IntuitLove:  Live unconditionally, Love fully, Let go of it all

Within our hearts we experience a universal love vibration.  Here is where we open to feelings of the awareness of a consciousness which supersedes anything we may experience in our daily interactions.  There are no lower emotions attached to the heart coming from a dysfunctional solar plexus, low naval, or sacrum area.  We have balanced and engaged our lower three chakras in a way that brings complete understanding of who we are and what we are here to experience within our lives.  We love ourselves completely which allows us to love others just the same.  We place no expectations on others.  We do not react to the world around us.  Rather we respond in a loving manner comprehending the greater good in all situations.  Loving and being loved is a transcendental state of higher awareness opening us to the cosmic law of prosperity.  The more we give; the more we receive.  The more we love the divine within ourselves; the more we love the divine within others.  The more we are able to open to the divine of all.  The more the divine is able to show up in ways that seem miraculous to our every day existence.  This is the magic of light consciousness, of pure bliss, and oneness with your Creator. 

Our hearts, at the center of our chests, feel everything.  We are sensations.  When we tune into this love force, we can experience it all.  Low and high vibrations.  As we learn to discern and shed the lower emotions that tend to control and interpret life, we learn to open to the miraculous which has no defined existence and allows for the transcendence of everything in our lives.  We learn to love ourselves, opening to true love for all.  We can finally see, feel, and sense what it means to love truly.  This love is unattached to any person, place, or thing.  We share with no strings attached. We feel balanced, clear, and open to both giving and receiving. 

Within the lower chakras, if not resolved, is where life can feel messy, confusing, constricted, and unfair.  We tend to place blame on the outside world ignorant of the realization that these are reflections of what we must resolve within.  This does not mean we stay where we are and become the victim or martyr of the world around us.  Love brings us to a new state of awareness allowing us to speak with clarity, claim our power, and shift our lives into a new state of being fully aligned with our desires. 

We realize that this life is filled with the opportunities to experience higher awareness in every person, place or thing.  As we experience the higher vibrations of love consciousness, we draw more of these experiences to us and we begin to fill our lives with that which we desire and less of which we are willing to endure through obligations. 

The old ways of insecurity, distrust, scarcity, isolation, abandonment, rigidity, jealousy, resentment, frustration, and judgement slowly erupt until we just can’t take it anymore.  We find it unbearable to live this way and we finally allow ourselves to become more.  We shed the struggle of ourselves, our families, and our societies and we realize there is so much more to experience. 

Many of our societies are built around these lower dysfunctional emotions.  It is rampant.  It is engaged within almost every rule, every judgement, every societal decision based on the idea we must keep law and order otherwise we will have a very unsafe and chaotic world full of crime, disease, and scarcity. 

When we transcend the lower emotions within ourselves and teach others to do the same, we finally return to the heart.  We naturally inspire good, live fully, and unconditionally share with the world.  If everyone was able to forgive and release the lower emotions within themselves, they would begin to see a completely new world unfold before them. 

It only begins with one, and then as the second person joins them the miraculous journey of prosperity and bliss for the community unfolds before them. 

With an open heart, we can bring new meaning to our lives, live unconditionally, and love prosperously. 

Mastering the lower realms and understanding the ability to transcend it all can take lifetimes to accomplish.  Or it can miraculously happen today.  It’s all up to us to desire to believe there is another way and then to seek this new way.  We are in a constant state of awareness pressing forward to ascend it all.  Sometimes it may feel contracted and gray and other times the expansion cannot be contained.  It is a symbiotic process always unfolding before us.  It’s the great meaning of Creator… to create, to destroy, and to create again. 

Through acceptance, surrender, and the desire for more we begin to understand the importance of Be – ing, see – ing, and sense – ing.  We see through all the veils and the illusions within our own lives fall aways.  We embrace compassion, detachment, and the gift of our life path.

We come fully into Intuitive Love.

It is truly a state of surrender to a higher love with no containers or boundaries.  Even our imaginations cease to comprehend how vast and strong the ocean of awareness can be as we deeply unveil the endless vastness of an all providing universe of limitless prosperity and manifestations present everywhere. 

