The Power of the Heart Center

A much-needed heart centered break:
As the days become shorter and the sun folds into slumber earlier and earlier, I am finding that time in the darkness as an invaluable tool that has reflected back to me all the darkness within that is craving some heart centered nurturing.  Our darkness is necessary to know our light.  And the shift in time and in days to being shorter naturally steps into this.  It feels ‘just right’ to naturally allow ourselves to use one of the most masterful elements we have within ourselves to create a high vibratory field around us and through us by tuning into and tapping into our sensations through thoughts, sensations, and feelings.  Here is just a snippet of some techniques I use in many of my programs and sessions to help elevate and enhance our vibration.  It is a small portion of a program that I use in my workshops and classes.  Following this is a brief overview of what is coming in January. 
All Love

Week 2 Day 3
The Heart Center – As I am centered in the heart, I come from a place of power greater than anything encountered before.   
The heart is one of the most amazing powerhouses of our body.  The heart is the first to develop in a newborn and it is the last organ to cease functioning upon death.  Our heart vibrates so high and is so powerful that it can affect shifts on multidimensional levels.  Let’s attempt an experiment right now.  Are you ready?  Try this meditation…
Close your eyes.  Close your eyes and take a nice elongated deep breath in and out.  Slowly take several nice deep breaths.  Now, as you settle into yourself begin to think of a place and time that you remember that was one of the happiest moments in your life.  There you go…take some time to do this.  Don’t rush…it will come.  Think of all the things that happened that day that made it such a pleasant experience.  Think of what you were doing, who you were with, and what you were wearing.  Now bring in what you were thinking and what you were saying to yourself as all these happy events were happening around you.  Were you smelling anything, tasting anything, was it cool and breezy outside, was it warm and sunny or maybe it was cold and snowy.  Take nice deep breaths into all of this.  Remember all the sensations that were associated with this beautiful moment.  Now bring up all the feelings that you had that fit perfectly with this scenario.  Were you excited and happy, calm and peaceful, full of appreciation and gratitude, or all of these?  Good… now bring up another memory from your heart.  Add to this perfect memory another great memory.  Bring up all the visuals, feelings, sensations, and colors associated with these memories too.  Keep this going.  Bring up one wonderful memory after another.  Fill your field of energy with all this beauty and wonder.  Add one memory to the next memory and just keep going.  Build one on top of another.  Breathe it all into your field and remember everything that you love and cherish.  Feel the joy of all these moments as they keep building and becoming larger and larger and more expansive encompassing your entire field of energy.  Until there is no room for anything else except for all these wonderful moments.   Be sure you are allowing your eyes to remain closed and be sure that you are breathing into and sensing and truly connecting to each memory.  Stay here for as long as you like and merely sense and embrace all the wonderful feelings of all these wonderful events in your life. 
Now, take a moment to sense what you are feeling right now in this moment.  What are you feeling physically?  Are their butterflies in your stomach, heightened energy in your neck and shoulders, ringing in your ears, expansiveness in your head and forehead?  Are you able to feel any new sensations?  Remain here in this state and observe all the new sensations.  Take mental notes of these sensations and affirm that you are feeling expanded and aware.  The more time you allow yourself to acknowledge how you are feeling and sensing in this moment right now the more you will take these same sensations with you throughout your expanded day.  Take plenty of time to do this and remain here as long as possible.  Continue taking long inhales and exhales, several cleansing breaths, and remain in this heightened state of awareness.  Rest.  Be.  Allow.  There… good.  Now…in your own time…however long is good and right for you…begin to feel the seat beneath your bottom; the arm rests on your chair; and your back pressing against the cushion behind you.  Take a couple more slow and deeper breaths in and out.  When you are ready, slowly bring yourself back to your current reality by gently bringing your hands up to your eyes, covering them as you effortlessly open your eyes behind closed hands allowing some of the light of the room to come through your hands.  Adjust to this dim light and when the time is right for you lower your hands to your lap and allow the light of the room fully into your vision with your gaze to the floor.  Take a nice deep breath acknowledging your return and remain here until you feel that you can continue to bring this heightened state of awareness fully into your day. 
Next, take a moment to ask yourself how you feel?  What am I experiencing right now?  Do I feel open, expansive, and heightened in my awareness? Are my sensations heightened?  Am I keenly aware of sounds or does my vision seem more expansive in a way that colors are brighter and shapes are more defined?   Do I smell or even taste anything new and does my skin sense a breeze or a coolness around me that I had not sensed earlier?  Hopefully, through raising your vibration by tuning into the heart energy with these ‘heart full’ emotional visuals you will begin to understand the power that comes from the heart when we allow it to grow and expand in a way that brings joy and satisfaction to the moments of our lives. 
The important message of the heart is, it is never searching to gain riches, bear rewards, or be acknowledged for all the good deeds.  Instead, the heart is simply seeking to improve upon itself for the mere internal knowing that when we come from the heart in every aspect of our life, we are living a life rooted in honesty, thought-full-ness, compassion, and devotion.  Heart-full-ness is truly living in a way that is not seeking approval because we need approval.  We are living this way because we want to be the absolute best at what we are doing.  We are living passionate and compassionate lives from the heart center.  The heart will never be self-deserving.  Rather the heart wants to make a difference and seeks satisfaction purely from the doing of what it loves to do.  Merely doing a job right is far more superior to the heart than any recognition.   Each opportunity to repeat the process again unfolds into a greater expansive state of the heart.  This is the way of the heart and its truth is conscious intuitive living. 
The heart, as you have gathered, is a powerful energy center.  It is the pivot point of all the energy in our body.  It is the point that energy cycles around and always comes back to.  This was the very meaning of the ever-expansive Figure 8 meditation that we have experienced in previous weeks.  Every energy in our body that we are feeling or connected to…whether it is something troublesome or something joyful and fun is directly connected to the heart.   Everything revolves around this energy center.  The energy of the heart is where everything happens, and everything takes place.  The heart is the first organ to form and it is what gives us our energy and source of power throughout our day.  If we only had to tune into one energy source our entire day and one place for guidance it would be our heart.  It is the source of everything. 
We are all connected through the heart.  Everything is.  Relationships, career, finances, business partnerships, family, loved ones, and even those that we may call distant acquaintances.  We are all connected. 
Today’s Mantra:
I am centered within my heart, I am powerfully empowered. 
I am centered within my heart, I am powerfully empowered. 
I am centered within my heart, I am powerfully empowered. 
Classes Happening Now:

  • Pendulum Power is this week and next week (on-line spots are open & Link Here)
  • Sandwich Connection is happening now (group full)
  • Chakras & Archetypes & Intuition is happening now (group full)

Free Fridays are every Friday. Sign up to join a like hearted group healing every week through movement. Next week we are off because it is December 25th

January Begins a New Year and 4 New CLASSES!  (All Classes Links Are Provided)

  1. Advanced Healing Techniques with Reiki IIJanuary 22 & 23 (Link Here)
  2. Healing Rays of Light Energy – February 6th(Link Here)
  3. Healing with the Out of Body Chakras and the Auric Layers – January 21st, 28th, & February 4th (Link Here)
  4. Tuning Forks and Toning the Body though Voice – January 30th (Link Here)

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