Reiki Attunements

What is Reiki?     A form of eastern healing that can be used any time, for anything, anyone & anywhere.  It is passed down from a master and follows a lineage.  It is sacred healing work.

  • Reiki facilitates your own self-healing, the healing of your business, life work, and the healing of your family.
  • Reiki is empowering. It increases the energy in our own body and the places around us.  It is life work. 

How it works:  To do Reiki, one must be attuned to the higher frequencies of the energy through a master for the connections & flow of energy to begin.

Three levels to Reiki:

Level 1Attune to the energy & learn a treatment modality to be used in your practice as a practitioner or to help family & friends.  2-3 Days of training.

Level 2 Attune to distance work, and through complete embodiment of the energy. Learn three main symbols used for healing & beginning to decode light language.  You become the energy in both modalities.   1-2 days of training. Extensive information on Reiki II can be found here

Level 3 Attune to mastership, give attunements, and learn to teach.  1 day of training.

Level 1By APPOINTMENT or next dates posted above Receive 4 attunements and learn how to treat the self and others.  Learn an entire healing session and begin practicing this daily to help you and everyone around you.  This is a great first level to help anyone who is a caretaker.  $277.00

If you are repeating Reiki 1 class for a review the cost is $194.00

Reiki 1 Class

2 Part Class. History, reiki principles, meditation, pillars, self treatment, and full body placement is taught. Reiki as it applies to the chakras and meridians. Each participant will have a solid structure to practice Reiki.


Level 2 – Receive 2 double attunements and learn the three basic symbols for increasing energy, emotional physical healing, and sending energy to others.  Learn light language and decoding. These can be used with people, places, and things.  You must take Level 1 in advance.  This next level is for sending energy, energizing places, people, food, any where and any when.  $199.00 More information can be found here

If you are repeating Reiki II for a review of skills and materials the cost is $139.30

Reiki II

2 part class in 2 days where we are spending alot of time mastering the symbols and learning how to use Reiki in a multitude of areas of our life. This is a creative class meant to expand the use of Reiki to all aspects of life. Attune to distance work & embody the energy. Learn symbols and decode light language.


Level 3 – Receive three attunements and receive the master symbol for all the upper level energy healing and learn mastership in Reiki. 

Traditions such as the Reiki Shower, Chakra Kassei Kokyu Ho, Dai Ko Myo, & Reiju will be mastered. You will have your Master Attunements and learn to Attune students to the Reiki Energy. You will fully embody mastery before the class is complete. $333.00

If you are repeating Reiki III for a review and mastery it is $233.10

Reiki III – Master Attunement Class

You will receive all the above and more as each class is specifically designed to the students needs and desire to learn even more about energy healing and the possibilities with Reiki. Repeat Reiki Students taking the Reiki III class for a second time will receive the discount of $233.10 Contact Jennifer.


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