Then we know we have found our true calling; to live unconditionally, to love fully, and let go of it all. 

To Become IntuitLove.

If you are looking to experience more love and manifest a life of living through the heart, I encourage you to allow yourself to continue to learn and seek more.

Educate yourself and never stop learning. 

Here are some opportunities this week and weeks ahead that may unite this love affair within yourself…


Thursdays – Kundalini Yoga – tune in this week to the heart chakra… our all-knowing intuitive guidance system.  See links for location information.

Reiki I in February  – An ancient and effective eastern healing practice powerful enough to help heal practically any issue.  Take the time to learn in February.  Link here.


Sandwich Connection – Live your highest potential through your purposefully aligned joy and bliss.

Let go… and finally live through the heart.  Love solves everything unsolvable. Inquire with Jennifer today.

Becoming Intuitive – Engage in this online journey and learn to sense, feel, and know how to live intuitively.  How to transform your everyday life to intuitive living.  Inquire with Jennifer and contact her today. 

Private Sessions  

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Sometimes we have to say goodbye…

I have a friend who never says goodbye to his adult children. They always end their visits with a ‘see you soon!’ When I heard this, I was immediately inspired. ‘What a great concept’, I thought. They have such a relationship that ending their departure is that much easier if they just begin to imagine their next visit together through, ‘see you soon’. This got me thinking…

When we begin to imagine ourselves differently and what we want to create in our lives we begin to energetically move towards our dream. No matter what. The universe will never deny our requests. It only seeks to be in alignment with us. And we have to be in alignment with what we wish to create.

Simply said, this father and daughter have created a way to continue their relationship and energetically create their next visit by purely ending their visits with, ‘see you soon’. They both are in alignment with what they want and as such, their next visit together is already being created. Their cords keep running back and forth from each other and they consciously and subconsciously are creating even though they may be miles apart.

It got me thinking further… how many of us pay attention to this small and yet profoundly simple process? How many of us know how powerful the word is and how powerful our thought processes are? How many of us spend that much time thinking about this. And then I thought, not many of us do think about this, and yet again I realized, that’s why I do think about these things.

It’s what I do. I always look at energy and decide how we are connecting or not connecting to what we want or what we think we need. How are we in alignment with what we want and what is happening on a day to day basis to get us there? I’m always pondering, how are my actions lining up with my goals and aspirations and what might I be doing or not doing to line up with what I believe I want?

Simply put, these two people know that it is hard to say goodbye, and they have agreed to keep their relationship connected while they are apart by three simple words, ‘see you soon’. Thus, they have created an energetic bond that keeps them in alignment with each other to create their next reunion. They even are energetically supporting and inspiring each other just through their common goal they both freely unite upon. It’s amazing how a simple agreement in alignment with both of their highest vibrations just never fails.

I know, I know… I’m thinking too much about this. But am I? Really, am I? Think about it… if we could all have these types of relationships where we could freely have conscious commitments with each other understanding our energy and our words are that powerful… could you imagine how empowered we would be? Could you possibly imagine how much powerful we would feel if we could be alignment with what we truly wanted all the time? In addition, if we had the tools and resources to support this? In essence we could be powerfully supported and lead guided and directed in all of our actions if we could just be alignment with what we truly wanted.

Simply, father and daughter, know they can’t be together all the time but know they don’t want to be apart either. So they have consciously decided to keep their relationship going energetically until their cords can pull them closer again physically.

Now how many of us know that we do this on a daily basis even with things that we don’t want? This brings me to my next thought… how many of us are unconsciously drawing to us what we don’t want until we can’t take it anymore and have to wake up to what we keep doing to ourselves?

I did that for a really loooooooong time and I still find myself doing that from time to time. These are called life lessons in many traditions. And I also like to see them as energy.

Maybe entertain the possibility that we all have lessons to learn but do we need to keep learning them from a lesser way through the lower vibrations of shame, resentment, defeat, struggle, and survival? Many of us keep repeating the same habits because we are caught in these energies of thought forms or cords that keep us bound to the difficult way of doing things. But why do we do this to ourselves?

