this enormous house into a huge garden or a bungalow for homeless people!

I wonder what it would be like to rollerblade from Illinois to Florida!

I wonder what would happen if I kept wondering about all the wonderful  things I wonder about!

Many of us lost the capability to wonder in adulthood. We forgot what it feels like to wonder. When did the seriousness become us? We must return to the realm of wondering. If we are to transform this world into the New Earth, we must wonder about everything that comes into our lives. Wonder uses imagination and it brings in creativity, fun, joy, and expansion. It never judges or fills our lives with mental thoughts of limitation and “I can’t”. It always asks, “I wonder” and follows it up with imagination and elated being.

I wonder what wonderful things will happen today? Wondering, wonders to the universe and then the universe smiles back with amazing answers of grace and gratitude recognizing the purpose of life is experiencing the ocean instead of  a cup  from the ocean. “I wonder” brings in unlimited expectation, freedom, expansion, joy, and love. It elevates, protects, and enhances everyone and everything it meets. There is no answer of “no” and only an answer of “I wonder”. And as we ask, the answers that come to us are limitless opportunity. To get to this place, we must ‘wonder’ what it would take to get here and, how we can allow  the energy of “I wonder” to transform our lives.

Can you wonder with an inquisitive childlike mind about everything that is happening around you? Even during a conversation that you don’t want to be in. Even amidst the conversation that is a struggle to keep alive. The topic may be dragging on and an enormously difficult time is spent connecting. Suddenly, your child steps in and lightens up the density of the situation with “I wonder how I can connect and lighten this conversation?” You begin to wonder about all types of possibilities and suddenly, the words of a joke come wondering in, lightening up the mood. You tell the joke with such ease and joy that by the end, everyone is laughing and connecting. Now you have 5 new people and 5 new connections who have literally lightened up and experienced how ingeniously fun life can become. This is the magic of “I wonder.” It helps everyone become as a child with an enlightening smile… it just lightens up life!

When you see a limitation… You ask, “I wonder” what it would be like to be without this limitation. You question everything and then you sense and feel within your body where the restriction lays. Where do I feel this in my body? Because when we see something that stands in the way, it is only because we hold something within ourselves that is keeping us from seeing that this limitation is not even real. It is an illusion.

Remember, this is directly connected to the heart. If we see something out there as limiting and frustrating, then we go deeper and take care of our own frustrations that are keeping us from wondering. We can wonder to a state of elevation lifting us higher  to possibilities once thought  as impossible. Ideally, we become everything that is possible. This is the imagination that is more important than mental knowledge. As we open to the possibility  of wondering even more than we already are we give permission for absolutely everything to show up. Try it.

I will never forget sitting in the car with little Ethan in the car seat at a gas station waiting for the car to finish refueling. We just brought Ethan home from the hospital. As I sat waiting, Ethan was sleeping soundly, and I gazed out the front window. I was still in some shock over the new life that was unfolding before us. I was anticipating all the changes we would have to make to adjust to all the medical devices that would fill his newly decorated room and the extra supplies that would have to be stored away.

As I sat there gazing in subtle anxious wonder, I focused on a person running in the distance. This person was out for a jog, running in the direction towards us. As he approached a thought occurred to me, “I wonder what would happen if we could get Ethan to run? I wonder if this is possible?” This was astronomically impossible according to what we were told by the doctors only hours before leaving the hospital. We had already made our upcoming appointments that would be centered around all the things that were wrong with Ethan and his newly developing disabled body.

Despite these thoughts, I continued to gaze out the window and wonder. I wondered if despite all the horrible things the doctors told us about Ethan’s new life if he could learn to walk anyway. I wondered what it would take and how we could make it happen. I wondered if we could make leg braces to support his legs to give him that feeling of strength. I wondered if there were people who would join me in this dream. I wondered what kinds of foods and supplements we could use to help him. I wondered. I just sat there watching the runner inch closer and closer and my mind raced with wonder as my heart began to climb in vibrational joy.

I was no longer caught in anxiety and despair over the day-to-day things I was going to have to do to help Ethan survive. I was now caught up in the wondering of how I was going to help him thrive. Simply by sitting and wondering and being inspired by a runner off in the distance my heart began to sing, wondering about all possibility and how we were going to bridge wonder and reality together so that our dreams would manifest. In that one wonderful moment everything shifted and wondering about doing the impossible became our heightened reality.

When you wonder about things all day long, it will bring up your limiting beliefs about life. When this happens,  notice how it holds a restriction in your body. This is your opportunity to free this area by opening to wonder while  the universe magically drops inspiration into your heart. This opens you to the possibility of seeing, sensing, and knowing that the unlimited will show up. Wondering helps us believe in the possible before it even happens. We must know with absolute certainty  anything is possible before it  happens.

As we work in the realm of “wondering” we are working with our hearts to create amazing  answers to life’s dilemmas. These are just waiting and wanting to be revealed. Everything can happen, will happen, and is happening. Everything.

At any given moment there is something floating out there in the energy of the universe with a new idea, a new solution, and a new answer to anything that you wonder about. It is this way because “I wonder” is a highly creative energy filled with spirit and imagination. When we  connect with the spirit of joy, imagination, love, and creativity there is no way that anything less than this can show up.

This does require practice. We must train ourselves  to wonder as if we would train our body to learn a new exercise such as running, weightlifting, or any number of activities. We must train ourselves to become our  limitless selves. We must wonder every day, multiple times of the day. One hundred times a day we must imagine, we must create, we must elevate. No matter what we believe. No matter what our situation and no matter how far down the rabbit hole we have gone, we can still wonder. It is our job to wake up and see our shortcomings, see our limitations, and then turn them around. This is our way. This is our practice. This is what we are to accomplish individually and collectively.

Therefore, we elevate, and through elevation, we naturally return to the very thing we are. We are meant to transcend all limitations in every way possible. No matter what. There is always an answer and frequently it is something greater than you can ever dream or imagine yourself. This is why we pray, “This or something greater”. Positive expectation plants the seeds of trust in anticipation of the growth. We hold the vision and let go of the outcome. Meaning, I see it, I hold it, and I remain open to it or something better showing up which creates elevation and advance knowing to drop in. This is how masters become masters. They tap into their questioning of “Why not?” Let us see, let us open to the possibility, let us create, and let us do this. Then they invest all their heart and love into expansion in that area, always remaining open to all possibilities, and allowing their minds to be the passengers that help to lead, guide, and direct.

The heart knows. The heart is connected to all that is. The heart is creativity. The heart is imagination. The heart is elevated, expansive, enhanced, an amazing love unlike most have ever experienced before. It is only through the heart that everything can and will and does happen. This is your oneness with all that is, which is how true miracles happen all the time. Then you realize there is no turning back, no other way to live, but to fully give and to love through the heart. The heart can become everything in this universe, and it is right there. Always waiting for you, within yourself.  Just listen to the voice. It knows the way. Open, expand, become, because you are the ocean.

If you enjoyed this chapter from “Transcending Limitations – How to Start Where You Are & Create Your New World” order your copy today here on AMAZON

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