In the Shadows is Where the Light Shines

We are now in the point of light consciousness where it is pivotal to go within.  If you are striving towards something you want to bring into your life or wondering how to shift your current state of awareness… NOW is a pivotal time to be focused on just that. 

As we transition from the winter solstice… going from the darkest point of the year, coming into a new moon (the darkest sky of the month), and beginning the sacred wise and transformative season of miracles.  Thus, it is imperative we decide what we want to bring into our lives.  Reading this means you are full of awareness.  Thus, it is time to begin the planning and manifesting of your next transformation into spring.

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We have an enormous opportunity for change in a positive and light filled direction if we can recognize our ability to shift.  We are doing it, consciously & unconsciously all the time.  Unfortunately, most of us are reacting to what is showing up around us instead of going within, shifting from the inside and then the world bends and shifts to our conscious, heart filled, integral desires. 

This requires commitment to a practice, conscious understanding we are connected to something bigger than us, and confidently pursuing in the direction of our heartfelt dreams…no matter what.  ‘No matter what’ is where the work for us comes in.  We must be willing to shift.  We must be willing to resolve and release for all past karma we have created in order to welcome in our desired destiny.  It’s only requirement is the contemplative desire, clear vision, conscious commitment, and connected knowing. Then we create our world, no matter what comes up for us. 

In the shadows is where the light shines.

In the shadows of all are doubts, angst, procrastination, hurts, wrongs, failures, and short comings is where the diamonds emerge. 

When we gloss over, accept the breadcrumbs as ‘good enough’, or can not even imagine how to shift we are faced with an overbearing OPPORTUNITY.  This is the golden moment our soul is calling for us to go deeper.  NOT TO GIVE UP. 

Digging up the rocks and tilling the fields can be hard work if we do it alone.  When we learn of a process that makes it obtainable to grow crops an easier way… we become the way. 

Our internal seeds know what needs to be done.  Our external world may seem limited.  And that is exactly the illusion we are faced with dismantling.

We all have a soul purpose and a spirit’s joy.  Let’s uncover this together.

We all have the light that shines from within illuminating the darkest of times.  Let’s unify with the all-encompassing sun.

We all have the eye of truth living within us.  Let’s discover the lasting relationship with this internal wisdom.

I invite humanity to rediscover the version of light that is truly illuminating right now.  Not the version we are told exists and only the version that is experienced and sensed and known by the very experiences of awakening to the eternal powers lay dormant in us all.

Meaning, there is a version of our reality that is already healthy, spiritually connected, prosperous, illuminated, unified, and one. 

We can heal and create career visions and dreams.  We can heal and create financial prosperity and illuminated abundance.  We can heal and create healthy body and mind.  We can heal and create spiritual connection and oneness.  We can heal and create outstanding relationships. We can heal and create unified families. We can heal and create a personal reconciliation with thyself. 

It is all possible.  It all happens.  It all will shift in this now moment.  If we begin now. 

I encourage you to allow shifts to happen, allow yourself to create new possibilities, and allow oneness to seep into your blood stream. 

Here are some tips I use to create my life. 

Every year I rewrite my mission statement.  My life mission statement envisions my illuminated self in alignment with my highest purpose and potential.  This encompasses all aspects of my life from career and purpose to family and relationships, to health and spirit.

I then redesign my long-term goals in succinct ways and supported by monthly markers that will produce attainment of my goals. 

Daily, I create short attainable actions steps to achieve my monthly markers.

Gratitude and recognition of the universe is working for me is a part of this practice.

I consistently work to heal, resolve, and transcend the parts of me that are not aligning with my purpose.

I have a daily ritual of mediation and connection. I speak with my guides daily and receive my next steps towards working with the highest possibility for myself and all those surrounding me. 

I am resolved to always function from the heart with the highest integrity for myself and everyone around me.  It requires work but the rewards and reduction in karmic relations keeping me from obtaining and becoming lighter are electric. 

It takes work, strategy, commitment, confidence, and complete clarity.

I encourage you to create your own and include rituals in the process… of this unfolding. 

If you need help and want to know more about a process that could work, my Sandwich Connection program is available. 

Sandwich Heartmind Groups will be forming in the beginning of the year for current and past participants.  These will help to further along our practice and create the miracles we are seeking. 

Access information here…  or contact me directly by text or call.

As for now, recognize we all have a clean canvas with the ability to create the life of our design.  Sometimes, we just need a little help from our friends. 

Have a beautiful and light filled entrance into all the light you can handle.

Bring in opportunities to Transcend Limitations in all aspects of life.   

