Lesson 10 — Acceptance and Intentions

(Taken from Transcending Limitations – How To Start Where You Are & Create Your New World)

Accepting where we are in this moment helps us surrender to what will come. Accepting our path helps us create our reality so that we can create lasting changes in our world. Accepting what is appearing before us helps us forgive and release the energy to be transformed and free us permanently from its perceived control over our lives. Through acceptance we can finally see what is happening within and around us. We finally accept how powerful we truly are and our ability to co-create everything that is showing up in our lives. We have accepted that our unconscious intentions have been creating the life that appears before us and we realize we can consciously create anew. As we consciously accept our power, we accept our ability to create new intentions filled with our conscious desires. This creates the momentum needed for lasting change  to happen.   Allowing the people, places, and things to come in and help us construct the new life we are creating.

Once we realize what we need to do differently, through acceptance, we  consciously decide to lift  the veils and merge with the most powerful force of the universe; our connection with prana, the  life force of Creator itself. This is a powerful way to live working through us and allowing life force energy to move us consciously into the reality in line with our highest potential and soul purpose.  We release control to something bigger than ourselves that has been whispering to us and asking us to follow.  Life becomes more fulfilling, and our lights begin to brighten this world.

This is  divine orchestration.  We are spiritual beings with a soul purpose greater than anything our minds can perceive. Our heart intelligence feels the calling for something more.  There is more to life unexplainable and strongly felt with a  longing for change and living the life you were inspired to become. 

The root of significant  change, the root of  creation, and the root of every inspired being desiring  to be different, seeks for this stretching and shifting to occur.  It becomes disturbing to be normal and they seek to know themselves completely.. This is the beginning of a journey taking them to lasting change and the truth of their soul. .

This is not done by force.  It is a whisper and a gentle calling us back to our truth.  It is not a math problem or a cause-and-effect situation. Sometimes it is a subtle build of pressure that has been ignored for too long building into  congestion so great it can no longer be ignored. In the moment, it feels most uncomfortable, when we may be  trying to suppress or push it away, limit the sensations, or judge and fight back is the moment of  true wisdom emerging and erupting within us. In this moment we realize there is something more.  Before we can go any further, we must surrender to its calling to go deeper. Whatever it may be.

This is when we accept, we can no longer do this alone, we must ask for help, and accept our higher purpose is calling us to step forward, rise up, and become our calling for this lifetime. Real and lasting shifts are not created by ego but by co-creating with Creator itself. This is how miracles happen. In the moment that there is nothing else to do, that there is no longer a fight to engage and there is no longer anything to run from we do nothing. Doing nothing allows everything to become undone. Allowing everything to become undone is when everything opens and all possibilities appear before you. It is here when we finally wake up and see behind all the illusions of everything that was always there waiting for us. It is so simple and yet we make it so uniquely complex. We are that creative and that imaginative that we think we have all this under control. When we do not. When we accept that thought, that idea, we can then surrender with our whole body, and it all happens right then and right there. It is then you become one with the I Am. For our thoughtful minds, this equates to an experience such as this…

Time and time again in my life I have been faced with trepidation. Every time a doctor told me something could not be done, that the impossible could never be achieved, and that I needed to stop trying so hard. Every time a family member decided they knew more than I did, or had this all figured out, I felt this burning sensation within my body that screamed at me! It was so disconcerting that nothing could ignore it. I was so angry with irritation that I was being told ‘no’ in so many ways that it felt like a massive boulder was laying on my chest and I could barely breathe or stay where I was. I was determined to prove them wrong.

When they told me that Ethan would never walk, I wanted to scream from the depths of my soul! When they told me I was not to go to college as a teenager and that my family was not college material, I wanted to kick down every door that closed in front of me. When they said that my child had a psychosis that was passed down from generation to generation, I halted their words and felt a huge constriction within me that could do nothing else but claw my way through the thick goo of cellular limitation that was keeping our family and the rest of the world from the way through to the other side of miraculous. I burst the bubble of disgust and exploded into a sea of miracles that knew life was supposed to be amazing. How could anyone ever tell us otherwise? Why do they feel it is their right to do so! What was this?! For me, it is an unexplainable burst of volcano spirit that does not halt and will never do so. This was my spirit sensation that needed to be heard. This was my body speaking to me telling me to go deeper and use this prana energy to make the changes needed to shift our world.

It is all about sensation. The pressure, the angst, the constrictions, the pounding, the place within that burns, ‘ugh!’ Feel it, sense it, be in it, go through it. It is as if a baby is birthing through the constricted birth canal that must flex and pull and stretch its way into existence. There are no words, only sensation pulling you through to the other side of revelation. We sense something needs to happen, something needs to shift, that an energy is ready to rise up within us. And then we just allow it to happen with no judgements. Unfortunately, we as adults have been trained to remain within our heads ignoring our instincts. We attempt to explain, rationalize, or judge. This is not what creates lasting shifts of transformation. We must be where we are, sense, feel, and drop into the experience.

Acceptance is possible in the moment you notice how you are trying to control the situation. Accepting the sensations and surrendering to the awareness allows us to consciously drop in and prepare us for the next step: surrender.

Surrender is where the magic happens. This is when we consciously return to the marvelous moments that have been unconsciously repeating in our life. We step off the hamster wheel of life and consciously choose to breathe into what is happening. This is when we merge with the juicy still point that we and our lineage never resolved and released from our ancestry.  Through our consciousness we now have the incredible opportunity to do the work with the Creator that will permanently shift and create the miracle. This is the exact moment when a choice is made to complete the process of suffering and step into a new reality of consciousness filled with the choice of another way to live life. We are no longer the mistakes of our individual and collective past.

