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Start Where You Are

I want you to Start Where You Are.  Why?  Because it is one of the most important things that you can do for real and lasting change in your life.  You must start where you are to know where you want to go and what you are capable of.  And you are capable of much more than what your current perception believes you to be.  I know this.  I know this because I live this mantra every day.  I had to…

This is not a revolution but an evolution that happens from within.  When the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, there is no extraneous attention to herself and what is happening around her.  She quietly goes within and follows her intuitive nature gently guiding her in every moment and every situation that arises to finally transform and become the chrysalis.  Then from there she further molds and becomes something completely different, something she had no idea she could become because no one told her what was happening.  She followed her heart knowing things needed to be different.  She knew that change was necessary.  She did not know how it would happen.  She just knew that it was not right to stay where she was.  There was no script to follow.  No one gave her instructions.  She followed her intuition.  She melded and molded into stillness and emerged from the stillness into something unconceivable within her own mental bounds.  It was a secret knowing, which only she knew, it was time to change.  She stepped out into the unknown.  She could not see.  It was dark and it was silent, and it was without anything…a silent nothing.  And when she emerged from this silent nothingness, she found her wings to fly.  All on her own.  And that is what she became. 

This is what I want for you.  Make no mistake, you must Start Where You Are.  It is the only way.  IntuitLove will help you become the truest and wisest version of yourself through these programs and sessions that are offered.  I am committed to raising the consciousness of every individual in their own delightfully unique way.  I want to teach you how to Start Where You Are and become the peacefully empowered master of your own life. 

Start where you are

and discover how you are capable of

so much more than you ever thought before

Becoming Intuitive in 28 Days

shift your life in 28 days with a daily mantras and lessons geared towards a consciously intuitive lifestyle

4-5 Week Workshop

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The Sandwich Connection

become connected to your personal power to make real and lasting changes in your life

4-6 Week Workshop

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Direct Connect 1:1 Sessions to make lasting changes

let’s get right to the issue and resolve and release for what may be keeping you where you are

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