Any number of reasons why… maybe we learned how to struggle or survive as a victim or martyr from our parents. Maybe we were taught to do this the hard way through authority figures and our communities. Maybe it was our religious beliefs or the rules and regulations that were put on us through our institutions. Maybe.

And if we don’t at least look at why we keep doing these things and feeling this way, we end up remaining where we are repeating the same scenarios in our life until we just either have to awaken or we slowly die trying. I prefer the awakening process.

Which always leads me to my next thought… how do I do this? How do I create something new without holding onto the old that is not working anymore? Well, to me, we just simply have to say, ‘goodbye’. Permanently. We have to believe we deserve the miracle of shifting the energy, that we do not need to suffer anymore, and we just have to allow the old ways to die. Some of us are really good at saying goodbye to old ways and some of us take a little more time. It’s just who we are. Some of us like to say ‘see you soon’ even though we should be saying ‘goodbye’ because we don’t know how to just let go, permanently.

And, that’s what I do. I like to permanently say ‘goodbye’ to things that no longer help me thrive and ‘see you soon’ to those that do. Which takes me to the next thought… how do we discern what to let go and what to hang on?

We just let go of everything… we become untethered and hold no expectation to something the way we think it should be and instead allow for life to unfold before us. Meaning we accept we control nothing and we open. In that unfolding we become the gems that have been waiting to shine.

But, like saying ‘goodbye’, we sometimes just don’t like this. We don’t like things to be different and we don’t like how it feels to shed the control and move into something new. There may be all sorts of reasons for this… old patterns and behaviors that are no longer working but we don’t know how move on and create new ones. These are the cords I spoke about earlier. These are the cords that are not serving us that we have to permanently release and resolve so they don’t keep showing up in new relationships that are just a repeat of the old patterns. How do we know this is happening? Well, it’s because we keep feeling the same no matter what we do to improve our lives… it’s just not working.

It’s like we are unconsciously saying, ‘see you soon’ to a bully that keeps showing up to traumatize us because we are attached to fear and lower forms of thinking. We’re not doing this on purpose… it’s just something we don’t really address on a daily basis and it is certainly not a part of anyone’s day to day dinner conversations. Or at least this is true for most people.

So what do I do when I come up with patterns that don’t serve me and I keep stumbling? I sit with it, I feel it in the body, I see what the story is that I have created around it, and I permanently say ‘goodbye’. I energetically forgive and release it and make sure it is dissolved and resolved.

This is self care of the highest form of love that says ‘goodbye’ to what is not serving our highest purpose and potential so we can achieve our own self mastery. Then we can fully show up for others and be there in a way that helps us all. Then we are no longer living off the dramas and the addictions of ourselves and others and we are fully showing up. This allows our lights to shine and we can become more, give more freely, and have more to refill and pass along to others.

And if your not sure how to say ‘goodbye’ or when to say ‘see you later’ and how to know the difference… that’s what I do. I coach you on how to discern the difference. Then on how to make your life show up differently in all areas.

From relationships to family, career to prosperity, health to spirit.

So next time your wondering ‘what is happening?’, ‘why do I keep doing this?’, or ‘how can I do this differently?’, think about either a simple one to one session or an entire coaching experience.

I do both.

And next time you are deciding between ‘see you soon’ and ‘goodbye’ reflect on your goals and intentions and tune into the power of your words and actions. You just might simply be able to discern and truly know for yourself what serves your highest self. And then you can consciously choose when to say ‘see you soon’ and when to permanently say ‘goodbye’.

I hope you enjoyed this blog… here are some up-coming events and links to my schedule and appointments.

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Go Outside of Outside the Box

It’s that time of year. The days are darker, and yet more light is coming in. Time seems shorter and yet more is accomplished in a quicker time frame. Life is moving rapidly forward and yet cultivating stillness is of precedence.

How can we balance these polarities and help ourselves become all that we are meant to achieve through our highest purpose and potential? 

