Mother/Daughter Teacher Training – The Journey Begins

Day 1 – Journey of learning to become a Yin Yoga Teacher

Nora and I had such a wonderful trip down to St. Augustine the past couple of days.  We rode down with a car full of essentials for our 5 week journey into the world of yoga.  It took us two days to get here.  When we arrived… we checked in to our second floor flat, unpacked the stuffed car, changed into our swimming gear, and headed for the beach.  Mind you, by the time we approached the water it was 8pm. 

To our surprise, the water was warm.  Mother nature is strong… her winds can push you out to the sea, and the waves can sweep you around the ocean floor.  We were cleansed and cleared of any energetic debris as we swam against and with the relentless ocean.  There is something about the ocean and what it can do with your body if you allow her to have her way.  Quickly, we were forced to work with her and definitely not against her.  There is no stopping mother nature.  She does not pause just so you can catch your breath.  The waves on St. Augustine Beach are continuous and strong.  One after the other they come crashing down and forcing you to face her wisdom.  Either learn to swim with her or don’t bother staying in the water for very long.  As Nora and I quickly adjusted to what she was telling us, we were able to swim a bit longer and allow ourselves to be blessed with her offering of cleanliness and surrender. 

As we were renewed from the long drive we quickly grew accustomed to our place that we would be calling home for the next 5 weeks.  The shores of St. Augustine beach where surfers come to ride the waves most days out of the year.  We are here for a new experience… a mother/daughter yoga training aimed to intensively shift our life as we are emersed in the teachings daily from 7am to 5:30 pm.  It feels like we are conceiving, growing, and birthing a child not in 9 months but packed into 5 weeks.  This must be what its like to be birthed as a horse.  Out the birth canal and into the earthly realm ready to walk and run within hours. 

Wildly amazing, free, and unknown to many of us is our ability to soak up information and bring it back out into the teachings effortlessly.  We will be soaking up knowledge that has been around for thousands of years and a lineage of gurus who have led the world into a new way of being that continues to grow and shape our new world we are coming into. 

This journey is going to be life changing on many levels… most of all, I am looking forward to growing in strength and stamina physically, mentally, and emotionally.  These past two years have been nothing less than the challenge of the sea waves that will take you down if you don’t learn how to swim with the currant.  As a society we have learned to dive in and do things we thought never possible… as individuals we have been shaken, stirred, and forced to move ourselves into the uncomfortable. 

So here we are, beginning a journey that will go by quickly and work with us and against us depending on how we respond to what is being handed to us. 

For the next 5 weeks I am working remotely, still offering energy healing sessions by zoom or phone. They are just as powerful.  Some may say, even more powerful with the energy of the elements at our sides as the ocean waters are combined into the movement that is created in the sessions to cleanse our bodies and fields energetically. 

Energy doesn’t die…it is transformed.  We are transforming, sessions are being offered to transform, and the world is transforming.  As I continue to take this journey the next 5 weeks it would be my utmost pleasure to assist in an energy healing session at any time along YOUR journey.  Just because I am away does not mean I am AWAY from what I LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE I DO… be a vessel for change and bringing light and healing through to serve. 

Let me know if you would like a session.  Send me a text, reach out through an email, or take the time to call.  I look forward to sharing all of this with you.

I am also scheduling home and business energy healing sessions as well as manifestation circles and reiki classes when I get back in August.  Please reach out for these as well. 

All love,


I Believe…

I believe there is another way.

I believe that our journeys do not need to be difficult or hard.

I believe that we do not need to suffer to gain knowledge and insight.

I believe we do not need to fight to make a change.

I believe that we do not need to make others see to get our way.

I believe that duality is an illusion.

I believe there is another way.

I believe we are here to dismantle the illusions that have covered up our hearts.

I believe that inner work is the way to shifting our outer world.

I believe that if everyone believed in themselves and loved themselves unconditionally, they would understand the presence of love within themselves, and this would orchestrate the world to shift to a new level of consciousness simply on its own.

