Sometimes, there is nothing left to do.

We feel it, we sense it, it is undeniable.

With all our heart.

And yet…

Obligations, pressures, responsibilities… keep us pressing foward.

One day… after we have been around the same corner… time and time again… we decide… it just doesn’t matter anymore. 

What drove us to do it the way we did it before…


What inspired us to believe the way we did before…


What created the life around us in the past…

              Moves on

And everything changes.

It just goes away.

All thoughts,

All fears,

All worries,

Linger in an abyss.

They will always be there…

Until eventually, we find the hold they had on us before…

Just no longer exists.

The darkness is no longer fearful.

It becomes instead…

A sacred womb.

A tomb of safety.

A confinement sought after.

A stillness much desired.

We find…

In the darkness… is where we find ourselves again. 

It’s where we were always hiding, waiting to come home. 

A place of process.



A becoming.

All pain and grief are released. 

Making room for new forms to be created. 

Only within the womb of the mother.

Remain in the darkness.  Not to be feared and only cherished and desired. 

Through darkness… we become.

In the past our directions were navigated by the winds out there. 

Blowing us around… making us feel inadequate and insecure. 

We reacted to the world around us. 

Until one day, we finally realized.

The stillness is where we dig deep into our grounding. 

The darkness is where we allow the roots to take hold. 

We hold onto something bigger than us.  Something that surrounds us eternally.  Something that has always been there. 

The light we could never see. 

Come back home.

Spend time in the womb.

Be in the darkness.

The stillness of the heart.

No need to achieve, or become, or have, or do. 

You are a wild thing. 

Meant to grow and prosper right here.    

The darkness.  The depths.  The seeds.  The roots that grow deep.  Becoming stronger.  Effortlessly growing into the desires of the heart. 

In the stillness of the dark is the return.

Come back home.    


Where there is stillness, we see again.  Where there is nothingness, we sense again.  For there we are, and everywhere we shall be.

Through the eyes of a child, there is hope.

The laughter of a sparrow, there is presence. 

The callings of a crow, there is knowing. 

Be still and know, there is always more.

It will always be there. 

July 10 & 24
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Sunday July 30th 6:00-7:15pmBlack Cat Yoga Libertyville