Manifestation 101 – Our Soul’s Purpose & Spirit’s Joy – 5 Minute Inspiration

Yesterday, I transcended another limitation.  I realized a current belief did not line up with what I intuitively desired and the current relationships showing up. 

I have many goals.  When I took a second, third, and forth look at why something wasn’t showing up in my life, knowing I intuitively wanted this desire to manifest with all my heart, I realized I was the one who needed to shift my own perception so that this idea could begin to manifest.   I reevaluated my approach by using one of my well-established programs, The Sandwich Connection, shifted the barriers through the techniques and my manifestation began to effortlessly unfold.  The people in my life showed up in the way I had always imagined, and the goal became a reality.  The amount of gratitude I had for the enlightenment I felt and the unexplainable satisfaction of figuring out what I was really doing to sabotage this goal became a pivotal realization into my own healing and simultaneously an opening to a world I knew was possible.  It was a monumental turning point. 

I changed the script in my life so that what I truly desired from my heart could be realized.  I sensed, I felt, I breathed, I listened, I asked, and moved my body. Then again, I repeated the process, I sensed more, felt more, breathed more, listened more, asked more, moved more, and kept the process going until it finally happened.  Suddenly… I broke open to the complete understanding of WHAT I WAS TRULY DOING TO KEEP THIS FROM SHOWING UP.  It was a revelation of consciousness unexplainable in words and only truly felt and understood within the heart. 

This shift in perception instantaneously put me on the path to the realization of my dreams. 

When we see where we are and what we have been up to, then we can finally get to where we would desire ourselves to be. 

Quite frankly, if we are connected to Source… which we all are… we become conscious creators in our lives… no matter what.  We must tune into our thoughts, our belief systems, and the energy that is within us and surrounding us.  Our word choices, our body language, our sensations, our experiences all give us clues to why something is happening and how to resolve the current issue.

I did not like what was showing up, so I breathed into every experience where this limitation was showing up.  I sensed deeply into my body and felt fully into the expressions of what was happening around me.  I became still, silent, and fully present with the experience. I allowed the process to unfold within me so that I could merge with what was not showing up and understand. I became aware.   

I didn’t have to relive a story or go into any cycles of drama.  I just became aware of anything that was happening within and around me and allowed for the story my mind was creating to unfold before me.  And then I asked myself the question, “Do I believe this to be true?”  I followed the story line until I realized I had been creating this thought and belief since I was a little girl.  Once I realized I could allow the fragmented girl to merge with my true self I regained a part of me lost in another reality and played the same story line taking away from the current experience I was attempting to manifest.  It became a reunion within myself and the letting go of current perceptions clouding the heartfelt experience I desired. 

Some of us want success but we are secretly afraid that we will fail, lose our current relationships, we don’t deserve our desires, it’s not safe to be ourselves or be seen or even heard.  Any number of beliefs or ideas can show up.   

When this happens, it may be helpful to ask ourselves as a child asks… “why or what is that?” Then as an adult we can ask ourselves with childlike curiosity, “Why do I feel this, why do I believe this, why is this a limitation?” …and resist the temptation to blame, point fingers, or judge anyone and especially ourselves.   Merely sense into the experience, merge with the untruth, and allow it to speak one last time.  Give it the attention it desires for yourself first.  Then we find something amazing happens… instead of the untruth taking us over, we can forgive and release it knowing it was there serving us a purpose at one point in our lives to get us to where we currently are.  We can allow it to be finally forgiven and released knowing that as we do it will evaporate and transcend into a beautiful transformative light energy that will no longer rule our world.  As it evaporates and leaves, we can begin to breathe more, move more, and make more space for what we truly desire to manifest through our hearts.   This is how effortless and expansive this process can be when we learn to merge with ourselves and the SOURCE OF CONSIOCUSNESS within us all

We finally merge and create with our Soul’s purpose and Spirit’s joy! 

If you would like more information on how to transcend & transform limitations possibly manifesting in your life… within your current family & relationships, career & purpose, health & spirit on all physical, mental, and emotional levels it may be helpful to contact me and set up a consult to see how one of my many programs or energy sessions may help your process or the process of someone close to you.  I created the Sandwich Connection, Becoming Intuitive, teach Reiki and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, and  offer personal Energy Healing Sessions with one simple intention… I have one truth… to help the world transcend out of the darkness of lower thoughts & belief systems and ascend into the light as quickly and effortlessly as possible on all levels of reality.    This I know to be true.

“Our power of creation lives through our heart. We see it, we hear it, we sense it, we embody it. It is our navigational system.  It can do, be and allow anything to happen that is truly all encompassing and completely as itself, love.”  ~Transcending Limitations, Jennifer Lauren

Let’s manifest the people, places, and things in your life and help reach the goals and aspirations of the heart.  Let us become our SOUL’S PURPOSE & SPIRIT’S JOY.

All my love and more from the universe of limitless supply…




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