We ARE Super Beings!

We ARE Super Beings!!!
Super Beings are people who live a human life and know they are in this world and not of this world.  They are super extraordinary.  I know several of these people.  They have unique qualities that are insurmountably amazing.  They have awakened to the gnostic knowing that they are one with Super Consciousness.  They have learned many life lessons and tapped into the hidden mysteries of life and the unseen world that is within our reach.  They have made a list of what they want to see happen in their life and have figured a way to obtain that list through amazing super strategies and lessons along the path of their hidden mystery school that they have created within themselves.  They have mastered Successful Living and brought in the extraordinary superpowers encompassing health, abundance, prosperity, soul alignment, spirit joy, connection, awareness, compassion, and love.  They have become One. 

This is the ultimate way. 

We can all become this ultimate Super Being.  They have shown us the way.  We can do anything.  This is real.  They are real and they have shown us how to do this.  We have the map.  All we must do is follow their direction.  Live it and Be it.

Throughout history this has been achieved repeatedly.  There are several facets to a Super Life. 

  1. We need to know what we want. 
  2. We need to be aware of where we are. 
  3. We need to be honest with what we are up to. 

It seems simple enough.  And yet, typical humans, can make this so complicated.  We tend to be convinced that our way is the only way to get from point A to point B and then we believe that what everyone says ‘out there’… all the professionals and experts, have the keys to get us there.  We become disappointed when what they say we need, does not line up with what we actually want.  And I wonder, do we know what we want?  Do we really “gnow”?  As a “gnostic knowing”?  Hmmm…I wonder? Or maybe we have grown accustomed to settling and we become indifferent and passive in our ways.  It is easy to accept that ‘it can’t get any better than this.’  Or can it?  Surrendering doesn’t mean that we have to settle… no way… and it means that there is another way… this or something better! Let us go there!  Together!

I believe there is another way.  A more fantastical way! A SUPER BEING WAY!

Super Beings believe that anything is possible.  However we need to get from point A to point B will show up.  We may only need to take a different form of transportation than we ever thought possible.  I mean, think about it… we walk, run, drive, take a plane, or train.  Or we might have to walk a bit, run a bit, drive a portion, fly a portion, use a wheelchair, skateboard, use secret passageways, or dig our way there.   It’s just that as human beings we have forgotten our connection to the One and how many possibilities there are to get to our destination.  We THINK that the pothole is keeping us from going forward.  We THINK that we missed the plane and can’t get there.  We THINK that our car broke down and it is keeping us where we are.  We THINK that our bike is broken and now we are stuck.  AND that is NOT how it works. 

These are the signs that are trying to point us to a NEW way of PERCEIVING what is happening that will open us up to that what we want or something EVEN BETTER!!!!   We only need to tune into and tap into the “gnostic knowing” of what is actually happening and why the perceived ‘road blocks’ or ‘unravelings’ are happening.  We shift our perception from a limited mindset to an Access Consciousness Heart Set that knows that I Am on my way.  I Am one with the One so it must be so.  There is nothing that can not be achieved.  There is no one that is denied.  There is only reunification with our true self which is the ALL that IS.  I know.  I’ve done the hard way for a long time.  It’s time to let go and become the ONE. 

These are gnostic knowings that have been around for thousands of years that will become the new normal that we are heading towards through this planetary evolution that is happening.  We merely need to keep asking and lining up with what they are showing us to do next.  If you want help with your path… it can be done.  Whichever direction you desire to go; whatever you decide to master; it will be done.  Thy will be done.   
So let’s dive in together. 

The SANDWICH CONNECTION is going to be starting soon.  If you have an interest, please let me know.  Our group is growing, and we have now become a MATERMIND GROUP meeting every month in addition to the program to support you and continue to help you elevate higher and higher and meet your goals.  This is all included in the initial program.  Because we keep becoming better and better with our techniques and our group, the program becomes better and better and so once you are a part of the group you have access forever.  It’s that simple…why not?… everything should be that simple. 

AND this weekend…lets dive into some of my favorite helpers… the Angels… I don’t go into specifics on the angels in all the other classes I teach because it requires a certain heart set to open and receive from them and understand that they are here to help you on your amazing journey.  The first time I ever worked with them consciously was 20 years ago when my first son was born.  It was then that I began working with Archangel Ariel and Michael and Raphael and our lives have been better for it.  This weekend we will be merge with 3 other Archangels… Celestina, Faith, and Cassiel.  More information is below on the details. 

In full love and full mastery… lets do this together and heighten the world we live in so that we can all feel worthy of living heaven on EARTH!