This may come as an image or memory or something that may not even make sense. This is the beautiful, imaginative, and creative knowing within you, that is bringing you to the golden moment of miraculous change. This is the moment when we initially lost our heart intelligence that knows we are connected to all that is. This is all space-time connection, between the past, present, and future all in one. This is the moment we can now go even deeper.

This moment is our opportunity to breathe into what is happening, to take long slow — very slow — deep breaths into everything and trust. We do this… We breathe, no matter what, no matter what else happens, no matter how many tears, how many tissues, how much anger or rage is in there. We breathe slowly into just the one moment, not the story, and only that one brief and passing moment. It is only in that one brief ‘now’ moment that we instantaneously separated, decided something, and reactively tried to solve the situation. This is when we separated ourselves from the one thing that could have taken care of it all. In that moment, and only that ‘now’ moment, is when we miraculously return to our heart.

To be in the sensations we have been trying to avoid our entire life is the very moment that truth emerges. What will happen next is beyond understanding with the mind. It is an all-encompassing embrace from something so unexplainable, so extraordinary; it is beyond words or thoughts. It cannot be explained and only felt with the heart. This is when the forgiveness sets in, and heart intelligence rises.

Forgiveness is when all the limitations of the mind merge together with the oneness of Creator — your Creator that is within your everlasting life and heart. That is when the image, the memory, the snapshot in time is forgiven and released. This is when we finally understand our part in the creation. This was our derailment by either our hand or the hand of another. This is when we created false beliefs, held regrets, or retreated to protect or survive. This is when we felt our worlds close in on us. This is when we had no other choice but to leave all the love, the knowing, and the oneness behind. In this one very precious moment is when you realized all of this, and it is here where you now return. And as you merge again with Creator, as you ask, you humbly know that you are now receiving the help you always wanted and always knew was possible but creatively and collectively forgot. That is when you forgive yourself, you forgive Creator, and you forgive your entire lineage and family for all of this because you just did not know. In this now moment when you do, this is when something even more amazing happens.

It is here, and only here, when everything resolves and releases. All time does not exist anymore and in this moment of space is when the miracle happens. Whatever that is, or was, or came to be in time merges together. Time stops. You stop. Everything is changed… Everything… Every… Thing… E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g becomes the nothing from which it came.

This is the body of creation that exists within us all. Yes, you are all that is, and nothing can take that away because you are everything and nothing at the same time. When we understand this, we embody the miracle. We know anything is possible. We return home. Heaven was always right here within us.

Our Purpose is to question everything…be curious, believe in the unbelievable, rise above & BE-COME

[An excerpt from Lesson 13 – Question Everything – “Transcending Limitations” Jennifer Lauren]

In the moment negative thoughts or beliefs arise, and the limitation has appeared, we turn it around. Every limitation is answered with a ‘why not’ and every negative thought or belief is answered with a ‘canceling’ of that thought. We feel the negativity, we are aware that it is happening, and in that awareness, we shift into a new state of awareness without the limitation, simply by questioning ‘why not?’ We feel them, we name them, and then we allow them to go. Simply, it is allowing ourselves to feel the limitations of our mind, understand they are illusions of the past, accept they have been there for a  long time hiding  in the shadows, and we commit to questioning everything surrounding the limitation.

For example, Ethan, being diagnosed with a medical condition, has been told repeatedly there are certain things he will never be able to do mentally and physically in this current paradigm. With each limiting belief we peeled back the layers in this realm, decided we had a choice to question the current reality showing up and choose to accept what was happening or find another way.

At first, we had some very difficult life-threatening choices to make. We were told that if certain procedures were not done to save his life he would die. So, as parents in fear and wanting our child to survive we put our faith in the hands of the doctors, and he indeed did survive. Grateful as we were in the skills of the professionals, what we failed to see at the time is as we continually only trusted in the doctors, we failed to trust within ourselves. We gave up ourselves, though allowing a predicted outcome to prevail. Naturally, everything they determined would happen based on medical science, did. When he was born, his life was based on survival. We did the things we were told that needed to be done to survive. This was necessary, and it saved his life.  

On the other hand, we were still limited by our own beliefs. You see, if Ethan did not come into this life with the condition that he did, he would have had a completely different birth and a completely different purpose. But he came in with this diagnosis on purpose. It was his purpose to do this, to be this so that we could see that there is always another way. His life has been a product of questioning everything. When they said he would not walk, we asked, “Why not?” We were told exactly ‘why not’ by doctors and other professionals, and we had a choice to make. Believe in the limitation or find another way. We found the other way.

When we were told he needed surgeries to correct and take care of limitations he would always have with his bowels and bladder and kidneys, we asked, “Why?” and they told us ‘why’, all the limitations of ‘why’. I asked the universe, “Why not?” and I was shown because it was what you believe. So, I questioned the belief and chose another way. Never having bowel, bladder, or kidney issues. Ever.

Finally, his shunt, (an instrument surgically implanted in a child to help pump cerebral spinal fluid throughout the body) we were told this would need multiple revisions his entire life and to expect multiple surgeries every year, not to mention a host of other issues related to cognitive functioning. So, what happened? You guessed it… We found another way. Ethan became an anomaly and the kid that was the ‘healthiest’ kid they had ever seen. It didn’t require magic or miraculous prayers reserved for the worthy few. What it took was the courage to question everything along with belief in the miraculous. We were convinced there had to be a better way. We were convinced we could not live our life like a textbook, and we had to do something else. We were convinced we would not become another statistic. We needed another way; their rules were too limiting, too unnatural, too constricting, and too separating from inspired living. The only way that felt better, sensed better, created a more fun and joyful way for us, for Ethan, for our life, was to question “WHY NOT?” and then find another way.

