Reiki II – Advanced Healing Elements

  •  The Reiki Symbols – meaning & use
  •  Specialized Attunements for Reiki II
  •  Japanese Reiki Techniques
  •  Hatsurei-ho & the 8 components
  •  Gyoshi Ho
  •  Ketsueki Kokan-ho – The Nerve Stroke
  •  Zenshin koketsu-ho
  •  Koki-ho
  •  Energy purification methods
  •  Reiki Undo

This class will comprise all the elements of the Reiki Symbols, the attunements necessary in order to activate this level, & many energy purification methods people, places, and things, including distance Reiki. Lightweaving is always included.

The requirement is Reiki Level I to take this class.

Usui Reiki Level II

This class will provide you with the above information and more healing elements such as intuitive ways to use helpful healing methods such as working in the auric field and the out of body chakras and auric layers. These elements are exclusive to Jennifer’s intuitive teaching style.


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