First, we must be where we are.  Observation, as if we are anthropologists, helps us become more of what we are and brings in a sense of ‘knowing’ of where we are going even if we are unsure of where that could be. 

How do we observe?  We become still during momentum.  We breathe focus during chaos.  We elevate by going within and disperse the darkness all around us. 

We become light. 

Every week is a journey to the center of YOU! Now through the end of February each week we are going further and learning more about our unique energy through Kundalini Yoga.

How?  Use this time to cultivate awareness within.  Allow the internal turmoil to surface and then witness what is happening.  As an observer of yourself.  Step outside of you and see what is happening within you.  Just observe.  Just breathe.  Just become. 

Still further… how do we do this?

Breath.  The breath can be the kingdom to the heaven you are seeking.  And like every great story, there is a journey which we all must take over to the other side.  Truly, the excitement comes from the actual journey and not the destination. 

The curiosity, the excitement, the dance, and the wonder comes from going where you have never gone before to experience a greater version of you, none of which you have yet to experience. 

And, how do we do this consciously?

How do we do this without the anxiety, without the fear and without the trepidation.

We breathe into the moment.  This one and the next and the next and the next.  We keep breathing…slowly, consciously, and ever so effortlessly allowing the breath to take us there. 

Master the breath and you master life. 

Master the breath and you tune into something bigger than you, unexplainable in words and only felt within the heart.

This is where your connection is.  Into the unknown fears that we must go through and out the other side into breath and consciousness. 

See yourself as a beautiful template just waiting to be unveiled.  You  may not know how to connect the dots or even draw the picture.  But first we must have some kind of vision within us. 

What do we want to look like, be like, have, and how do we correspond with the world. 

In this vision, who are we and what are we doing, having, and being.

Sometimes, a simple book can help guide our way. Order today on Amazon and begin your journey.

Get into it.  Become it.  Most importantly love this version of you, no matter what the outside circumstances appear to be.  We must see ourselves as such and then the experiences will be drawn to us.  And to match ourselves with this new vision we must match our vibration to this experience.  Hence, here is where the real ‘work’ begins.

We get to become the path to our destination.  Remember, its not about the destination… its about the journey to become that which we seek. 

Always hold yourself to the what you are creating and become the work at the same time.  Every experience, every moment is the work.  Essentially, this is your life work. 

In French, travail means ‘to work’.  And here is the secret… the work comes from the travel… the space between the starting point and the destination is the ultimate experience. 

Seek to see outside the box… and go even further than this.  Meaning, when we travel on our journey and we ‘travail’ to become more of ourselves we are always infiltrated with new environments, new skies, new sunshine, new buildings, new trees, new vehicles, new people.  Begin to tune into your field of awareness, outside of the physical…. Within the auric field of awareness, we sense and feel what is happening.  Tune in.  

This is ‘outside of outside the box’.  We are an elaborate container that vibrates outside of us just as strongly within us.  These atoms and molecules that make up our physical are all around us… and all we need to do is see what is out there to shift what is in here.  Ironically, our field of awareness outside of this container is what is within us.  And we can influence what is all around us by tuning in from within and all around our vibratory containers. 

Tune into the layers outside of you that we can’t see.  Tune into the you within you that can see outside of you and then you will become everything you are seeking to create. 

If you seem to be dealing with anxiety… instead of being the anxiety… and claiming this as the reason why you can’t get to your destination… make it the reason why you learn to accelerate your healing and become the anxiety, fully.

If you can’t make it to your destination because of financial issues… make it the reason why you go through the financial problems on purpose and become the absence of money to the other side of prosperity.

If you can’t get to your destination because of fatigue and depression.  Make it your journey to go through the depression and fatigue to learn everything you can about this in order to move through it to your new place of residence. 

Maybe what your parents passed on to you… all the negativity, all the fears, all the depression seemingly outside of you were exactly what was needed to bring forth the iridescent beauty already existing all around you.  Maybe all the troubles, insecurities and fears that have filled this life are your greatest purpose.  Our strength and agility is cultivated as we elevate above the clouds beyond the seemingly limited physical realm and into the etheric world of magical healings and transformations.  

