You are as God, being born again…

I think of you as a God. You are God. You are Creator. As such, as you learn to bring more light into your body and become the vessel of light you are meant to be, you are able to clear and ascend higher into your consciousness. As such, nothing is left behind and youContinue reading “You are as God, being born again…”

Mother/Daughter Teacher Training – The Journey Begins

Day 1 – Journey of learning to become a Yin Yoga Teacher Nora and I had such a wonderful trip down to St. Augustine the past couple of days.  We rode down with a car full of essentials for our 5 week journey into the world of yoga.  It took us two days to getContinue reading “Mother/Daughter Teacher Training – The Journey Begins”

I Believe…

I believe there is another way. I believe that our journeys do not need to be difficult or hard. I believe that we do not need to suffer to gain knowledge and insight. I believe we do not need to fight to make a change. I believe that we do not need to make othersContinue reading “I Believe…”

June…Burning away the old…to encourage new growth

Welcome to June! Traditionally, we enter summer this month.  A time of celebration of accomplishments, playtime, and relaxation.  That was traditionally what used to happen.  If you are feeling unrestful this time of year… you are not alone.   We really do not have cause to feel unrestful right now.  There has been so much unravelingContinue reading “June…Burning away the old…to encourage new growth”

“Thank You, God!”

Recently… I have done a lot of forgiveness… offering up… forgoing… what this means for me is that I have had A LOT of scenarios happening in my life lately that have placed me in a position of just ultimate gratitude for what is already present in my life.

Repeatedly, I have been shown how abundant our universe is and when we become aware of the amazing surplus we already have, even more comes along.  Really… it does. 

My family and lineage lived in lack and fear for a very long time.  There was a lot of fighting, working hard, and insecurity about how we were going to survive growing up.  It was not a good environment.  Needless to say, I unconsciously took this in as a child and ended up portraying this vibration in my day to day relationships.  I had no idea how much of my life was based on lack until I began to pay attention to the dialogue that would often run rampant in my head. 

The Heart – True Love 

Lesson 4 – The Heart – Love (From “Transcending Limitation-How to Start Where You Are & Transcend Limitation”) What is the heart?  The center of creation.  This is where it is at…all of it…all of what?  You may ask. Everything and nothing all at the same time.  Every ‘good’ thought, every ‘bad’ thought – everythingContinue reading “The Heart – True Love “

The Powerless Grip of Judgement

One of the greatest reasons we are held back from creating the life of our dreams or rising above limitation and feeling connected… or soaring through our heart’s love for freedom and elation is the deep-seated root causes of judgement.  Our world is so deeply embedded in judgment after judgement that this is the very thing that keeps us doing the same things where we are repeatedly.  We see feel and know only our thoughts of the mind that are limited by what we reference in the outside world, our school’s knowledge, and the inner world of the heart that is suffocating under judgment after judgement keeping us suppressed where we are.  We have no room for expansion because our thoughts beliefs and ideas about life are all based on judgements and then bring us right back to all our self-pronounced limitations. 

Manifestation is found in Asking for Help…

I tend to give myself a lot of things to do. I used to think it was because I was trying to avoid feeling something within me… you know the ‘addiction’ pattern that has been in my family for generations.  Instead of dealing with my feelings, I used to find things ‘to do’ to keep myself from feeling what it was I didn’t want to feel when I just sat down and did nothing.  But that is over now.  I have dealt with that ‘thought’ and ‘belief’ repeatedly and have resolved and released with Creator on many levels.  Now, I am relearning how to ask for help. 

The Journey

Our lives are a journey through all space and time.  Typically we have things to do, people to see, places to go, and lives to create.  We have a long ‘to do’ list that is primarily full of creation in our hands.  Many of us see our lives as opportunities to thrive and fill it with good things and fun evolutions on a dialy basis.  Many of us find our lives to be difficult and full of conflict or strain or ‘in between’ type events that make it difficult to keep on going in life in so many ways.  There may be times of anger, depression, heartache and sadness.  Or there may be financial and physical set backs with our health and well being or that of a loved one.  Whatever the journey we are on, and however it unfolds it is always truly about choices that we can make consciously and unconsiously in our lives and the path that we want to bring upon.  Is it filled with upset and defeat or is there always a silver lining around the corner?  Seeing the silver lining can sometimes become a chore.  It may be difficult to open ourselves to that possibility for many reasons…    

The Power of Love

Love reaches us all at some point in our life.  In can come in packages great and small disguised as so many gifts and wearing so many different colors at the same time.  At the root of it all is the power of love.  How great do you want this power to be within you?  How incredible do you want the truth within you to shine.  How abundant do you want your life to become?  Get ready… because when we answer yes to all of these questions and when we honestly want it all, we are ready to learn.  The acceleration into the power of love will happen in incredible amounts of time space continuum blasting anything that is less than this out of its way and propelling you into the infamous creative process of love in ecstatic creation and the epitome of divinity…

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