The Ascended Masters & Healing Rays of Light Series

Rays are universal energies that have a color, function, and active life force ready and willing to facilitate our healing and the healing of others.  There are 7 Rays with 7 Functions, 7 Personalities, and 7 Purposes.  We will learn how to:

  • Actively implement Ray Energy to help us in our daily lives.
  • What life ‘forces’ are associated with the different Rays & how to work with them
  • Color and function of the Rays
  • Understand our own unique personality that is associated with a particular ray of healing
  • The advantages to using Rays of Healing

This is an active and engaging class meant to directly experience the power of The Healing Rays of Light Energy

3 Part Class from See Calendar Page

Take all 3 classes at once or one at a time. $36 per class

The Healing Rays of Light Energy – 3 part class series

Everything mentioned in the description plus handouts and meditations to connect us with the energy.


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