Maybe all the frailties and failures have happened on purpose.  Just maybe.  This is true.

And then do this…

Activate and enhance the meridians of the body and transform all lower vibrations into light energy. This Friday in Grayslake.

And when you face all you are with the intention of becoming more than you have ever been before… something magical happens.  When you go through the darkness, as we go through the seasons of our life, we find what we have always known… it was always there waiting for us to discover we were greater than we ever could conceive within our own minds.  We are that which we were always imagining ourselves to be and even greater than this.   When we know the light, we become the light, and the light can only become brighter.  It never goes out, is diffused, or burns down to nothing.  If you are the light, only light can you be.  This is truth. 

When we realize this, grace becomes us.  Gratitude unfolds and illumination just happens.  A reverent appreciation for all that is… for everything… even the illusory darkness effortlessly dispels all around us.  Repeatedly, this limitless energy becomes overflowing.  As you become over filled with incomprehensible joy it spills from you onto others and they can’t help but literally ‘lighten’ up as well.

Being ‘outside of even outside the box’ is how we become.  Always in all ways. 





& Sat Nam,

Jennifer Lauren

Joti Tajdeep Kaur

If you are seeking help to overcome your physical, mental, or emotional limitations and you desire someone to be your guide I have several offerings to stimulate new awareness on many levels. 

From the brevity of simply moving the body and becoming the breath to the deeper work of self-transformation and transcending limitations through miraculous programs I will challenge you to go further and deeper than ever before.  We will stimulate and enhance the actions towards your dreams and destination.

You are a Tesla, Mustang, Ferrari, or Lamborghini.  You are a finely tuned instrument capable of tuning into your highest purpose and potential.  This much is true. 

Like a trip that you long to take to another country or another world we need the vehicles, the map, and the guide to get us there.  Let me be that for you.

Here are some offerings as soon as this week and continual offerings I have through out the year….  

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Awakening can happen in many forms at many times in one’s life. Right now, there is a mass awakening happening across the globe. As you know, our lives have been filled with fears and insecurities for several years now. They seem to come in the form of illness, poverty, disease, and the crumbling of societies. As such, these are seemingly large-scale upheavals happening across the globe. They are real to many. Full of fear and full of sacrifice. This is true to this collective matrix in society. And I encourage you to look outside of the collective matrix. Simply, just go within. What happens when we don’t tune into what is happening out there. We begin to know ourselves within here. Within the heart. It is here that we come across the truth of who we are. Underneath all the layers on the surface is an internal knowing that there is a power so deeply ingrained within us that it has the power to heal the sick, feed the hungry, and bring prosperity to the land. It’s in there.

In every one of us. 

It’s there. 

Feel it.

It requires an awakening of the one and the second person to join them that really encourages new growth and prosperity on this land. 

We are not made to suffer.

We are not made to die.

We are not made to fall victim to anything in our lives.

All the answers are there… laying dormant in the heart and just waiting your awakening.

Take comfort now… in the mass awakening that is happening.  For in the depths of the darkness the brightest lights will shine. 

That’s what happened to me.  It was dark for so long.  There was a depth of unexplainable despair within that could not be seen or touched by the outside world and only deeply felt within the heart. 

Define your intuition

And what happens when we allow ourselves to feel such trepidation and fall fully into our own madness?  We learn of the sacred sanctity of the power we all have, to go within and evolve into something greater and more expanded than ever before. 

We become that which we are truly meant to be.  Limitless lights of consciousness perfectly designed to awaken to an energy that lay dormant in the depths of the darkness within us, when activated shoots up to our consciousness an illumination so bright that it has the capacity to heal nations. 

It’s happening.

The awakening will continue to take over this next year.  It will be amazing.  People are coming into their own personal power at proportions unlike any that has ever been seen yet.  

The question is… will you continue to allow your serpent to awaken?

The fiery depths of the sleeping spirit within you.  Will you allow the dragon to emerge into consciousness and awaken within you and all around you. 

All you must do is set your intentions to awaken and it will happen.

Thoughts rush in.

