The Out of Body Chakras & Auric Layers Series

Healing with the Out of Body Chakras and Auric Layers

Chakras are energy centers within, through, and around the body.  They have physical functions and affect the body on a material and spiritual plane.  Specifically, the 5 out of body chakras operate according to physical principles but affect the body differently and operate beyond the body’s normal limitations.  Tuning into and taping into these areas can have a profound impact on the individual and their own awareness and healing process. 

The roles of the 5 out of body chakras

  • How to affect positive shifts within ourselves and our families, clients, etc. through our practice as an energy healer, therapist, yoga instructor, holistic business owner, mother, father, etc. 
  • How can tuning into these areas affect positive shifts within our everyday affairs concerning relationships, family, health, career, spirit and life purpose. 

The roles of the 12 Auric Layers

  • The auric layers as a matrix system.
  • The physical, mental, feeling, and spiritual components of each layer and how they relate to healing. 
  • The structure of each layer and what to intuitively ‘look for’.

Finally, we will heighten and develop our intuitive nature and natural ability to sense, know, and feel with confidence through the awareness gained in this course. 

3 Classes $135,  2-3 hours per class

Healing with the Out of Body Chakras and Auric Layers

All information as described above, handouts, and activities included.


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