Energy Healing Sessions

What to Expect: (children & adults)

  • Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Healing from an energetic perspective.
  • Through the energy we resolve and release the congestive & inhibiting energies surrounding the current issues.
  • We discuss & identify as many issues as possible all being very connected and intertwined.
  • The remainder of the session – Energetic Healing to clear the blocks, resolve and release the situation so that the highest potential can come forth. A combination of energetic modalities are used from over 22 years of professional experience. Modalities.  
  • Energy has no boundaries and the work is effective no matter what.
  • All in person sessions are comfortably lead in the privacy of the studio. Remote sessions in the privacy of your own location are increasingly effective.  

Please visit Jennifer’s ABOUT page for continued understanding of Jennifer’s practice.

Remote Session Appointments available

or In Person in the Lake Forest, Libertyville, and Wauconda areas Contact me directly at


“I came to Jennifer for help clearing something concerning my career and an event that was going to take place that caused me great anxiety.  I was developing a cold and my throat was completely sore.  I thought I was coming down with strep throat.  I negotiate and defend people for a living so this was not good!  Jennifer worked with me during one of these sessions and we not only cleared my anxiety over what was happening in my career but my throat was completely cleared and I had no cold or sore throat when I was done with the call.  In addition, my career dilemma cleared up and I was never so calm and focused in all my life with what was happening at work.  I felt at ease and clear in my actions which produced the best outcome for what needed to happen.  And this work- and Jennifer- are amazing!!” -L.V. New York

“I was debating over and over again whether or not I was going to move to Colorado.  I was having so much trouble getting my life together to go in that direction and just couldn’t make it work.  Things just kept falling apart.  I worked with Jennifer in one of her courses and was able to get a new job, sell my home, and move to Colorado all within a few months.  This work does work.  Thank you!”   –C.S. Colorado

“Jennifer, Thank you kindly for the session this afternoon. I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity and know that our paths crossed for very good reasons. When I returned home, I wrote down what we discussed and what was offered. I left feeling lighter and more hopeful. I’m excited to forge ahead and trust that things are coming together. I look forward to seeing you soon. With much gratitude” ~S.C.  Chicago

“Jennifer’s intuitive healing skills are exceptional.  I received immediate relief after my sessions with her.  She was able to guide me to release pain and emotional blocks that I tried hard but was not able to release on my own.  Jennifer has a genuine gift not just for understanding but moving things forward.  You feel her caring gaze during sessions when she truly looks into you and sees through to how you can heal and helps guide you there.  She has confidence in herself and you.  She always has hope and gives you hope.  She helps you access strength you didn’t know you had.  Jennifer uses insights from spiritual sources that open you to allow a higher perspective to enter.  When I arrived at my recent session with Jennifer, just being with her relaxed much the verbal rehearsal of problems that had played out in my head for days.  I knew I was in capable hands.  If you genuinely want to access a channel to healing, Jennifer can help you to plug in to that.  Many of us know that a higher perspective exists, but we’re unable to tap into it on our own or with consistency because of past patterns and resistance.  Jennifer helps name and release the patterns so you can be more free.  Don’t try to do it all on your own.  We all need skilled guidance for the important challenges.”   ~G.B.  Chicago

“I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the Reiki session last night.  It was amazing.  Thank you.” ~G.M. Chicago

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