Why do I do Reiki?

Why should you?

Hey there… I was hoping I could share a little bit about Reiki and why I do it ALL THE TIME! About 22 years ago, I had a significant event happen in my life. My first born child was born with a severe congenital disability. We found out the night before he was born. Through his birth and the trauma of the entire event I spiraled into a state of depression and at the same time a relentless inquiry into ‘why?’ The question remained… “why did this happen? “Why me?” and “how is this ever going to get any better?” I searched and searched for answers at first and always feeling like I was coming up short. The entire medical establishment wanted to tell me why from their medical view point and even then… they couldn’t. With all the research out there, their is still no clear answer as to why something like this happens. Which left me to ponder, endlessly… if ‘why’ or ‘how’ could not be answered then what could I do to make the most from what I had been given become the quest of life. Thus spawned a new direction in my life… I talk about the endless miracles that happened and the resulting uplifting from healing my own past and how to permanently change thoughts in my book, “Transcending Limitations; How to start where you are and create your new world” (Pegasus, 2022) … AND one of the KEY things I did during that time is learn how to perform REIKI!

What did learning reiki do for me? Well, lets just say… what did it not do. It did everything for me. It helped to heal my family and bring my disabled son from a statistic to a medical miracle anomaly. It is the reason why I teach today and share reiki with as many people as possible along with all my classes and sessions. Energy is my life, healing is my life, and it is my life story.

So to keep this concise… I first used reiki to help my son heal and become a medical miracle never needing the endless surgeries or medications that doctors told us would happen. Instead, through gaining strength, stamina, faith and reiki fortitude in the energy realm he became a sport guru and an incredibly successful young man. We also used reiki to help our family heal from all sorts of unknown causes and issues in our lives. We used it to decrease stress, increase synchronicities, and repeatedly heal, heal, and heal with every life change and and turning point. As humans we go through large changes about every 7 years. We are designed to transform and shift into higher states of awareness. I encourage you to look back at your life and look back at the significant things that happened every 7 years years… (or around that time) you may see a pattern. I used reiki to help deal with all of these things.

Some more interesting ways to use reiki…

Did you know, reiki has symbols and energy associated with them to help clear a room of stale or lower energies? I know many teachers who use it to keep the classrooms feeling fresh and clean from all the coming and going of the students and everything they bring into a classroom. Moms and dads use it to cleanse and clear thought patterns in a house or patterns of turmoil or stress that keep showing up. Businesses use reiki to increase prosperity, cohesiveness, and goals within the business goals and aspirations. Yoga teachers use it to help tune into their clients and the needs of the entire class as well as help to remove toxic energy in the room as people shift and release during classes. Therapists use it to help send energy and teach their clients how to shift energy before, during, and after sessions to decrease stress and increase coping mechanisms. Doctors and nurses use it in hospitals to help increase satisfaction of patients and increase positive outcomes of major and minor surgeries, therapies, and overall happiness. When our clients and patients are happy we are all happier. It’s a win/win situation!

The amount of uses for reiki is endless. And the satisfaction that it brings every time I hear from one of my clients, “This stuff actually works!” just makes me smile in delight! It is such a pleasure to have people tell me day in and day out how they use reiki to help them live life effortlessly for themselves and everyone around them. I just get so excited when I hear people say, “thank you” as they make all the connections on how to use reiki in a way that best suites their needs.

Because of this I offer reiki classes and sessions very often…. please consider either attending a session for yourself or learning this sacred art that has been around for centuries… here is a great article about reiki and also here are some future classes.

Please consider attending this Friday and Saturday to my ONLINE class! Yes, you can learn and use reiki from your home ANYWHERE! Contact me today… I have room! I would love for you to join and I would be the LUCKY one if you decided to do this.

Thank you for reading and honoring me with your time.

All love and blessings,

Jennifer (Joti Tajdeep Kaur) Lauren

Reiki + Meditation on Sunday August 27th in Black Cat Yoga

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