It all happens in personal sessions – book today
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Ideas happen.

Connections happen.

And the awakening returns. 

Understandings come in that are beyond comprehension.

It begins with a whisper, is felt with a nudge and explodes the silence with a volcano spirit meant to disrupt the unconscious and force consciousness to return to our societies. 

Our nations.

Our planet.

Pay attention, to what is happening to within you and listen to the call.

It’s here.  There is no more avoiding it.

We must face ourselves, look deeply within and allow our truth to emerge.  It’s the only way we bring heaven back to this planet. 

I can’t wait for you to join me.


I Believe…

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I believe there is another way.

I believe that our journeys do not need to be difficult or hard.

I believe that we do not need to suffer to gain knowledge and insight.

I believe we do not need to fight to make a change.

I believe that we do not need to make others see to get our way.

I believe that duality is an illusion.

I believe there is another way.

I believe we are here to dismantle the illusions that have covered up our hearts.

I believe that inner work is the way to shifting our outer world.

I believe that if everyone believed in themselves and loved themselves unconditionally, they would understand the presence of love within themselves, and this would orchestrate the world to shift to a new level of consciousness simply on its own.

I believe that dismantling the thoughts and beliefs within the “i” self is the only path that helps us understand the meaning of ‘know thyself’ and the path of the “I Am”.

I believe that love in the all-knowing and encompassing peaceful sense of the word is the power that is ultimately connected and will handle it all.

I believe that miracles come from within and then inspire and enlighten a new path of light within the consciousness of groups and societies.

I believe that love is a majorly misunderstood vibration that we have never allowed ourselves to sense, know, and fully embody its true unlimited power.

I believe in unlimited thought, imagination, creativity, joy, and ideas that elevate and enhance our well-being in masterful ways incomprehensible to the mind.

I believe if we continue our own individual paths of self-healing, we will collectively influence the healing of our world.

I believe that you as the individual are that powerful.

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And yes, I believe in LOVE. Not in the sense that creates a soft and rather nurturing place to fall or stay. Yes, that is part of it… But I truly believe that love knows NO BOUNDARIES and when we feel limits within us, it is truly a calling to elevate, enlighten, and lift ourselves from the illusions. This may take work at overcoming the fears associated with the illusion and yet again, the belief that it is going to be difficult is an illusion itself.

I believe in love.

I believe in love so powerful it has the power to walk through villages and towns to create health and relieve sickness and pain just by its mere presence.

I believe in love and its ability to hold strong in the face of adversity by its own peaceful power that is reverent, fully connected, and ONE with something greater than we could ever imagine ourselves.

I believe in love that is the oceans, a love that is the mountains, the trees, the land, the beings, and the spirits that walk this earth. It is the love that is within each of us.

I believe when we surrender to this knowing, we surrender to something capable of everything and thereby dismantling the illusions all at once.

I believe in love.

I believe when we come together to be the light, we spread wisdom only felt intuitively within the heart. This inspires us to be different, inspires us to rethink different, inspires us to want differences and, in this beautiful tapestry of difference we are creating, we will remember that it all began from going within. Just like it did when we first came here as a baby. WE SOAKED IT ALL UP IN ANTICIPATION OF AN INCREDIBLE MAGICAL WORLD.




Remember… Awakening happens in many forms at many times in one’s life. 

In every one of us. 

It’s there. 

Feel it.

We are not made to suffer.

We are not made to die.

We are not made to fall victim to anything in our lives.

All the answers are there… laying dormant in the heart and just waiting your awakening.

Take comfort now… in the mass awakening that is happening.  For in the depths of the darkness the brightest lights will shine. 

We become that which we are truly meant to be.  Limitless lights of consciousness perfectly designed to awaken to an energy that lay dormant in the depths of the darkness within us, when activated shoots up to our consciousness an illumination so bright that it has the capacity to heal nations. 

The question is… will you continue to allow your serpent to awaken?

I can’t wait for you to join me.

All my love and all the light you can handle

Sat Nam



Jennifer Lauren

Joti Tajdeep Kaur

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