When you question everything, you question the very fabric within you, your family, your lineage, and your ancestors. You question all the thoughts and beliefs within your life that have ever made up your life, and when you do that, it forces you to go within. When you go within, you get to know what you genuinely believe and if you don’t like what you see you get to change it. Every perceived problem has an answer and in this reality, the problem no longer exists because we know that once we see the limitation, the answer already appears. It is that fast, so fast that soon the problems become nonexistent. Or if the ‘problem’ does persist we see it as an opportunity to find another way. When it happens enough, and we see the results of our paying attention we are taken to an entirely new level of understanding and then that new level becomes our floor of existence. It is here that we begin again.

Questioning everything begins with curiosity. It begins with a knowing that this can’t be right because I trust when it does not feel right. It is calling me to notice something is not lining up within myself. Once that happens, you begin opening doors to new ways of thinking which opens doors to new ways of being, which opens doors for all possibilities to drop in.

When you are aware of your own limitations, you have the power to free yourself from the limitation itself. It is here that you realize nothing is holding you back from anything. It was only there to help you see the truth. You are to move higher and higher and continually release boundaries for yourself by questioning everything. As you do this first for yourself it will naturally ripple out and extend to others around you.  They will sense the shift and eventually be inspired to go above and beyond their own perceived ceilings to lift themselves to a new level where their ceiling is now their floor.

You are to keep going, raising yourself higher and higher so that eventually, ceilings don’t exist, and your limitless existence is all there is. That is what childlike questioning allows us to do. It asks, “Why not?” to everything with a curious, joyful, limitless expression that is open to all possibility. This is the true gift of a child. The purpose of a child is to help the adult see what they once believed for themselves.

Open, Expand, Become…

An excerpt from my new book, “Transcending Limitations – How to start where you are and create your new world”. When I wrote this portion of the book, I was receiving information from my higher self or Source consciousness on how to overcome the perceived limitations in my life at the time. It’s the same information given to anyone and accessed by anyone at any time…. I just took the time to write it down in the book. Enjoy… and allow it to inspire to help you. Please remember, my services extend far past a book. Peruse the website for my workshops, 1:1 sessions and coaching opportunities.

When you wonder about things all day long, it will bring up your limiting beliefs about life. When this happens,  notice how it holds a restriction in your body. This is your opportunity to free this area by opening to wonder while the universe magically drops inspiration into your heart. This is clearing what is limited. This opens you to the possibility of seeing, sensing, and knowing that the unlimited will show up. Wondering helps us believe in the possible before it even happens. We must know with absolute certainty anything is possible before it  happens.

As we work in the realm of “wondering” we are working with our hearts to create amazing  answers to life’s dilemmas. These are just waiting and wanting to be revealed. Everything can happen, will happen, and is happening. Everything.

At any given moment there is something floating out there in the energy of the universe with a new idea, a new solution, and a new answer to anything that you wonder about. It is this way because “I wonder” is a highly creative energy filled with spirit and imagination. When we connect with the spirit of joy, imagination, love, and creativity there is no way that anything less than this can show up.

This does require practice. We must train ourselves to wonder as if we would train our body to learn a new exercise such as running, weightlifting, or any number of activities. We must train ourselves to become our limitless selves. We must wonder every day, multiple times of the day. One hundred times a day we must imagine, we must create, we must elevate. No matter what we believe. No matter what our situation and no matter how far down the rabbit hole we have gone… It is our job to wonder. It is our job to wake up and see our shortcomings, see our limitations, and then turn them around. This is our way. This is our practice. This is what we are to accomplish individually and collectively.

Creator knows this… Therefore, we elevate, and through elevation, we naturally return to the very thing we are. We are meant to transcend all limitations in every way possible. No matter what. There is always an answer and frequently it is something greater than you can ever dream or imagine yourself. This is why we pray, “This or something greater”. Positive expectation plants the seeds of trust in anticipation of the growth. We hold the vision and let go of the outcome. Meaning, I see it, I hold it, and I remain open to it or something better showing up which creates elevation and advance knowing to drop in. This is how masters become masters… They tap into their questioning of “Why not?” Let us see, let us open to the possibility, let us create, and let us do this. Then they invest all their heart and love into expansion in that area, always remaining open to all possibilities, and allowing their minds to be the passengers that help to lead, guide, and direct.

The heart knows. The heart is connected to all that is. The heart is creativity. The heart is imagination. The heart is elevated, expansive, enhanced, an amazing love unlike most have ever experienced before. It is only through the heart that everything can and will and does happen. This is your oneness with all that is, which is how true miracles happen all the time. Then you realize there is no turning back, no other way to live, but to fully give and to love through the heart. The heart can become everything in this universe, and it is right there. Always waiting for you, within yourself.  Just listen to the voice. It knows the way. Open, expand, become, because you are the ocean.

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You are an Extension of Life Force Energy…

Have you ever thought of yourself as an extension of energy?  Imagine this… Imagine yourself as a tree.  A beautiful and bountiful tree full of life.  This tree is vibrant and alive.  Larger and more expansive than ever seen before. Ever felt before, ever sensed before.  This tree is so amazing that we can see and feel it across all space and time in this current reality.  This tree has branches that expand, stretch and reach upwards of 100 feet into the air… expanding and lifting and reaching so far out int the sky that its mere presence expands and lifts the life force of the animals, air, water, earth and sky around it.  Its prana is unimaginably stable and a source of groundedness for all that come near it.  You can’t help but feel limitless and healed as you stand near its presence.  Its branches lift us and reach high into the limitless sky as a representation of that which is within each of us…limitless expansion. 

