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Access Consciousness – The New Age – Age of Enlightened Living
As we open to intuitive guidance it becomes incredibly important to allow ourselves to open to constant learning and constant change.  We are inundated with information daily that gives us advice on what we should and should not be doing.  From newspaper articles telling us the hardships of the world to news shows that inform us of how our world is falling apart.  It can be quite complicated to figure out what we are doing and how to make a positive impact in the world when so much seems to be unraveling in so many ways.  This is where learning and expansion can be invaluable to the intuitive.  If we remain where we are and think that we already know everything then we are doing ourselves a huge disfavor.  Learning is constant and expansion is necessary for the intuitive way.  We are forever shifting and remolding our responses and in so doing always tapping into higher states of awareness.  This connects us to our soul’s purpose and what we truly and heartfully desire. 
If we remain stagnant in our ways and do things because they have always been done, then we are much the same limiting ourselves.  We are as stagnant water in a pond that begins to collect algae attracting mosquitos and bugs.  What we genuinely want to occur in our lives is the ability to transfer our experiences into opportunities of development.  When we approach life from a form of question rather than a form of statement, we are allowing the opening of ourselves to the possibility of transformation.  Statements are limited in a perceived idea that we know something to be true…but truly the only truth is that nothing ever stays the same.  Questions raise awareness, they open us up to possibility, and they strengthen the habits of inspired thought to drop in.  Living life through inspired questioning or Access Consciousness helps us remain open and trusting the universe is working for us.  Question everything. 
As a child the world is one large question.  Children naturally inquire about the world and allow answers to bubble up from the knowing’s of the heart.  If they actively explore the world, they naturally develop intuition.  Their hearts grow and they are tuned into Access Consciousness.  Inspiration and the heart are inseparable.  They are unlimited.  The heart knows the truth and being inquisitive about life comes from inspired joy.  We marvel in the simple pleasures.  These are the child like ways of the heart that are coming back into our world. 
Imagine the possibility of opening to life in a way that creates inspiration, brings movement into a ceaseless world that is ever changing, and allows us to listen to what drops in and guides us to a new way of life that remains open to blessings of all kinds.  This type of deep knowing can be established through ritual.  Deep within everyone is a ritual of practice just waiting to be unleashed.  This ritual can be accessed through our ancestors, lineage, and a calling within the higher self.   Your ritual, however that may look, creates a foundation based in the endless possibilities which can only come through stability.   Ritual creates rooted earthly confidence in the self and allows for the openness of creativity and transformation to occur.  For example, if I classically have a ritual in my life that is planted with a beginning, middle, and ending to my day then I am creating a firm knowing that the answers will come as I accept that this is where I am, and this is what I want to happen. I am equally as open to adjustments knowing I cannot control how it happens and as I ask through my ritual, I know all is happening exactly as it is supposed to be.  In this new way of being, I am opening myself up to releasing old energy that doesn’t work anymore complimented by a desire to learn new ways that will help me transform and become my desired reality.  Does this make sense?  Does this spark your interest?  Does this inspire you to create?  Remember, questions ask of what is within us that we want to expand not to be molded into something that is already there but rather to become something completely different than we could ever imagine ourselves.  This is a delicate balance of ritual rooted in the confidence of our ancestors combined with the new age that is transforming and transcending all hardships of the past into an enlightened state of being incomprehensible to the human mind.  One of the ways to access the unlimited consciousness described here is through unlimited positive questioning. 
Michelangelo saw the statue in the marble and merely chiseled away the pieces until the vision came to life.  He allowed his hands to be guided to work with the marble in such a way that he intuited how to create masterpieces that were only limited by the imagination.  Michelangelo only needed a couple of tools and an open imagination to create a masterpiece.  He did not have a storefront that allowed him to be masterful.  It was simple genius and the basics that had life unfold before him in a way that allowed for simple perfection.  Intending and being grateful for ten things a day is a mere drop in the bucket as compared to what artists have done in the past.  Asking for ten things, making intentions for ten things, even if they are a crazy list of ten things opens us up for possibility and for the allowance of anything to come in that will help us on our way.  Resolving and releasing for things that come up and seeing beyond all perceived problems in life also sets us up for continued success.   Through allowing, we are continually painting our life, adjusting to possibilities, and trusting the process of development.  The opposite would be to tighten and control outcomes in an effort to oppose what is showing up because we are perceiving issues as problems that never seem to get solved leaving us feeling insecure, helpless, and hopeless in defeat.  There is more to our existence than merely thinking that ‘where there is a will there is a way’.  We can turn this around by sensing; ‘where there is a perceived block in life there is a solution just around the corner we only need to shift our perception to where the mountain that was there no longer exists.’  There is nothing out there controlling us and keeping us from achieving.  There is nothing that is too difficult to overcome, we only need to adjust our perception and open ourselves to allowing and feeling that which is uncomfortable.  In the uncomfortable IS what has been holding us back and it is only there so that we can begin to move through.  This is how energy is transformed and dispersed and this is how true miracles happen.  It is not in the avoidance it is in the being present, asking, sensing, and trusting that everything is taken care of instantaneously.  It is us who must allow ourselves to see beyond our limits.   
If I told you that you could take a magic pill and your life would change drastically in a way that would hold you responsible and accountable for every action or inaction that you did or did not take, would you take it?  If I told you that it doesn’t matter, and that our avoidance of our own issues is the reason why life doesn’t seem to be resolving, would that change your response?  So, what is it?  What is holding you back?  What is keeping you from stepping into inspired Access Consciousness?   
As we access the unresolved dirt within ourselves and we remain honest to our ‘blind’ spots we allow our Access Consciousness to inspire the questions from within which will inspire the answers we need. 
Access Consciousness asks us to allow these three questions to open up our lives:

1. What is right about this situation that I am not understanding at this time?
2. How can this turn out better than I can even imagine?
3. As things are always working out for me…allow me to see…what is possible? 

When we face this within, we face an especially important aspect of ourselves.  We are being honest and intending that we want clean and clear energy to flow through us and around us.  This is only the beginning of effortless flow.  With this work we will feel freer and more prepared for a light filled life to show up and will be glad it happened.  You will not regret the freedom that comes from allowing yourself to powerfully cleanse your world and bring back your authentic power uninfluenced by past desires and beliefs.
Become the truth you have been waiting for. Be Access Consciousness and fill your individual worlds with light so that we can collectively enlighten this world again.  It is time. 


Reiki II – Advanced Healing –  January 21 & 22  –  2 Evenings – Thursday & Friday 

Tuning Forks & Toning – Healing the Body through Sound – January 26th – 1 Evening course 

Healing Rays of Light Energy – How to Heal through Light  January 29th & January 30th – 1 evening and 1 morning course

Out of Body Chakras and Auric Layers – How to heal through energy centers & the human auric field – 3 Thursday Evenings in February 11th, 18th and 25th.    

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