What is Reiki?

A form of hands on healing based on energy.

  • Reiki is helpful for physical, mental, and emotional imbalances.  Reiki helps the environments we live in.
  • A tool to help with your own self-healing, the healing of your business, your life work, and the healing of your family.
  • A practice that is simple to use and useful for anything happening in your life that may be causing imbalances.  It helps in our careers, family, relationships, health, and spirit. 
  • It empowers you to take care of yourself and our environments.
  • It increases the energy in our own body and the places we work. 
  • It is great for families, parents, and children.  It is also helpful for your pets!

Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Chefs, Store Owners, Teenagers, Yogis, Caretakers, Artists, anyone curious about healing themselves and /or their environments.

How it works:  We connect with the universal life force energy and then we allow the energy to flow through us to help ourselves, another person, and our environment with the intention of lovingly healing.  In order to do Reiki you must be attuned to the higher frequencies of the energy which is why we have to go through a reiki master for attunements to begin the flow of energy.  That’s it!

email me with more questions, I’m happy to receive!

There are three levels to Reiki:

Level 1 – Receive 4 attunements and learn how to treat the self and others.  Learn an entire healing session and begin practicing this daily to help you and everyone around you.  This is a great first level to help anyone who is a caretaker.  $125


Reiki 1 Class

4 part class. History, reiki principles, meditation, pillars, self treatment, and full body placement is taught. Reiki as it applies to the chakras and meridians. This is a 4 part series. Each participant will have a solid structure to practice Reiki.

125.00 $

Level 2 – Receive 2 double attunements and learn the three basic symbols for increasing energy, emotional physical healing, and sending energy to others.  These can be used with people, places, and things.  You must take Level 1 in advance.  This next level is for sending energy, energizing places, people, food, any where and any when.  $250

Level 3 – Receive three attunements and receive the master symbol for all the upper level energy healing and learn mastership in Reiki.  $250

I do all three and am happy to help attune you and be of service.

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