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Ever since I wrote my last blog on gratitude it made me think…how much time do I spend in my head avoiding my heart?  I wondered what percentage of my day I spend in the part of my mind that remains negative in just about any situation appearing before me.  I also wondered with all the years of reiki yoga, and meditation training if I was allowing complete balance through all the parts of my mental mind and intuitive heart.   So, I simply sat down during one of my meditative practices and asked.  I didn’t receive an answer right away.  Normally, I don’t. Typically, answers come to me through experiences.  This time the universe seriously answered me through an experience I will never forget…

I was traveling to Dallas with my daughter.  We had an early flight at O’Hare airport in Chicago getting us into Dallas with plenty of time to pick up our prepaid car rental and check in at our host hotel for her AAA hockey tournament.  She plays upper level hockey and often has to travel around the country.  We had planned everything in advance and all our arrangements were secured. 

That morning flight, the universe began answering my request to know if I had improved over the years with my practices.

It first began at airport security.  Things seemed unusually tense that morning.  Not as many airline agents were helping with bag checks which made check in a bit confusing and the airport seemed to be busier than normal with rushing people.  After sifting through the initial confusion, I began to realize that this was going to be an unusually intense morning.  We were able to find help in checking my daughter’s rather large hockey bag and made it to security check point.  Shocked to find out that security officers were making people line up shoulder to shoulder and walk down a 20 foot long carpeted path reminding us to stay in line and next to the stranger you were paired with.  If we unknowingly walked more than 6 inches ahead of the person, we were next to, we were reprimanded to stay orderly.  I was separated from my daughter which gave me anxiety and feeling like we were immigrating to a foreign country.  As we walked down shoulder to shoulder the 20 foot gray carpeted path we were electronically scanned, recorded on video cameras, and sniffed by police dogs for anything that we could be illegally carrying.  The experience was enough to send someone with mild anxiety into a tail spin.  Next we were instructed to place all our belongings on the radar belts and walk quickly through the monster Xray scanners.  After the initial interrogating 20 foot walk the normal Xray scan seemed a bit heightening in anxiety.  Empathically, I feel everything and the amount of energy running through my body was insurmountable at times. 

My heart was pounding and my body ached with sorrow as I watched each person receive micro traumas as they passed through something that has become acceptable practice in our society.  Children were upset and parents did the best they could to manage a difficult situation. I ached with remorse with what seemed like an enormous dark cloud sweeping across the airport. 

Amid what was happening, I reminded myself of the practice.   Immediately I silently announced to myself, “Thank you God.”  And like I tell my students in yoga and meditation classes… “Keep Up!”  And I did just that… I kept up… I kept focused on my breath pattern and focused on all the sensations that were happening within me and all around me.  I became completely aware.   

I used the breath…

I inhaled deeply through my nose for a count of four…1, 2, 3, 4.

I suspended my breath (held the breath) for a count of four… 1, 2, 3, 4.

I slowly exhaled for a count of four… 1, 2, 3, 4.

I suspended my breath out on the exhale for a count of four… 1, 2, 3, 4. 

I repeated this process from the time I was separated from Nora all the way through the cattle shoots and being birthed out to our final airplane gate. 

As I kept the breath going, I also silently added the mantra, “Sa Ta Na Ma” to the 4 counts.

It is a kundalini yoga mantra effectively able to bring in transformational energy. 

This added depth and strength to the breath pattern able to carry me further into what was happening and allowing everything to pass through.  My mind remained focused, my body balanced, and my heart strong. I was one with the process.

Wave after wave of sensation passed through my heart and body.  Step after countless step I remained present.  Consciously and consistently, I remained separate from the mental sea of judgment, panic, and anxiety surrounding the airport and uniquely within the light.  The public faces of shame, discontent, insecurity, and panic were subtle and yet intense.  I desired only to be light and help as much as I could.  Whether it was a smile to the security officer, a thank you, assisting other’s with their bags, or gathering the numerous large plastic bins to help put them aside.   

I consistently leaned into the resistance and allowed everything to become one.  The mantra and breath pattern helped me walk through a difficult time untouched. 

