The Body Chakras, Archetypes, & Intuition Class Series

Chakras & Archetypes & Intuition 
3 evenings, 2.5 hrs per evening $117

Learn about the 7 chakras of the body and how they are interrelated with the 14 personality archetypes.  This information will help you become self-empowered in all areas of life.  We will use the information to self-cleanse and clear our own issues surrounding these areas in order to better serve our world.  Intuitive clearing techniques will be woven into this class to help people see how this information plays out in our everyday lives and how self-awareness helps in all these areas.  This class is very insightful and detailed.  Be prepared to learn and make lasting shifts in your life.  Especially if you are a healing practitioner looking to expand your awareness to help yourself and your clients.  Absolutely anyone can benefit.  It is a great adjunct for Teachers & Parents, Reiki, Energy, and Yoga Healers.  
(this is the first class of empowerment before Auras and Out of Body Chakras is offered)

Chakras – Chakras are energy centers.  They are an energy connection between the material and spiritual universes.  They are real centers existing within and out of the body which are able to provide significant insight into our physical being, mental and emotional thoughts and beliefs.  Through awareness of these centers we can gain insight into our responses to our environments and empower ourselves, our families, and our clients to miraculously heal.  We have over 12 Chakras.  This class will cover the 7 in-body chakras and their relationship to the archetypes. 

Archetypes – Archetypes are ‘personality’ traits which we all hold within each energy center of the body.  They are the mirror aspects of our unconscious.  When we become aware of these patterns of human behavior we can tune into our own self-motivated behaviors and fully understand ourselves. Thus, we can hold compassion. As we become aware we up grade our life by healing and empowering ourselves and thus doing the same for those around us. There are 14 archetypes contained within the 7 in-body Chakras. 

Intuition – The embodied sensation that knows without scientific reason the answer to perceived problems through sensations, visualization, or hunches.  Intuition comes in the forms of experiential sensations, pictures, visualizations, meditation and just an ‘all’ knowing.  We will be practicing the use of our intuition through every chakra and archetype throughout all the lessons.  We will be tuning into our own intuitive healing abilities.  Intuitive guidance is provided though the entire training. 

Chakras & Archetypes & Intuition

What are the chakras and how are they intertwined with our human archetypal patterns? How can we use our intuition to become aware that we have the power to overcome any perceived energy patterns from human beliefs and ideas? This is a detailed and very interactive class meant to give you the information to help you in your daily practice for yourself, family, clients, and friends.


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