I believe that dismantling the thoughts and beliefs within the “i” self is the only path that helps us understand the meaning of ‘know thyself’ and the path of the “I Am”.

I believe that love in the all-knowing and encompassing peaceful sense of the word is the power that is ultimately connected and will handle it all.

I believe that miracles come from within and then inspire and enlighten a new path of light within the consciousness of groups and societies.

I believe that love is a majorly misunderstood vibration that we have never allowed ourselves to sense, know, and fully embody its true unlimited power.

I believe in unlimited thought, imagination, creativity, joy, and ideas that elevate and enhance our well-being in masterful ways incomprehensible to the mind.

I believe if we continue our own individual paths of self-healing, we will collectively influence the healing of our world.

I believe that you as the individual are that powerful.

And yes, I believe in LOVE. Not in the sense that creates a soft and rather nurturing place to fall or stay. Yes, that is part of it… But I truly believe that love knows NO BOUNDARIES and when we feel limits within us, it is truly a calling to elevate, enlighten, and lift ourselves from the illusions. This may take work at overcoming the fears associated with the illusion and yet again, the belief that it is going to be difficult is an illusion itself.

I believe in love.

I believe in love so powerful it has the power to walk through villages and towns to create health and relieve sickness and pain just by its mere presence.

I believe in love and its ability to hold strong in the face of adversity by its own peaceful power that is reverent, fully connected, and ONE with something greater than we could ever imagine ourselves.

I believe in love that is the oceans, a love that is the mountains, the trees, the land, the beings, and the spirits that walk this earth. It is the love that is within each of us.

I believe when we surrender to this knowing, we surrender to something capable of everything and thereby dismantling the illusions all at once.

I believe in love.

I believe when we come together to be the light, we spread wisdom only felt intuitively within the heart. This inspires us to be different, inspires us to rethink different, inspires us to want differences, and in this beautiful tapestry of difference we are creating, we will remember that it all began from going within. Just like it did when we first came here as a baby. WE SOAKED IT ALL UP IN ANTICIPATION OF AN INCREDIBLE MAGICAL WORLD.






This excerpt came from my new book coming out soon… “Transcending Limitations – How to Start Where You Are & Create Your New World”

Over 20 years ago I was thrust into a world I never anticipated… a world full of heartache and strain. It was through the birth of my first child, born with a complicated and life threatening disability, that my entire word was fiercely forced into a radical change. Through this journey, I wrote about all the changes and shifts that needed to happen to create a new world full of miracles and healings. It is because of these insights that I do what is called to me to do today. Help the world elevate and shift into their own expansion. I will never stop doing this work and the shifts will continue to happen. I invite you to do the same.

Join me for the next several months as I continue to share writings from the book and talk about how we can all transcend our worlds of limitations that we have all created ourselves. I believe in miracles, truth, and radical healing. I’ve seen it time and time again.

Every week I will be sharing something from my book. It is an easy way for me to connect as I take a new journey out to St. Augustine for the next 5 weeks and learn a new skill as I go deeper into my practices. When I return, I will have some new classes being offered at various locations with continued workshops and sessions always available. Please reach out as soon as possible if you need a session in person before June 23rd. After that, I will be only remote…and these sessions are just as powerful.

All my love and more from the universe. -Jennifer

June…Burning away the old…to encourage new growth

Welcome to June! Traditionally, we enter summer this month.  A time of celebration of accomplishments, playtime, and relaxation.  That was traditionally what used to happen.  If you are feeling unrestful this time of year… you are not alone.   We really do not have cause to feel unrestful right now.  There has been so much unraveling these past couple of years that many of us are still trying to figure out where our roots are planted, and which ground is safe to live on.  Well, I have to say…it’s not going to get easier.  We need to get used to feeling the unrest this month.  The unearthing that is happening is further asking us to become untethered to anything that may be keeping us from living our soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy.  In so many ways.  It a further burning away of the old to make room for the new growth on the horizon. 