Between now and April light is pouring in.  Harness the opportunity. 

With love & all the light you can handle.


Sat Nam,

Blessings & Miracles,

Jennifer Lauren

Joti Tajdeep Kaur

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The miracle happens when 1 person shifts & the 2nd person decides to join them…

I’ll never forget when I began my healing journey. I felt so alone for all those years. Like I was floating on this deserted island waiting for someone to recognize what was happening and begin to see things from my perspective. I had so many questions. “Why is it I’m the only one who believes there is another way?” “Why do I feel like everyone is asleep and I am the crazy one who sees what is really going on?” “Am I crazy? Or is everyone else just numb?”

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I began to think we were living in a world of institutionalized slavery. One person after another was being programmed into believing healing only happened through medicine and that the ceilings that were available to them was all we could expect and all that we deserved. I speak about this repeatedly in my book, “Transcending Limitations” but more importantly breaking through a matrix of codependent societal behaviors was the secret to my success.

If you are wondering how to shift your life and what to do next at your current crossroads or if you know someone who is standing at the doorway of choices wondering what to do next perhaps contemplate this point of reference when you come to the end of the road you have always known and traveled upon.

Sometimes failure and falling down again can be exactly what we need to live our greatest life… here is something that may help inspire you or someone you know…

Learning to fly…

You must become completely related to what you want in your life.

You must feel the sensations and the knowing’s that live in your heart. 

Many of us walk around as if the weight of the world is on our shoulders.  Unconsciously stuck in a pattern or repertoire of the things that we don’t want. 

How do we become something other than what is happening all around us.  Let go of what you know. Let go of the mind and only live through the heart.

We can not create what we want by referencing what is currently happening. 

We must intuitively live.

We must keenly taste.

We must passionately feel.

Let the light shine through.  No matter what.

You might have the weight of two worlds on your shoulders…. Get related to it… let it crack you… let it open you to desperation.  Let yourself fall into the abyss of imperfection.  Then watch… just be… stay in the naad of what is happening.  Set yourself feel.

Feel it all.  The doubts, the fears, the angst, the heartache, the yuck, the imperfection, the everything. 

Its darkness… and in the darkness… only light can shine. 

In the darkness… only light prevails. 

We must be nothing like we were in the past.  Awareness never allows anything to stay and always allows change to happen.  No matter what.

Awareness that this is happening combined with allowing ourselves to fall and feel again breaks us open to freedom. 

No matter what.

What are you afraid of?

What is aching within your heart?

What do you want and why is it not showing up?  Why are you stuck…. Why are you caged… why do you remain where you are? 

Its right there inside you. Put your attention on it…. Feel it… get related to it… and let it scream.  Let it tantrum. Let it feel. Let it feed your body with all the things you are afraid of.  Let yourself die. 

When you allow your heart to break… when you allow it to fall into the shadow… something brilliant is allowed to happen… it becomes reborn… AGAIN.

It falls apart… it breaks… it scatters… it hurts…. Oh, and it hurts so much.  It longs for things to be different.  And that is beautiful. 

We want that… we want to feel it all.

When we truly feel we finally see the charismatic ache within the heart with gentle eyes smiling at you to just let go.

Then we get to pick up the pieces again.  And put it back together better than anything we could have ever expected it to be with our minds.  And only fully longed for and felt for with our hearts. 

Its greater, than anything you can ever even imagine.  It lives through the heart.  Only in the heart. 

But when there is a cocoon around the heart protecting it… we must break it open and break it free… again. 

We need to be more connected, more related, and more in love than ever before… that is what the sadness is calling us to do.  Be more, let it out, feel it all.  Just be intuit.   

Life is full of death.

Birth is full of dying.

Light is full of dark.

We go one direction, and then we bounce back and go the other direction. 

We just are. 

And we know that we must feel, we must sense, and then we know… what glorious things may come. 

But when we hesitate, when we don’t just jump in, we lose our connection to all that is.  We miss it… it just passes by and then we are hit with the realizations later of the would haves, should haves, could haves… if only we had done it different.

And what good does that do? 

What are you afraid of?

When we allow our hearts to break repeatedly, we all of a sudden wake up to the realization that we are meant to feel deeply, to cry profusely, to weep in longing for everything to be different.

This is waking up.

If we live protected, we become afraid to fly.  If we live in safety, we remain caged.  Waking up to our failures is one of life’s greatest gifts. 

Only in the full awakening is the bliss we are seeking.

We have longings, we have wants, we have so much to experience. 