Now imagine the mirror version of this same tree and how its roots run deep within the earth plane.  The roots reflect the branches.  That which you see extended upwards to the sky also runs deep down below the earth you are standing upon.  These roots reach so deeply into the mother and advance themselves uncontained around us intertwining with the roots of the forest of trees around you.  The earth worms, the moles, the animals and insects that serve the ground all become fed and nurtured by this tree and live vibrantly off its life force.  The roots intermingle with other tree roots and they all have light force conversations with each other.  They communicate vibrantly together and infuse love and support unto one another.  Helping each other live vibrantly and cohesively together all based on their intuitive life force within them that are cohesively connected to the universal life force that feeds and nurtures us all. 

Now breathe and listen into you… and hear this statement…


You have the same limitless capacity within you to reach beyond and transcend above all perceived lower vibrations.  To stand clearly and steadfastly within the roots of your strong prana and to shift the energy around you and within you deep into the earth and into the ancestors of your lineage of everyone who has ever come before you, is currently present in your life, and everyone you will meet from this day forward. 

I know this.  It is truth. 

The only requirement is that you learn more about you… you learn what feeds you, what nurtures you, who you are and what powers you contain to shift yourself and this amazing world you are living within. 

That’s it.  Therefore, this is why you are here. 

I see everyone who walks into my/our classes, sessions, or on the ground of Winwood Retreat Center as such.  A beautiful limitless tree that intuitively knows how to live vibrantly.  They are all tuning into and taping into their superpowers.  I am, we are, Winwood is merely providing the uncompromised space for us to become this. 

As such, make time to come and experience a class, a session, or a day of retreat from the world out there so that you come to know the world within you. 

For once you know thyself you know the world and thus we all win together in this precious life and place that we all inhabit together.

Make time in your schedule for these events happening this weekend and coming regular.  They will feed your tree and help you to vibrantly grow.  Then we build the new forest together.  Limitless, expansive and free to be our super selves with our unlimited superpowers. 

Please sign up at the following LINK

Who AM I? Who I AM…

When I was 16 years old I left my body.  I was so confused as a teenager, so underdeveloped and so unexperienced with life.  I ran away from myself and sought refuge in others.   Always trying to find myself within another.  Always trying to seek ‘who am I?’ in the world around me.  The eternal question remained, “Who am I?”  It didn’t matter what kind of background or circumstances I came from and how these had an effect on me.  These were just the triggers linking me back to one burning question, “Who am I?” 

Am I the mistakes of the ancestors that came before me?  Am I responsible for the chaos and the confusion that I see in the world?  Was it anyone else’s fault that I lost myself?  What was I here to learn?  To become?  To grow from?  Why did I feel so empty inside?  Why did I feel lost no matter where I went and who I encountered I eventually came back to this one ungrounded sensation within my body…. A deeply unresolved feeling that something was not right. 

I had plenty of things to blame it on… an abusive alcoholic father, a mother who died of cancer, a schizophrenic brother, a controlling lineage that felt cut off from trusting the world.  And was it the world that they were seeking to put their trust in or was it something greater? 

I turned to religion for a while…always seeking that eternal emptiness… I turned to relationships…wondering if I could find solace in another… I turned to groups to see if I fit in… I turned to money… I turned to food… to alcohol… to the addiction of being the best at whatever I do and become… and what did I always return to after I had seen it all, done it all, become it all?


It all began right here… within my own heart.  Nothing wrong with me, the me within me, at all.  There was nothing ever wrong with me… and the seeking always left me where I remained… seeking. 

I did this for a VERY, VERY long time.  Through motherhood, through career choices, through relationship choices.  Until a pivotal crisis took place within me.  I just broke down… and stopped doing.  I stopped doing everything out there to become more, to fill the void I felt deep within me… that stood for nothing else but the love that I was seeking within myself.  I couldn’t find it in someone or something else.  All I could do is be still and know once more… who I was… Love. 

It shows up time and time again until you realize and begin to understand that the things repeating in our life and show up in different forms happen on all different scales on purpose… to help you become more of you… untethered and in love with your self first, then in love with life, so that you could compassionately give back love to the world.  No boundaries, no separation and yet untethered and unattached and perfectly compassionate and full of love all at the same time. 

It’s a soul lesson for all of us.  It is the eternal bliss we are seeking.  It’s a oneness a unity and a soul’s purpose that we all have a drive within us to know more, to become more, to be the light. 

Light knows no boundaries.  It just is.  It infiltrates effortlessly into the darkness and grows brighter as we pay attention to it more and more.  It just shines.  It knows nothing else. 

Even when it is covered up… it still remains… it’s there… it doesn’t go away. 

Now that I have experienced everything that I have experienced, done everything that I have done, and finally become my truth… I can honestly say that all the heartache, lonely times, hurts and wrongs that I did to others and were done to myself… was worth it all.  I now know. 

We are all light.  Light bodies learning how to become lighter.  And its funny you know… the answer is simple… we are already this. 

The funny and curious things that happen on a day-to-day basis are eternally all driving us back to the same basic question… how will this experience help me shine my light for others to do the same?  How will I be of service in a way that gives to the universe and helps others become more of their own light by just being mine?  

