Mother/Daughter Teacher Training – The Journey Begins

Day 1 – Journey of learning to become a Yin Yoga Teacher Nora and I had such a wonderful trip down to St. Augustine the past couple of days.  We rode down with a car full of essentials for our 5 week journey into the world of yoga.  It took us two days to getContinue reading “Mother/Daughter Teacher Training – The Journey Begins”

I Believe…

I believe there is another way. I believe that our journeys do not need to be difficult or hard. I believe that we do not need to suffer to gain knowledge and insight. I believe we do not need to fight to make a change. I believe that we do not need to make othersContinue reading “I Believe…”

June…Burning away the old…to encourage new growth

Welcome to June! Traditionally, we enter summer this month.  A time of celebration of accomplishments, playtime, and relaxation.  That was traditionally what used to happen.  If you are feeling unrestful this time of year… you are not alone.   We really do not have cause to feel unrestful right now.  There has been so much unravelingContinue reading “June…Burning away the old…to encourage new growth”

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