Open your eyes and see, the way our horizons meet, and the way you can match up with all that you desire.

We must dive deep into the shadows, become the shadows, get related to the darkness… before we can truly become the light. 

Stop glossing it over, taking breadcrumbs, or allowing things to just remain where they are. 

Break open and break yourself free.

Fall and fail again.   

Because in the falling… in the failure… WE GET TO CHOOSE AGAIN. 

We get to pick up the pieces we want and leave the rest. 

Pay attention, listen to your heart…. and you will know… here it is again and this time I’m jumping all in… no matter what. 

This time it will be different…

You will get 3 steps further than before…. And you may even take 6 steps backward… but then you will go 9 steps forward. And one day you will leap… one day you will fly. 

Do it anyway.

It’s coming… it’s getting closer…

I promise it’s almost here. 

It’s times like these, when we fail and fail again that we get to break apart all we have ever known and then have the opportunity to build again. The rebuilding means we get to open ourselves to new life, new people, new places and new things. In the newness of it all is when we come upon partnerships that will attract the miraculous. And only this can occur with ashes and dust.

In the coming new year ahead consider receiving the help you need to learn to fly. Here are some opportunities to help you learn…

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Cycles Lead us to Truth

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Truth comes in all sizes.  It is something that just happens.  Spiraling, moving, seizing, nourishing, allowing, and bowing to all infinity.  Our truth comes in small and large packages.  Evolving, revolving, ascending, and transforming our thoughts into conscious awareness. It is the truth of who and what we are.  Pure awareness and pure love. 

Amazing love.

Amazing immaculate love.

It can be nothing but that.

Just as the tides come and go, the sun rises and sets, the moon cycles through fullness and emptiness, and the seasons transform the world around us. 

Ask yourself.  Who am I?  What is my truth?

Meditate on this.

Be this.

Allow this to unfold.

You will be surprised what comes.

I meditate every day. Several times a day. Why? To be the truth of who I am.  To be in my essence, on purpose, and so different than anything one will ever find out there. 

I am different. 

We are different on purpose.

Sometimes commitments to families, peoples, places, and things inspire us to be more of ourselves and sometimes they ask us to join their world and become a part of them.  Sometimes this is very helpful and sometimes it is not.  Sometimes it works and sometimes we lose ourselves into something bigger… and then we forget who we are. 

Some of us are designed to think different, be different, stretch different.  Its when we try to hold onto something that is not working that things seem like they are not work out so well anymore.

Everything changes and nothing stays the same.  That’s the beauty of cycles – that’ the beauty of truth.

Ask yourself, what is my truth? Sit with it.  Get to know it.  Love it and be it. 

Become it.

It wants you to know thyself.

If you are having trouble listening to your truth, try this meditation on for size and see how it helps…


Om Mani Padme Hum

Om– the purity of body, speech, and mind comes gradually as we allow ourselves to be transformed into light.

Mani – the jewel, the intention to become light is fulfilled – we become light

Padme – the lotus, the wisdom that comes from ascension through the mud and our realization we are all sentient beings

Hum – Purity, undisturbed unity with consciousness

The achievement of this mantra all comes from within. 

Much like the evolution of ourselves.  Once we are on the path, there is no getting off.  We can try, but we are always led back to our holiness.  In whatever tradition it may take form.  Or combination of traditions. It all sums up to the truth of who and what we are. 

Om Mani Padme Hum


Sit in easy pose, cross legged with an elongated spine.  Or any comfortable sit of your choice, ultimately with your spine elongated as if each vertebra is comfortably stacked on the next.

Allow your hands to rest comfortably in your lap. Or you may assume another mudra (hand position) of your choice.  Some options could be, Gyan mudra (the thumb and pointer fingers come together to form an ‘o’ shape and the other fingers remain elongated, arms are comfortable and extended with hands or wrists resting comfortably on the knees.  Or place right palm on the chest/heart center and left hand on the low navel. 

Breathe long and deep in through the nose and possibly out through the mouth.  Just be still. 

Listen to the music that is suggested or another version of your choice. 

Chant the mantra along with the music. 

*Om Mane Padme Hum by Deborah Van Dyke*

Repeat for any number of minutes to your liking.  Most practices suggest between 3 to 11 minutes.  I prefer to use a mala prayer necklace and chant 108 times daily. 

To end:  Inhale deeply, suspend the breath for 10-15 seconds and then exhale slowly and release yourself to the union of your truth. 

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Until then, I wish you peace, joy, and light this holiday season as you become more of your truth.

Sat Nam,



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