Lesson 6 — I Wonder (taken from Transcending Limitations)

10 minutes of inspiration

We must wonder every day. We must take the time to turn every lower negative thought into a game of wonder. We must do as a child does. Wonder in every way. We can wonder about everything, every person, place, and thing. Wondering can look something like this:

I wonder if I could change this enormous house into a huge garden or a bungalow for homeless people!

I wonder what it would be like to rollerblade from Illinois to Florida!

I wonder what would happen if I kept wondering about all the wonderful  things I wonder about!

Many of us lost the capability to wonder in adulthood. We forgot what it feels like to wonder. When did the seriousness become us? We must return to the realm of wondering. If we are to transform this world into the New Earth, we must wonder about everything that comes into our lives. Wonder uses imagination and it brings in creativity, fun, joy, and expansion. It never judges or fills our lives with mental thoughts of limitation and “I can’t”. It always asks, “I wonder” and follows it up with imagination and elated being.

I wonder what wonderful things will happen today? Wondering, wonders to the universe and then the universe smiles back with amazing answers of grace and gratitude recognizing the purpose of life is experiencing the ocean instead of  a cup  from the ocean. “I wonder” brings in unlimited expectation, freedom, expansion, joy, and love. It elevates, protects, and enhances everyone and everything it meets. There is no answer of “no” and only an answer of “I wonder”. And as we ask, the answers that come to us are limitless opportunity. To get to this place, we must ‘wonder’ what it would take to get here and, how we can allow  the energy of “I wonder” to transform our lives.

Can you wonder with an inquisitive childlike mind about everything that is happening around you? Even during a conversation that you don’t want to be in. Even amidst the conversation that is a struggle to keep alive. The topic may be dragging on and an enormously difficult time is spent connecting. Suddenly, your child steps in and lightens up the density of the situation with “I wonder how I can connect and lighten this conversation?” You begin to wonder about all types of possibilities and suddenly, the words of a joke come wondering in, lightening up the mood. You tell the joke with such ease and joy that by the end, everyone is laughing and connecting. Now you have 5 new people and 5 new connections who have literally lightened up and experienced how ingeniously fun life can become. This is the magic of “I wonder.” It helps everyone become as a child with an enlightening smile… it just lightens up life!

When you see a limitation… You ask, “I wonder” what it would be like to be without this limitation. You question everything and then you sense and feel within your body where the restriction lays. Where do I feel this in my body? Because when we see something that stands in the way, it is only because we hold something within ourselves that is keeping us from seeing that this limitation is not even real. It is an illusion.

Remember, this is directly connected to the heart. If we see something out there as limiting and frustrating, then we go deeper and take care of our own frustrations that are keeping us from wondering. We can wonder to a state of elevation lifting us higher  to possibilities once thought  as impossible. Ideally, we become everything that is possible. This is the imagination that is more important than mental knowledge. As we open to the possibility  of wondering even more than we already are we give permission for absolutely everything to show up. Try it.

I will never forget sitting in the car with little Ethan in the car seat at a gas station waiting for the car to finish refueling. We just brought Ethan home from the hospital. As I sat waiting, Ethan was sleeping soundly, and I gazed out the front window. I was still in some shock over the new life that was unfolding before us. I was anticipating all the changes we would have to make to adjust to all the medical devices that would fill his newly decorated room and the extra supplies that would have to be stored away.

As I sat there gazing in subtle anxious wonder, I focused on a person running in the distance. This person was out for a jog, running in the direction towards us. As he approached a thought occurred to me, “I wonder what would happen if we could get Ethan to run? I wonder if this is possible?” This was astronomically impossible according to what we were told by the doctors only hours before leaving the hospital. We had already made our upcoming appointments that would be centered around all the things that were wrong with Ethan and his newly developing disabled body.

Despite these thoughts, I continued to gaze out the window and wonder. I wondered if despite all the horrible things the doctors told us about Ethan’s new life if he could learn to walk anyway. I wondered what it would take and how we could make it happen. I wondered if we could make leg braces to support his legs to give him that feeling of strength. I wondered if there were people who would join me in this dream. I wondered what kinds of foods and supplements we could use to help him. I wondered. I just sat there watching the runner inch closer and closer and my mind raced with wonder as my heart began to climb in vibrational joy.

I was no longer caught in anxiety and despair over the day-to-day things I was going to have to do to help Ethan survive. I was now caught up in the wondering of how I was going to help him thrive. Simply by sitting and wondering and being inspired by a runner off in the distance my heart began to sing, wondering about all possibility and how we were going to bridge wonder and reality together so that our dreams would manifest. In that one wonderful moment everything shifted and wondering about doing the impossible became our heightened reality.

When you wonder about things all day long, it will bring up your limiting beliefs about life. When this happens,  notice how it holds a restriction in your body. This is your opportunity to free this area by opening to wonder while  the universe magically drops inspiration into your heart. This opens you to the possibility of seeing, sensing, and knowing that the unlimited will show up. Wondering helps us believe in the possible before it even happens. We must know with absolute certainty  anything is possible before it  happens.

As we work in the realm of “wondering” we are working with our hearts to create amazing  answers to life’s dilemmas. These are just waiting and wanting to be revealed. Everything can happen, will happen, and is happening. Everything.

At any given moment there is something floating out there in the energy of the universe with a new idea, a new solution, and a new answer to anything that you wonder about. It is this way because “I wonder” is a highly creative energy filled with spirit and imagination. When we  connect with the spirit of joy, imagination, love, and creativity there is no way that anything less than this can show up.

This does require practice. We must train ourselves  to wonder as if we would train our body to learn a new exercise such as running, weightlifting, or any number of activities. We must train ourselves to become our  limitless selves. We must wonder every day, multiple times of the day. One hundred times a day we must imagine, we must create, we must elevate. No matter what we believe. No matter what our situation and no matter how far down the rabbit hole we have gone, we can still wonder. It is our job to wake up and see our shortcomings, see our limitations, and then turn them around. This is our way. This is our practice. This is what we are to accomplish individually and collectively.

Therefore, we elevate, and through elevation, we naturally return to the very thing we are. We are meant to transcend all limitations in every way possible. No matter what. There is always an answer and frequently it is something greater than you can ever dream or imagine yourself. This is why we pray, “This or something greater”. Positive expectation plants the seeds of trust in anticipation of the growth. We hold the vision and let go of the outcome. Meaning, I see it, I hold it, and I remain open to it or something better showing up which creates elevation and advance knowing to drop in. This is how masters become masters. They tap into their questioning of “Why not?” Let us see, let us open to the possibility, let us create, and let us do this. Then they invest all their heart and love into expansion in that area, always remaining open to all possibilities, and allowing their minds to be the passengers that help to lead, guide, and direct.

The heart knows. The heart is connected to all that is. The heart is creativity. The heart is imagination. The heart is elevated, expansive, enhanced, an amazing love unlike most have ever experienced before. It is only through the heart that everything can and will and does happen. This is your oneness with all that is, which is how true miracles happen all the time. Then you realize there is no turning back, no other way to live, but to fully give and to love through the heart. The heart can become everything in this universe, and it is right there. Always waiting for you, within yourself.  Just listen to the voice. It knows the way. Open, expand, become, because you are the ocean.

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