Com-Passion-ate Love

You are passion from the inside.  You as a sexual being is sacred.  When two beings become one by mating together, they are bound together.  Sexual intercourse is a powerful union that can create extreme break throughs within the heart and souls of the two beings if created consciously together.   When it is created, unconsciously together, the two become one and all the stuff that was his becomes hers and all that was hers becomes his.  They share every part of their energy, the light force within them, and can codependently become one in disruptive ways.  If they are not consciously working together and knowing how to grow intuitively as two separate beings joining together to lift each other to higher states of awareness the relationship can become confusing and disoriented to the eternal working of the soul’s purpose.  Conscious union of two soul’s is extremely helpful if we fully understand our individual and collective purpose from an eclectic, all encompassing, compassionate, passionate soul level.  Yes, we have soul contracts.  We are joined together on so many levels with our divine purpose.  It is our divine purpose that helps us live the miraculous life. 

Consciously, we need to love ourselves dearly first.  We need to be ourselves completely and wholly and primarily following our inspiration to be one with the universe.  Therefore, the most powerful and passionate couples in the world move mountains for others because their mere presence shifts consciousness to where the universal mountains no longer exist.  This is light.  This is love.  This is who you are…this is the divine union of the couple.  We are synchronistic beings made in light with the geographical light structure of grid lines that reach vastly across oceans, continents, down into the core of mother earth, and out worldly to the skies and universe beyond.  We are the 4 directions, we are the animal spirits, the nature realm, the fairies, the angelics, the ascended ones, and the extrasensory beings that visit this planet from afar.  We are all one.

When you know this, you feel, you sense, you know the vast imperative importance of becoming your true self.  First be your soul’s purpose and your spirit’s joy before merging with another in sexual love.  It is this knowing of your innate nature that draws you to a synchronistic being with a similar purpose and yet further growth that is valued, shared, and recognized as part of the eternal and eclectic natural process of life.  We grow together dependent and interdependently.  Like the yin and the yang, the north and south, the east and west, the sun and moon, the earth and rising star, we are to be in unison together working and being to move the crystalline stones into unity with the holy spirit of the I self, the I consciousness, the I Am presence.  This is why we love, and we cherish every being of light we come in contact with.  This is why we walk across the planet in true compassionate love.  This is why we live and truly love, as the hawk soars about the skies and we see how far we have come.  The journey is still out there compelling us to go forward and love the process completely. 

When you decide to join with another be sure of your Soul’s purpose and Spirit’s joy.  Be in unison with YOUR holy spirit, your communion with your God and god self.  Be you.  Because without you we have lost one of the greatest gifts that only you can bring the Earth Plane which is so needed right now.  We need you in ways that are indescribable in words and only felt with the heart and deeply with the soul’s eyes.  When you decide to be with another, look deeply into their eyes as a whole being that you are and reflect the soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy.  It is in that moment of deep eternal engagement you will know with a gnostic knowing indescribable in words.  This is the true path to take.  This is the road to further divine purpose.  This is the journey meant to lead, guide and direct your true love beginning with you inside your own heart. 

This is where unity remains, and this is how you become divinely unified with another lifting each other up to the highest possible vibration rooted in eternal love, grace, passion and gratitude.   This is passionate unity divinely rooted in universal love. 

Be one with creator.

Be one with you &

Then be one with another.

This is True Love,

Soul Love,

Passion Love.

This is the New Earth Love.

Dear Friends,

I want you to have passion in your lives.  I want you to live from your heart again.  Truly live from the miraculous heart self that is unlimited and transcended above all with the flow and grace of the hawk’s intuitive nature guiding him along the path of joy and creativity. 

How is this done?  By tuning back into you.  Your true eternal self that is one with the All that is and rooted in love.  My practice is continuing to evolve into focusing on the eternal love from within.  How to create your life a new and be the amazing joy you were always meant to become. 

A new Sandwich Connection group is happening now and will begin in the next couple of weeks.  This 6-week and beyond program is a reset that will fulfill your internal soul’s purpose and put you on your path to your spirit’s joy.  It is that powerful. 

For more information, please go to the program and please reach out to me for more questions.  It is difficult to describe in words what this program can do for you and can only be felt by the heart.  I would love for you to be your innately miraculous self and live your dream.

Of course, please see the Calendar of events for the latest classes & sessions.

All the love and light of the universal consciousness,


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