It’s simple… experience it all, sense it all, embrace it all, forgive and release it all, and then do it again, anyway. 

Just accept, just be, just become, just allow, and just know… light always shines through.  We can’t contain our light… only cover it up. 

A sheet can’t cover up the darkness… a light is the only thing that can help us truly see the wisdom behind everything that is happening around us and within us… it’s all a mystery until we one day ask ourselves… how can I serve and become more in this world?

We can all serve in different ways.  I can serve to help my children become the best versions of themselves… untethered to the process and allowing them to have their own experiences.  I can serve with clients helping them to shine a light on every item that comes to them desiring to be attended to.  I can serve through just becoming more of myself and compassionately helping others through the career choices that I make. 

Ask yourself today, how can I shine more, become more, elevate more, see more clearly so that this world shines more, becomes more, elevates more, and sees more clearly?  Not from my eternal perspective but from the good of all and everyone else’s version of reality they decide to exist in. 

So, today… I feel a return, a return to me… which means I can give more to you.  My hope? For you to return to you, to become more for you, so that you can give more. 

If anything at all, at least the light that shines brightly from within all of us can bond together and form one shining unit to shine on the rest of the world so that everyone can wake up to their own bliss and rest in the knowing that seeking to control anything has no cause.  Being to know eternally is the everything we were always seeking to become.  Just be that, and then we will have the answer to the great mystery at the root of us all, “Who I Am.”

All love,


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Returning to ourselves…

After being away from ‘home’ for 5 weeks and returning… what I have learned thus far…

There is something special about getting away from the usual for an extended time! Awareness comes alive when you leave your nest and dive into a new life, even if it temporary.

Usually, it takes about two weeks of being in a new place to begin to adjust to the vibration of that new place. At least that is what it is like for me.

Then when I do and I end up staying longer, like I did, I begin to join in with that new vibration. Overall, if you ever do something like what I am explaining, hopefully it is a higher vibration and you are elevating your life upwards! My experience was exactly this.

When we (my daughter and I) were in St. Augustine we adjusted to life by the sea. Clearing and cleansing our energy fields every day. Keeping us in alignment with our highest energetic vibration, connected to our Source, and open to receive our intuitive guidance throughout our days.

Several of the ways we were able to remain connected 24/7 revolved around self care tools. We followed the patterns of the full moon, always finding her and making sure we connected with her on a daily basis. Whether she was out at night or during the day, we found a way to connect with the masterful vibration of this feminine energy even if it was only for a simple 5 minute pleasurable gaze.

We rose before sunrise and actually used the hour before the sun peeked over the water to allow the vibratory creation of the infinite to sink deeply into our cells and help us imagine what we were going to create that day. Every day, most days it was just me (teenagers enjoy their sleep!), I sat for ‘Guidance’ (something Debra Poneman speaks beautifully about… her Yes to Success Program is #1 at promoting this) and allowed spirit to speak through me at the peak of the energy of the day. The hour BEFORE the sun rises is one of the most transformative and vibrationally high times of day.

We kept our energy fields cleansed and cleared daily. We took time out of our busy schedule to make sure we cleaned up and cleared our fields through various daily practices. Knowing where we begin and where our energy ends and what is ours versus someone or something else’s is very important when we are following our highest potential and purpose.

We took time to exercise, meditate, fill our bodies with high vibration foods, study and work hard, and play hard throughout the week. It was a balance of work, rest, study, releasing, and resolve to become our new selves. And we did it.

We ended our days in meditation always allowing for communion with Source consciousness, even if it was for 5-10 minutes.

Why do I share this? Because, it’s not that I changed anything about my normal practice. This is what I typically do anyway. It’s that the environment we were in completely helped us shift into an entirely new vibratory awareness that is way more elevated than where I was before. How do I know? Because I FELT the difference when I came back home.

I live in a lovely space. I love my home. And now that I have been away, I realized I was not only ready for a shift on one level but on ALL levels. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and in all areas of my life; community, relationships, family, career, purpose, health, and more.

In order to continue this shift I had to not only adjust to coming back home but also to continue to bring in this high vibration from where I was to where I currently am. And it continues to work. High vibration awareness means we live in our joy. We bring in the infinite possibility to the finite existence. We become the miraculous life we are seeking right where we are. And that is what I realized out in St. Augustine.

I go wherever I am. Therefore, I must be the change that I seek out there and no one else can do this except me. So here I am, in deep realization and gratitude for all of this and here to help bring in awareness in practices that I hope I can extend to others.

So over the next several months…this will be my focus. Sharing with you what I did, and what I always do on a daily basis to help remain ‘high’ in life. High vibration ALWAYS draws unlimited prosperity, health, and joy to you. Always in all ways. Learning how to release and resolve and remain untethered to any controlled outcome is the key.

So this week, I would love to share with you something I do almost daily. Practice meditation, mantras, and vibratory awareness.

Our energy field extend to 9 feet around us. When we have space to extend our fields and practice clearing our fields every day it is unsurmountable what positive outcomes can happen on an elevated and enhanced energetic level.

We have an infinite number of chakras within and around the body as well as energetic layers extending out to the infinite. When we remain vibratory aligned in an elevated energetic state we not only effect the positive propelling us forward into our souls highest potential but all those around us as well. We first give ourselves permission to become more and then it naturally extends outwards. When we take care of ourselves this is what happens. They key is to know how to tune in to high vibration, to practice, and remain in ‘vacation’ mode. It can be done.

We all go on vacations and many of us go away to ‘get away’ from it all. I wonder, what are we trying to ‘get away’ from? Maybe, if we pay attention to our vibration and our spirit’s joy…maybe we become the vacation we are seeking. I believe so.

