The Sandwich Connection – Rebirth Your Life in 6 weeks Surround Yourself with Purpose & Joy

Reorient your Spirit

Heartfully bring in the connection you have to a life surrounded by the miraculous

A 6 week program designed to reconnect your light

Why is it The Sandwich Connection?

We live life connected and though joy by tuning into a taping into what makes our heart sing.

Let’s fill your life with purpose and alignment with what you love.

Attract your highest potential in career, relationships, health and spiritual connection.

The Sandwich Connection begins the next 6 month process with 6 weeks of coaching & learning how to incorporate ritual and divine sovereign techniques into your day while enhancing the highest potential possible and infusing spiritual concepts. This course defines your goals for the next 6 months and accelerates your manifestation process by zoning in on your soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy in 6 main areas of life; Career/Purpose, family, relationships, health, spirit, and prosperity. Thereby enhancing your ability to manifest your exact goals and desires for this next 6 months of the rebirthing process.

Take advantage of this sacred time of year and learn how to allow the sacred course of the cycles of the universe can help you elevate and enhance your time here on Earth.

Learn how!

Commitment: 6 – 75min online sessions tailored to your schedule. Personal coaching sessions with take home experiences meant to shift your reality. Let’s learn what’s in the program…

Weeks 1 & 2

  • The 6 Personalities of a joy creator will be integrated in every aspect of your life. You will embrace these qualities and learn to use them everyday.
  • See yourself as the MVP of your life and learn how to create a life mission in love and alignment with your divine sovereign self. Feel connected in all 6 areas of your life; Family, Relationships, Purpose, Prosperity, Health & Spirit.
  • Flow and move effortlessly towards short term goals and succeed with long term visions.
  • Sandwich your life around spirit and joy and how to manifest everything you desire.  

Weeks 3, 4, & 5

  • Connect your day and learn how to capitalize on the energy of the morning, midday and evening.
  • Create action and feeling statements and fill your life with energy and vigor.
  • CANCEL out negativity and replace lower thought forms with only light and prosperity coming to you and going from you.
  • Clear blockages inhibiting the advancement towards your dreams.
  • Complete Manifestation Focus Cards in the 6 top areas of your life that are key to fulfilling your dreams.
  • Learn how to use these cards daily towards the manifestation of your new life you are creating right before you.
  • Learn how to make the most of your goals and intentions and capitalize on the energy of transformation every day as you enhance this energy and build momentum through the energy body.

Week 6

  • Enhance your life with ritual and experience the accelerated results through the enhanced understanding of dream time and night time work.
  • Have a routine established ready to take you to the next level into your 6 month rebirthing process.
  • Continue this heart full manifestation process within the natural cycles of the fall and spring equinox for the rest of your life.

Ultimately, you are life in mastery & feel connected to your divine sovereign self bringing soul purpose and spirit joy back into your life permanently.

Let’s get started together and connect in a new way that will bring all our heart’s desires together.

The Sandwich Connection – Heartfully Manifest Your Life

6 Weeks of Practice *All hand outs… in book format ready to be used repeatedly for the rest of your life. *Individual & Community support