Farmer’s often deliberately burn their crops to remove plants that are already growing and to help the plants that are about to come up. 

This is what is happening to us.  There is old energy around that is still trying to take hold of us in old ways.  This does not work anymore.  If you are like me, I’m easily deceived by old ways.  It’s easy for me to dip back into ways that feel usual and deliberately comfortable.  It’s one of the reasons why I spend so much time practicing the work that I do.  I know that change requires work and that habits are patterns of belief systems that keep us in a cycle of ‘loop de loop’ that can be satisfying to some but unquestionably frustrating to others.  It’s like you are caught in the movie ‘Ground Hog Day’ and you can’t find your way out! 

Farmer’s burn their crops to permanently leave the old growth behind.  They intuitively know that it is time to replenish because the old root structure does not work anymore.  That is what is happening right now.  The old patriarchal ways do not have a hold anymore and they are quickly falling apart.  We just haven’t realized how extensive and far reaching these ‘old’ energies have had a hold on society.  And now, we will get to see more.  More will be revealed and more of an upleveling will happen.  This is good.  There are cracks that are happening…and when this happens the light just has to pour through.  We never know what is going to come out of the cocoon structure and it can be scary to think that it may not be a butterfly.  Be patient, trust, and have faith in the light. 

Crop burning is an age-old practice brining new life and energy to their fields.  In order for farmers to do this, all the conditions must be ‘just right’.  Not too wet or dry, windy or stagnant, hot or cold.  Another words they have to be prepared to ‘just do it’ on the right day once it appears.  On that day, they are ready to go.  They have prepared.  They know which crops to burn for the greatest replenishment. 

This is energy.  Much like you.    Playing it safe and cozy only works for a little while…. Now we must emerge.   Through these times we are being asked to go further into where we have yet to terrain.  We are stretching and molding ourselves into our endless vastness of light energy.  We are being expected to become more versions of ourselves until we completely become the highest version of ourselves that is calling us to grow from the crop burnings. 

And timing is everything for us too.  The point is to become positive, resilient, and connected.   Allow, yourself to be unearthed and shift into the unpredictable.  Keep moving forward into your soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy and allow the ground to be lifted, burned, or unearthed.  Remember, we are being asked to move further into our light and help each other see the truth of who we are and how we are all connected multidimensionally in amazing ways.  Love will look and feel differently, our tribes will continue to shift, and the powers at be will also be shifting.  What that means… continue to know thyself.   Say ‘Yes!’ to the universe and keep moving forward towards your goals and desires.  And instead of emerging as the expected butterfly…the dragonfly will once again return! 

For June… I will continue to support growth through the following…

1:1 Transcending Limitation Sessions – up to 90 minutes of collaborating with your guides and energetically unearthing energetic blocks, shifting habits and patterns, and miraculously shifting into a new version of you. 

Reiki 1 – Sign up today… 3 openings for June 17 and 18 …

Reiki 3 – 2 openings for June 5th (this weekend)

Kundalini Yoga on Tuesday evenings … JOIN ME on ZOOM or in person!
I am out of town the month of July… so please contact me today…

AND New happenings…

Space Energy Clearings… much like crop burning… we must level the energy to allow for new growth to occur.  The old energy does not have a hold anymore and needs an extra push to be transcended and transformed into light.  This is what I do!  I come into your home or business and energetically clear the old stagnant energy through a process called angelic light weaving, angelic sound vibrations, smudging, mantra energy protection, and grid work.  Old souls often need to be released into the light as well. 

These are $120 an hour…. It requires a lot of work and I spend a great deal of time and effort working with the energy of the structure and you to collaborate and get a communal agreement on your new path together.  We can have agreements with structures to work together and help us all succeed in our life’s purpose.  Call me for more information 224-500-7797

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