Our Sacral Sacred Essence

The Sacrum – The Seat of the Butterfly – The Seat of our Soul

Your wings of the butterfly are seated in the soul depths of your sacrum, coccyx, and the crest of the iliac. This is the seat of your soul. Here is wisdom from all your lives and lifetimes that come together in the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies.  This is the strongest and most sacred point of your entire body.  It is the root of all your existence.  This is your connection with your oneness with all that is, with your creator. It is where you become who you are meant to be and learn all that you are meant to learn within this life.   

As this area reawakens in your body, it opens to a doorway of unlimited possibilities. When you feel safe to be here when you feel that you have contributed to your life’s calling, your soul’s purpose, this is where you will feel complete. This is where the truth of who you are is meant to shine.

There is so much information gathered in this area with so much potential healing that can happen.  Healing in this area requires great awareness.  This is where we feel safe, we believe root ideas about ourselves, and we have faith in something bigger.  It is here that we feel cared for, loved, connected, safe, supported, and fundamentally allowed to thrive in our lives.   This is our Mother Earth Connection containing all the necessary wisdom to live our life’s passions and desires. It is here where we gain insights through our inner voice recognizing it is connected to divinity.

Especially those of us to which were born into a masculine body have this insatiable urge to be one with their own mother nature. Fostering their feminine side through actions of self-care, nurturing, love, support, and connections will only enhance their ability to be successful within the world.   Our connection to our mother nature is calling us back to the true purpose of our lives.  In addition, there is a small point at the end of the sacrum, this is the coccyx. It is here that light resonates out and streams further down through and into the core of Mother Earth.  It is a vibration of consciousness unlike anything we have experienced as humans.  It is pure light helping us to navigate back to the womb of her safety and eternal wisdom that is calling us back home.  This is a thin yet strong high vibratory light stream resonating out of and into the coccyx.  It is a kite string of energy connecting our entire physical structure to the Earth in acknowledgement of the interdependent relationship we have with the physical and emotional perceptions of our entire being in exchange for safety, nurturing, and supported eternal love inside the core of our existence and the core of the great mother that we stand, move, and sleep upon.  She is our eternal womb right here and right now on this Earth plane calling us back home to our knowing that everything we ask for manifests through conscious and subconscious means.  This small and yet powerful tip is bonded with the Mother. This is our anchor and are fluidity which balances, shifts, sways, and moves in all directions as if we were a mother ship effortlessly moving on the water and yet feeling connected and safe all at the same time.  It is here that we embrace our entire being which is tuned into our intuitive nature calling us to stay or motivating us to move forward on our way.   It is a powerful source of energy which stabilizes and connects our entire lightbody and assisting our physical body to make necessary changes for evolution. Connecting with this area unites us with our soul’s purpose.

Next is the joint of the sacrum and the iliac together. This structure is a body of strength inside of our body. It’s natural fortitude grounded in creativity gives us a balanced connection to our intuitive knowing of how and when to approach and press situations and how and when to release any desired outcomes.  It is the float and the flight of a butterfly’s wings which has such tenacity to affect the corners of the Earth.  When this area is unrestricted it becomes a free-flowing distribution of energy within the body, effortlessly helping us fly in all areas of our lives and lifetimes.  True and effective power in this area is reflected as the human that has become a perfectly centered being of masculine and feminine energies.  One area does not fall in the shadows of another.  Light energy passes through this area in the form of nerves, tissues, and blood vessels.  Nourishing, protecting, and creating pure light through the rest of the system.  It safely holds the seat of our soul, our purpose for being, and our free expression of our intuitive nature.  Our imaginations thrive in these areas and they allow us to safely feel, prosper, and dream our reality into existence.  We can only fly when we feel with fluidity and remember the truth of our existence created and rooted within the mother Earth.   This is our true power within creation. 

This area is critical to the manifestations of our dreams. 

It is here that we achieve everything that we can imagine and more. 

Just as a butterfly moves gracefully with the flapping of its wings, gliding on the winds of the universe, so too can we as human beings assume this same state of being. Our Sacrum reminds us of this ability we all contain.

Whatever is wanting, needing, asking to be released within this structure does and will come up for us in many forms.  We may contain feelings of underappreciation, lack, financial strain, regrets, disconnection, or survival issues.  We must continue to remember these are beliefs & ideas about life that have come from our experiences growing up or from our ancestors and lineage.  We can help ourselves and our lineage through resolving and releasing these ideas within and around the restrictions we feel.  As we feel into this, as we do this, we create our new reality, and everything begins to open up again to our natural ability to fly with fluidity within our renewed wings. 

As we reconnect, resolve, and release this area we return to a state of balance tuning us once again to our natural state of being which is exceptionally creative, expansive, free, abundant, and connected. 

The sacrum, coccyx, and iliac all are in synchronistic flight together to bring balance, intuition, and knowing back into our lives.  Health in these areas allows us to be in tune with our environments and helps us to make fruitful contributions to the lives and life of the Mother Earth.  We must heal our selves to return to the Earth that was meant to thrive within our lifetimes.  She is waiting for us to embrace our true power through the wings of the butterfly and the safety of the seat of our soul; Our Sacral Sacred Essence.

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