The Sandwich Connection (healing & manifestation coaching program)

Reorient your Spirit

Heartfully Heal & Manifest Your Highest Potential

A 6-12 week program designed to manifest your highest self

Why is it The Sandwich Connection?

How do we manifest what we truly want in our life? How do we know what that is? How do we live our soul’s purpose and our spirit’s joy? Is this even possible?  

This experience will bring focus and the tools to effectively construct a life full of heart filled purpose in alignment with your ability to manifest your life.  

Bring awareness in how to attract your highest potential in career, relationships, health and spiritual connection. Through this step by step program you will be attuned with actively creating in a prosperous and heart-full manner.

Commitment: 6 – 90 minute Evening or Day Sessions 1 time per week or bi-weekly along with weekly take home experiences/homework meant to shift your reality.

Weeks 1 & 2

  • The 6 Ideal Attributes of a successful manifester will be reviewed and integrated in every aspect of your life. You will embrace these qualities and learn to use them everyday.
  • You will see yourself as the MVP of your life and learn how to create your life mission statement and supportive “I AM” statements in the 6 primary areas of your life including Family, Relationships, Purpose, Prosperity, Health & Spirit.
  • You will set “By When” dates that you will learn to work towards with short-term actions steps and priorities.
  • You will learn the art and importance of Ritual and how it is a GAME CHANGER.  

Weeks 3, 4, & 5

  • Learn how to construct your day productively.
  • Dive deep into the 6 life categories and create action and feeling statements to fill your life every day.
  • Experience how to CANCEL out negativity and replace these behaviors with productive and life changing techniques.
  • Learn about the 12 personality traits of a successful being and learn how to clear anything that seems to be blocking the advancement towards your dreams. 
  • Complete Affirmation Cards in the 6 top areas of your life that will be the keys to fulfilling your dreams.
  • Create a life manifestation doorway to your new life.
  • Learn how to completely embrace and become that which you see yourself to be through affirmations, mediations, mudras, and many more techniques geared towards your success. 

Week 6

  • We will enhance our lives with an end of the day ritual and experience why this is imperative to manifestation.
  • You will present the representation of your new life for the group or individually depending on your goals.
  • We will enhance and sum up how to continue with this for the rest of your life.   

Ultimately, you are the MVP of your life and mastering this process brings you to a knowing that your life is fully empowered by you.  You will fully understand how to create your existence.

Let’s get started together and manifest in a new way that will bring all of our heart’s desires together to collectively shift our lives.

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