It may require work, and we may have to finally face what we have been avoiding… but it is worth diving in, especially with support.

That’s what we do, when we consciously practice from a point of conscious awareness through mantra and meditation. Daily, I need to return to me. And when, I don’t, I slip into something I’m not. This doesn’t serve anyone any good. We all have gifts, and when we use our gifts to our highest potential through awareness and consciousness in high vibrational states we become everything we were seeking out there. And then, we can do nothing but spread light. It’s so simple and yet so simply profound. And, darn it, that is exactly what most of us need.

Cleansing our energy fields through mantra and meditation is one of the ways to connect back to who you are. Not through anything else but sole purpose to become more of what you already are; gifted. When we find our gifts it is a profound experience.

Tuning in and clearing our energy field is a way to do this. For the next several weeks we will be doing this at BLACK CAT in Libertyville. Tune in and join me for Kundalini Yoga. This is a deeply spiritual practice full of simple movements, breath work, meditation and mantras meant to clear the field, realign the chakras of the body, and strengthen your connection with your spirit…the source of who you are.

Do you want to hear your own guidance? Are you seeking to know yourself more? Do you want to open to your intuition? It’s all available through this practice.

Kundalini Yoga at Black Cat in Libertyville this week we are focusing on the Ten bodies of Prosperity…. clearing the ten light bodies and opening to prosperity. We have an energy field, and when it is highly attuned to our highest potential and purpose we become the vehicle for infinite creation through finite existence. This practice will be geared to help create this possibility. Join me

Join me on Instagram and IntuitLove Facebook and YouTube where I will be sending out weekly tips and announcements of continued opportunities to expand your awareness and realign yourself to your highest potential. Whether its through a practice of mine or someone else I will be sharing insights and connections to help you become more of you!

Come for a Reiki + Intuitive Healing Session at Black Cat Yoga on Thursdays! Sign up for a 75 minute session meant to realign your vibration and help your resolve and release any restrictions keeping you from your highest potential in all areas of life. More Here!

Finally, announcing my new book on Amazon and ABE books in the US and UK!

Transcending Limitations – How to Start Where You Are and Create Your New World

This book dives into the what inspired me to get going on my spiritual healing path, why I do this work, and how it can miraculously change your life. My son, propelled me on this path when he was born with a ‘dis’ability. This is how I overcame and continue to overcome all limitations.

Order today! It is selling out and sometimes it takes them time to restock shelves.

Lastly, just connect. Connect with each other. Connect with your family, friends, and people that mean something in your life. We are all here to make a difference. Thank you for making a difference in my life. Every single person I ever get to spend time with is that difference and every single person creates miracles for each other. Thank you for being my miracle.

5 weeks as full time students, and a life time of memories…

For the past 5 weeks I have been a student of Kripalu yoga with my daughter.  Here is what I learned…

The last 5 weeks have brought me experiences of joy and wonder.  I have learned to be guided by spirit like never before, to stop worrying about the future and to spend the rest of my life in the present. 

It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?  I finally realized nothing really matters except for the experiences of life itself.  Nothing really matters except for what you would like to experience in each moment of life. 

Really…if we are tuned in and turned onto spirit and living the truth of who we are then what is happening out there in the world may not seem like such a monstrous thing we must overcome.  We are reflections of what we believe ourselves to be.   In this world, we can see every facet of the diamond and look through every lens that is possible through each other.  We can see the good in almost everything.  It’s up to us to decide how we’d like to view every situation.  I can decide in a moment what any experience means to me, and I can decide to live any way I desire.  I can be full of prosperity and the riches of knowledge, and I can be limitless in all my experiences. No matter what. 

Easy to say and sometimes difficult to do.  We can become filled with so much doubt that we can limit ourselves with the belief that we can’t do something even before we try.  This happens on so many levels.  All I can say, is that in the past 5 weeks I have had the experience of a lifetime. 

Maybe it was because I was simply ready to receive and allow spirit to work through me on all levels. Maybe it was because I was ready to make my own decisions in life about what really mattered to me.  Maybe I have finally realized that we all have this choice, and we never need to live by anyone else’s standards. Maybe I have finally accepted the truth of who I am. 

That’s a beautiful thing.   

In acceptance of the self is freedom. 

There is no malice or perceived judgement behind it.  It’s merely a simple knowing that you are perfect exactly as you are and there is nothing else to understand except the perfection that is already within you. 

We can spend a lifetime searching for answers.  Our world points us ‘to the answer’ everywhere we turn.   Eat this, take that, do this, become that, and you will finally be ‘ok’.  That’s what they tell us on a conscious and subconscious level.  And maybe, we just need to pause to see what was already there.  Maybe, we never needed to do anything, be anything, or have anything.  Maybe we just needed to become the love that was always waiting for us to see, feel, and know… already within our own hearts.  Maybe… just maybe this is it.   

The past 5 weeks I have spent an enormous amount of time with a new tribe of Kripalu yoga healers… here is what I learned from each of them… by them simply being who they are to me… a facet of my diamond.

I learned the power of determination and how to move confusing and clouded energy into channeled focused energy by watching others move into their own self-mastery.

I learned of the strength and wisdom that comes from someone being a balanced being of masculine and feminine energy able to move through any societal expectations and transform themselves into a healthier version of who they truly are.

I learned of the unbounding integrity and safety that can come from someone who feels free to share their love and joy for life by simply being themselves and wanting others to feel the love and joy that is already within them. 

