The Sandwich Connection

Heart Fully Manifest Your Amazing & Deserving Life 

Next Group Class beginning: April 1st for 6 consecutive Thursdays

Why is it called The Sandwich Connection?

Because we are…


Asking for






Health & Healing

We are the heart full masters in our life ready to manifest a new way of being filled with purpose and joy.  This is our purpose. 

Through this program we are constructing our day into a beautiful ritual working with ourselves and the universe to construct a life full of heart full purpose.  Which means, as we do the work, we attract our life purpose and all the joy, abundance, and right relationships that manifest with it. 

This course is broken down into 6 classes.  Each class builds upon the next and progressively changes your life onto a new vibrational plane of existence that looks nothing like anything you have previously experienced. 

We are constructing a Sandwich… a productive day full of habitual tools and skills that will directly enhance and connect your life. 

Week 1 –

  • We cover how to begin your day from the moment you rise in the morning.  As soon as we begin to wake up is the time that we bring in what we desire for the rest of the day.  This is one of the most important areas of our life.  We will understand the importance of the MBA and why it works so well throughout our day. 
  • We will cover the 6 Ideal Qualities of any successful person and why the commitment to mastering these qualities is so important to our internal shift.  As we use these 6 Ideal Qualities in every aspect of our life, we will see lasting shifts.  We will begin to bring in life mastery through these qualities and explore endless opportunities to use them.   

Weeks 2, 3, 4, & 5 – are extremely full of content and insightful activities

  • We will analyze the contents of our day and how to construct a productive day connected and secure with our destination and dreams. 
  • We will deeply go through the 6 Life Categories and their associated Elements and how to have balance in all these areas for successful living.
  • We will come up with life descriptive statements for each of the 6 categories and all the associated measurable short-term action goals that we will achieve along the way.
  • This will lead to our Long-Term Goal that is 100% affirming we are on our way to achieving our life purpose. 
  • We will create Beautiful Affirmation Cards that will be the absolute KEYS to our affirmed dreams and destination of our new reality we are drawing closer to us every day with every descriptive statement and goal we state and achieve!
  • These Beautiful Affirmation Cards will becomes our Life Manifestation Doorway to our new Reality and we will create this physical manifestation on either a wall in our home or on a large poster board that will become a part of our daily ritual that we will keep infusing with our creative and inspiring energy every day. 
  • We will construct and master our Life Mission Statement and our Top Life Priority Statements that we will learn to adhere to and keep our life path on target through all the tools and techniques we have learned.
  • We will receive life lasting tools to clear and resolve any energy pattern revealed along our path to continue to draw our ultimate reality into our now space and time. 
  • Lastly, as time allows, we will be provided with the knowledge of our sacred chakras and the energy of the archetypes and how these have an impact on our goals and aspirations.  We will learn how to recognize them within us thus helping master ourselves and the world which transpires.  MOST importantly we will include the Soul & Earth Stars and how these AMAZING energy centers are meant for you to MASTER and continue to shift your life!

Week 6 –

  • We will wrap up with our end of the day ritual and why this is of supreme importance.  We will understand how connecting with ourselves right before bed is one of the key elements to a light filled life full of heart full manifestation.  We will be given tools to use for this practice. 

Ultimately, you will leave this course with all the tools, knowledge, and complete intuitive understanding that you are the MVP of your life and that mastering this process brings you to a knowing that your life is fully empowered by you.  You will fully understand how to create your existence.

A sample of one Priority and what we will create!

Let’s get started together and manifest in a new way that will bring all of our heart’s desires together to collectively shift our lives.

This is not all… you will join a group of like hearted people pursuing their soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy. MASTER MIND groups will continue once a month where Sandwich Graduates and New Sandwichers collaborate and help everyone achieve their life dreams. It works. These happen the last Tuesday evening of every month.

If you are interested…send me your information below. Let me know if you would like to speak further. I am here to help.

Pricing: The entire program right is $369

The Sandwich Connection

The “Sandwich Connection” Heart Fully Manifest Your Amazing and Deserving Life! Includes one chapter a week sent to your email box (or in person) and six interactive zoom calls (or in person groups) with Jen specifically tailored to your individual needs and to guide you through this life changing process. Opportunity to join future Sandwich Programs are FREE of charge & this includes MASTER MIND CLASSES 1x a month for as long as you choose.


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