The Sandwich Connection

A Recipe for Heart Full Manifestation 

Mmmmm! Doesnt this look good?!

Feeling, sensing, and knowing with our own unique intuition is vital for our life’s success.

Learning to resolve and release our own road blocks is life changing.  Awareness of what they are is transformational.

Ritual in daily life is what connects us with our true purpose and what our joyful spirit wants to show us.

Connection to our self and our inner world is primary to feeling we can make any lasting changes in life.

In-Spirit living begins in the heart and is where we return to truly live an amazing life.

In this course, we will work together to structure our day from a perspective of connection and that through our connection is how we begin to make lasting changes that come from the heart of our purpose in life. From the moment we wake up in the morning to when our head hits the pillow at night we are continually connected and feel a calling in our lives to finally live an inspired life that is full of everything we have always dreamed of becoming.   We will work together on forming our life goals around 6 key areas which are fundamental to personal life success: Health, Spirit, Abundance, Career, Family, and Relationships.  We will learn about the elements represented in these areas and how connecting through nature’s elements with our personal goals is a monumental aspect that is often overlooked and can be a pivotal game changer for many of us. We will learn the beauty of connecting with our spirit’s guidance and how we truly have the answers that are living beyond our thoughts and ideas. We will learn about the 14 personal archetypes that we all embody and how through awareness of these archetypes we can dramatically help our success and overcome any hidden frustrations or self-sabotage we are dealing with. We will work together to clear and resolve issues that reside in these areas and we will learn several techniques to clean up these areas and remain clear and focused on our life goals.  We will establish our personal mission statement and our 9 top priorities of our life.  From here we will become and remain crystal clear on how to use these techniques every day to help yourself evolve and grow threw anything in your life. Most importantly we will learn how to become crystal clear with our heart’s desire and how to use the Sandwich Connection in order to manifest anything in our life. We will honor ourselves as the MVP of our life and over time we will lovingly embrace a sacred recipe for life mastery.

What is included?

  • 6 Comprehensive chapters and working lessons over email.  1 per week. 
  • 6 small group personal interaction calls together to personally grow together and be guided through the work.
  • Many tools and techniques to use on a daily basis to grow and enhance our connection with ourselves and our source.
  • A deep understanding of true and lasting heart full success.

Let’s get started together and manifest in a new way that will bring all of our heart’s desires together to collectively shift our lives.

A sample of one Priority and what we will create!

If you are interested…send me your information below. Let me know if you would like to speak further. I am here to help.

Pricing: The entire program right is $179

The Sandwich Connection

The "Sandwich Connection" Recipe for life changes Includes one chapter a week sent to your email box and five calls with Jen specifically tailored to your individual needs and to guide you through this life changing process


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