I learned of the joy that can be spread amongst people by simply laughing and allowing themselves to sing and fill their lives with amusement.

I learned of how strong so many people are on so many different levels and how through support and belief in others we can rise above our own thought filled limitations ourselves.

I learned of the wisdom and magic that can come from someone so young and so profoundly full of knowledge that is lightyears ahead of us all. 

I learned the importance of language and attention to detail and how still, the only thing that matters is the heart connection from another individual by simply being themselves. 

I learned of the flow and creativity that can be inspired by one person to inspire a whole group to be in the flow and creativity of life by simply being who they are. 

I learned so much more… and overall… I learned to just be me.  To be graceful and messy all at once and to allow this to happen.  To process what is within me without having to figure it out.  To allow the mess and the wonder to just happen all on my own. To just enjoy life by being in-joy.

Ultimately, I learned to lay my final sword down… the sword of self-judgment… the most deadly sword of all. 

And if I did nothing else in this life… I would finally know… I am ok… just the way I am. 

Thank you, God.

You are as God, being born again…

I think of you as a God.

You are God.

You are Creator.

As such, as you learn to bring more light into your body and become the vessel of light you are meant to be, you are able to clear and ascend higher into your consciousness.

As such, nothing is left behind and you realize that this is only about becoming more of yourself. 

More wholeness.

More Oneness. 

Which means, you can share this with others.  The overwhelming abundance that comes into you, through your connection with Source consciousness creates a cascading waterfall of endless resources capable of reaching as far as your heart’s desire.  It is capable of becoming one with everything. 

When you are Source, you are One.  In that Oneness you become the light.

In the light, which is endless, everything shifts. 

Darkness does not remain.

It can not, it’s just not possible.  It never is. Never was possible. 

Light…just is.  As you shine it opens doors for the answers to keep shining in return.  It keeps merging with you, and you keep becoming One with it all.

Yes, there is choice.  You have a choice.  A choice to stay where you are and continue shining right where you are.  Or a choice to allow yourself to grow, to expand, and to allow the light to shine into the smallest places of your heart.  The smallest spaces creeping into the unseen realms that have remained hidden and darkened with fear.  The smallest spaces that seem incomprehensible, unreachable, and unable to be unearthed.  These are the spaces the light will go.  These are the spaces that we have not even encountered yet.  These are the things we are afraid of.  These are our fears that keep us up at night, feeling alone in the dark, and even miserable.

To allow the light in… allows for the light to reach these spaces.  It allows for consciousness to come pouring in as a waterfall.  The light comes pouring in, shedding the darkness, shedding the fears.  Allowing for expansion to spaces and places of our life we thought not possible or that maybe we did not even think of at all. 

There is always hope.  Hope allows the light in.  It is the first step.  The first crack in the dawn of the new day.  It is the cloud that covers the light that eventually drifts to the side exposing what is truly underneath.

Hope allows the light in.  It is the beginning.  The beginning to the end.  The end of the fear.  The end of the darkness.  The end of despair.  The beginning of a new again.  The rebirth.

Hope is the crack that creates.  A crack so small that it can not even be seen with the naked eye and yet only felt with the heart.  A longing. An echo. An echo of the eternal abys calling for recognition and calling to return to its abandonment that was hidden from long, long ago.

When we see it, the tiniest light, the light through the cracks of our heart, we can not deny the emergence.  The unraveling begins.

The twist and turns that break us free, break us open, turn our lives upside down.  Leave us breathless, placeless, and beyond. 

It breaks us open…cracking through the layers of our shell…calling to us…asking us to become something more.  Something so desirable to the senses.  Something fragrant. Something only seen in the early morning mist or the setting of the shady dusk upon our hearts.  Sometimes, we can barley make it out and yet we know it remains.  The longing for something else, something new, something fresh.  Something.

Something that just wants to grow, wants to shake, shimmer, and stir.  Eventually, as we attend to the cracks, as we allow the light to pour threw it breaks us into more of ourselves.  It is revealed. It shines so bright that it can be contained no more… and the emergence happens totally on its own.  It becomes more, we become more, and the contagiousness expands. 

We become reverent, peaceful, and whole. 

We know not the answers and only the calling of our hearts that is uniquely our own.  We become bright again.  Talking ceases, words have no description, silence takes over, and reverence remains. 

Light remains.

This is death.  This is oneness.  This is merging. 

It is here, right here that we die again.  We become one again.  And we merge again. 

Time after time.  It happens. 

The light finally becomes you and all the rest no longer matters.  It is here that you become.  You no longer are you but merely a breath. 

You are a pause between the words.  You are the experience.

We spend our whole lives searching for this.  We search for the death, the merging, the reemerging, the experience.  And then, we do it all over again and again and again.  We are as the breath… always there, cycling through, trying to let go, trying to hold on, trying to expand, trying to contract, trying to come to balance. We are cyclical like that. 

We search to find ourselves in all that we see, think, and do out there. 

We search for ourselves in our parents, our siblings, our families, our partners, our friends.  We search to find ourselves in our jobs, our careers, our societies, our communities, our institutions. 

We search for ourselves in our food, our drinks, our plants, our herbs, our medicines.

We search for ourselves in our movements, our activities, our social obligations.

In our search to become more and to be more we never find who we truly are…

What is happening?

What are we searching for? 

The light of who we are, the great I AM. 

And when we find it, when we taste it, and when we realize its there, we spend our lives trying to obtain it… never realizing it never left… it was always there.  No where to go… no where to be… nothing to do.  It was here all along.  In our hearts. 