I love you,  

All my love,
Jennifer Burkhart

ATTUNING WITH THE ANGELS – The Healing Angels of Our Beautiful Energy Field!  Saturday, February 27th 12:30-2:30 $36


Living in Light without Fear

This past Thursday I drove from Chicago to South Carolina.  I ventured with my daughter who plays for an upper level hockey team.  It was about an 11 hour drive.  We took our time and stopped at many rest stops and gas stations along the way.  We travel often and we enjoy getting away to other places to experience life.  Travel tends to feed the soul and help renew our spirits.  We began traveling with my oldest son who competes across the world in para athletic sports.  Much of that has been put on hold these days because of the current ideas about a ‘virus’ living in our world.  I will not refer to this as anything but a possible virus, ever.  I have my reasons.  This is not what this story is about. 

I do miss traveling and feeling the freedom of going across the country learning of all the amazing places there are to experience.  We have such a marvelous world.  This past long weekend’s adventure was a bit complex.  We had to deal with wearing things on our face.  I won’t speak about what those things are called either because to me that gives them power.  What I will tell you is that I completely decided to stop wearing one, for other reasons.  What I did do… is I decided to live again. 

I put away all the fears, accessed my ‘light force’, and began living life without anything on my face.  I believe, and my training believes…I am an ordained minister… that the light of consciousness shines within each individual to see fully who they are.  Something on the face, keeps us from seeing the person and hides them from the true self.  I could not contribute to hiding or fear anymore.  So, I simply stopped.  And what I realized… that every time I went somewhere, whether it was a grocery store, convenience store, gas station, restaurant, hotel, retail stores, is that everyone wants to be seen too.  I could smile at them, and they could see me.  I could peacefully talk with them and they could hear me.  I could laugh with them and they could laugh too.  By the end of the trip, through me not wearing anything on my face, more and more people began taking their things off too.  It was surprisingly delightful and such a nice way to breathe with people together.  It was pleasant and effortless. 

No one asked me to put something on my face.  Believe me, if they did, I was prepared.  Even the stores and athletic facilities with large signs stating that something on the face is mandatory.  They didn’t ask.  Many people looked at me, probably wondering, and I just carried on and smiled back at them and said hello.  It was very nice.  No one backed away from me, and no one asked me to stay away from them.  Mid way through the weekend, my daughter joined me and began to bring back her own internal awareness and confidence too.  I am glad she did. 

I did do something that has led me to the connection of why I am sharing this with you.  I am not here to demand or shake things up.  I am here to live from a centered place of wisdom and truth, in my heart.  One of the ways I do this, is connecting with my ‘light force’ and learning about how I can take care of my own energy and potentially heal my body.  I always ask my ‘light force’ to join me and to help me through everything that I come across.  Maybe that is why I can quietly drive across several states and patron many establishments without being persecuted for not following a rule.  Maybe this is why I am able to get so many things accomplished with my children and family that seem miraculous in nature.  I am not normal on purpose.  My family is not normal.  We my ‘look’ normal and we are not.  I have kids who meditate, ask for their light forces to help them, and believe in everything is possible and work for it.  I am proud.  I would like to teach you how we do it. 

I have a master teacher who taught me 20 years ago.  She spent the time with me and mentored me.  They just handed me ‘the light’.  I am forever grateful.  Now it is time for me to do the same for others.  Which is why I am bringing these two amazing classes to the forefront.  It’s important for others to know how miracles are everyday occurrences and how we can make this our life. 

Currently, I have more miracles happening than ever before.  I have more fear that is releasing from me than ever before and I have more heart openings that are happening for me than ever before.  It’s time for me to share the miraculous light force we all have and how we can heal.  Please join me. 

All my love,
PS… all classes can be accessed on zoom… if that is how you choose. 

The Healing Angels of our Beautiful Energy Field
Why don’t we reach out and ask for more help?
They are a part of our power and they are here to help us, and they want to bring you closer to knowing who they are and what possibilities they have in your life to create miracles.

Miracles are incredibly common. 
Miracles happen in every moment of our lives. 
Miracles are normal.
We need to shift our consciousness to this KNOWING. 
Miracles are Knowing and Knowing is Gnostic and Gnostic is Personal Power.
You are Miraculous.
Your awareness is Gnostic.
You are incredibly Powerful.

Who are the Healing Energies of the Energy Field?
How do they work with us? &
What is their purpose?
How can we integrate them into our daily practice, our healing practice, and our ability to elevate and shift the unconscious which shifts the world… we explore and answer all of these questions…

3 weeks – 9 Angels        9am-11:30ish (may run closer to noon)   
Feb 20, 27, & March 6th                      Saturdays

Their Healing Gifts & The Physical, Mental, & Emotional Areas they help us with.
How to invite Angels to help, how to connect, and how to ask. 
Experiencing an Angelic Presence.
Empowering yourself through Discernment.
All participants receive handouts on the angels.


28 Days of Becoming Conscious & Intuitive Beings – Began and Continuing through the month

The Out of Body Chakras & Auric Layers – Thursday Evenings February 11, 18, & 25th (see below)

The Healing Angels of our Energy Field -Feb. 20, 27. & March 6   
(See above)

Meridians – The Power to Transform Your Body -Feb 19, 26 & March 5 (see below)

Axiatonal Alignment Activation Class -Feb. 21st   (see below)