As we continued our travels… only running into another dilemma requiring more patience and more gratitude.  Apparently, when we arrived in Dallas… our prepaid car rental could not be honored for another 4 hours. 

Car and employee shortages as well as long wait times filled the airport.  Stress was high and waves of trauma coursed through the air. 

Wifi was spotty and communications were limited between people.  Anger and hostility were rampant.  I caught myself beginning to get swept away with the process. 

I grabbed onto my advice, after I realized the temptation before me to slip down the slippery slope of blame and desperation being created. 

Once again, I picked myself up with a, “Thank you God” and asked for guidance.  Instantly, I heard the mantra “Aap Sahaee Hoa” fill my body.

In kundalini yoga, it is a mantra that penetrates the unknown without fear and brings in protection, mental stability, and balance. 

Wave after wave of fear and intimidation swept through my body… every emotional instability of every person, place, and thing came through me… I kept up… I sunk into the mantra and I processed the grief.  I paused, I breathed.  I tuned in.  I kept the mantra up… sending light and allowing.  Tears came over and through me as I watched the people calm and the energy shift and change all around me.  I breathed, I sensed, I remained present.  I felt more, sensed more, processed more.  Before long, the dark cloud that had consumed the area began to disappear, the desperation flattened, and community began to form.  People were striking up conversations, making personable connections, and taking the time to be together with complete strangers.  The air was cleared, and lightness began to prevail.

I was grateful.

Thank you…. Thank you…thank you.

Some of my teachers would tell me to keep strong and don’t allow these things to come near you.  And here is the problem with that… now more than ever we need people who do what I do in the midst of chaos to hold the light so that the light can come through.  It only takes one being to make the initial shift and the others join in as consciously we bring more light to very dark situations.  It can be done.  It only becomes easier and easier as we all awaken to the clouds of darkness that have had a hold on us for so long and keeping us where we are unconsciously aware of our true powers.  We have the power to transmute darkness.  We have the capacity to make change softly and with intelligence and wisdom through a lineage of masters that have come before us.  It is possible.  We first need to awaken.   

Hence, the mantras, the breath work, and my reiki training are what made me capable of doing what I did.  My prayers were answered though the experiences I was having.  I became awakened once more.  I needed that to happen.  I needed to allow myself to go through that experience and continue to learn what is possible.  Light will penetrate the darkest of places just by its presence.  It does not need to fight or claim to be right.  It just is.  It is quiet and powerful all on its own.  It is wisdom. 

Light brings rest to the unrest, worthiness to the unworthy, and security to the insecure.  Light always prevails.

And 4 hours later… we gratefully received the only car available and drove to our hotel. 

And I realized once again that the universe continues to amaze me.  Through awareness we continue to awaken to our true form and as we do we realize what is possible. I woke up that day, again.  As I continue to do every day, never knowing what will come but always having the balance of my mental mind and intuitive heart.  And even this is always a continual work in progress. 

Why do I share this story with you?  Because consciously and unconsciously we encounter these situations daily.  At work, in our communities, our homes and our families.  On larger or smaller scales.  It all adds up.  Micro trauma can build up and become a condition associated with post-traumatic stress disorders.  We need help, people need help, and support is available. 

This is why I teach.  Sharing Kundalini Yoga, Meditations & Mantras, Reiki, and Intuitive Readings & Energy Healing Sessions with one purpose; to awaken the power within you.  We can fish for others only for so long… the real miracle comes when you give others the tools and help them cultivate the knowledge already within. 

Reiki, meditation, mantras, and kundalini yoga are the tools and learning to use them to our advantage will only help us and society transform.  As we continue to walk through what is happening around us and within us these techniques add to our life and help us with our current professions.  It is as if we are learning the power of ourselves through the offerings and then able to transfer light into our own homes, careers, and communities. 

This month I invite you to join me in one of the following classes, events, or sessions.  As they are designed to teach how to become lighter and able to shift what may be happening within and all around you in your own unique way.  The teachings bring us purposeful true power.

Here are the April offerings…. (click the pictures for more information and sign up links)

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