And yet, the quest takes over.  It becomes us, it embodies us.  We become the endless search for something more.  The quest for knowledge.  The quest for fortune.  The quest for elixirs.  The quest for more.  The quest temps us, becomes us, takes us over.  It is endless… until one day… it comes… the realization…

As we enter into the altar of our lives, we realize it was always here within us.  It never left.  It was always waiting for us to return again.  And then we know…we have arrived. 

It is a savory experience that can not be held for very long. 

There is no grasping.

There is no control.

It definitely can not be bought or sold. 

We can only learn to merge with it, to allow it to carry us to new experiences… and then we must let go again. 

A constant dance of leading and being lead.  Feeling into the situation with no expectation and then letting go again. 

And yet… we still have a choice. 

There is always a choice… it’s always there. 

We can choose to hold on…eventually learning this never works.  It becomes an addiction…wanting more and then regretting we even tried to do it again. 

We continue to seek outside ourselves always returning to the eternal wave within our own hearts. 

We slow, we deepen, we become more.

We learn, time and time again… we never left our light… it was there all along. 

We look within the mirror of our lives, and we return to the truth of who and what we are. 

The light.

The great I AM.

The Atman.

The Brahman. 

The sacred texts.

The scriptures. 

The sounds.

The silence. 

We are.

Take hold of the light

…we can’t.

Grasp the water in our hands

…we can’t.

Hold our breath eternally

…we can’t. 

See the light…we can.

Feel the water…we can.

Embrace the breath… and it is there.

We can’t take it, we can only experience it… in so many ways. 

We experience it through the people, the places, the things around us.  We share it with others, we live it.  Through this… we allow for more, we experience more, we share more, we become more, and we return to the state of consciousness that knows we are more. 

See the beauty in the waterfall, the sun, the moon, the stars… and know this is you. 

And don’t hold on… this is the balance.  As we hold on… we surely will slip, we fall, we crash, and we burn once more. 

Instead, we let go in true appreciation for the remembrance of the truth of who we are.

Then we can return to the presence of our hearts.  A true undying reverence for everything we are and are not.  Because we know, every day we are born again.

(Thank you for reading… even though I am away… remote sessions are always available. Just reach out. ~Jennifer)

Mother/Daughter Teacher Training – The Journey Begins

Day 1 – Journey of learning to become a Yin Yoga Teacher

Nora and I had such a wonderful trip down to St. Augustine the past couple of days.  We rode down with a car full of essentials for our 5 week journey into the world of yoga.  It took us two days to get here.  When we arrived… we checked in to our second floor flat, unpacked the stuffed car, changed into our swimming gear, and headed for the beach.  Mind you, by the time we approached the water it was 8pm. 

To our surprise, the water was warm.  Mother nature is strong… her winds can push you out to the sea, and the waves can sweep you around the ocean floor.  We were cleansed and cleared of any energetic debris as we swam against and with the relentless ocean.  There is something about the ocean and what it can do with your body if you allow her to have her way.  Quickly, we were forced to work with her and definitely not against her.  There is no stopping mother nature.  She does not pause just so you can catch your breath.  The waves on St. Augustine Beach are continuous and strong.  One after the other they come crashing down and forcing you to face her wisdom.  Either learn to swim with her or don’t bother staying in the water for very long.  As Nora and I quickly adjusted to what she was telling us, we were able to swim a bit longer and allow ourselves to be blessed with her offering of cleanliness and surrender. 

As we were renewed from the long drive we quickly grew accustomed to our place that we would be calling home for the next 5 weeks.  The shores of St. Augustine beach where surfers come to ride the waves most days out of the year.  We are here for a new experience… a mother/daughter yoga training aimed to intensively shift our life as we are emersed in the teachings daily from 7am to 5:30 pm.  It feels like we are conceiving, growing, and birthing a child not in 9 months but packed into 5 weeks.  This must be what its like to be birthed as a horse.  Out the birth canal and into the earthly realm ready to walk and run within hours. 

Wildly amazing, free, and unknown to many of us is our ability to soak up information and bring it back out into the teachings effortlessly.  We will be soaking up knowledge that has been around for thousands of years and a lineage of gurus who have led the world into a new way of being that continues to grow and shape our new world we are coming into. 

This journey is going to be life changing on many levels… most of all, I am looking forward to growing in strength and stamina physically, mentally, and emotionally.  These past two years have been nothing less than the challenge of the sea waves that will take you down if you don’t learn how to swim with the currant.  As a society we have learned to dive in and do things we thought never possible… as individuals we have been shaken, stirred, and forced to move ourselves into the uncomfortable. 

So here we are, beginning a journey that will go by quickly and work with us and against us depending on how we respond to what is being handed to us. 

For the next 5 weeks I am working remotely, still offering energy healing sessions by zoom or phone. They are just as powerful.  Some may say, even more powerful with the energy of the elements at our sides as the ocean waters are combined into the movement that is created in the sessions to cleanse our bodies and fields energetically. 

Energy doesn’t die…it is transformed.  We are transforming, sessions are being offered to transform, and the world is transforming.  As I continue to take this journey the next 5 weeks it would be my utmost pleasure to assist in an energy healing session at any time along YOUR journey.  Just because I am away does not mean I am AWAY from what I LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE I DO… be a vessel for change and bringing light and healing through to serve. 

Let me know if you would like a session.  Send me a text, reach out through an email, or take the time to call.  I look forward to sharing all of this with you.

I am also scheduling home and business energy healing sessions as well as manifestation circles and reiki classes when I get back in August.  Please reach out for these as well. 

All love,


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