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Thoughts on Gratitude…

The other day, a client asked me, “Do you know anything about gratitude? And how does it work?”  To which I replied… “Oh yes!  Thank you for asking…gratitude does work!” 

And of course… I didn’t just stop there… I continued on… with one of my long winded answers. 

I just love it when people ask me questions… I tend to go on tangents and then always have to circle back and ask, “Did I answer your question completely?” I just get carried away with the winds of wisdom that blow on by with creative and fun answers that just hit me in the midst of conversations with clients, friends, and family. 

So… it got me thinking this week… how can I talk about gratitude in a simple form to help us all elevate and expand our experience?  Here goes…

I have to thank this client for asking me this question… little did this person know that they were my angel in disguise that day.  As soon as I was asked the question, I knew that my team of lightworkers were laughing at me going… “You see how you need to practice what you already know!”  I was drowning in my misery that day over several obstacles I kept running into!  And then this person called me with a question in the midst of a frustrating experience I was having in that moment!

Here’s the back drop of the story:

This particular day, I was out running errands finding myself repeatedly frustrated.  I was in the midst of changing over documents and signing papers at my local bank due to an official name change.  I never knew that doing a name change could be such a COMPLICATED process!

As it seems, our society either assumes that if one is changing their name it is either because of a divorce or a marriage.  To which I always had to further explain… neither… I just want to change my name to match more of who I am becoming… “Hmmm…I wondered if they thought I was crazy?” To which people mostly replied… “Why?”

I’m used to people asking me why… I usually have a different opinion than everyone else and seen as ‘curiously unusual’.  It was becoming more and more clear to me that when I decided to walk down this path of a name change that I really was an ‘interesting genre’.  LOL! 

Energy clients usually come to me with issues that have been ongoing or seeking a fresh perspective to a complicated problem and they need motivation to help bring ‘light’ to the situation. 

So, here I was faced with my own interesting situation that I had to bring in light.  We tend to see things in either ‘black’ or ‘white’ and I like to see colors.

I changed my name because I had always wanted to have a name that expressed the energy that resonates from me… uniquely my own and not something that belongs to anyone or anything else. So to me, it was a way to honor my birth family and married family by becoming vibrationally more of what I came here to express. I recently was ordained a spiritual name and felt the desire to integrate it into my first and middle name independent of any prior last names… why? It felt right.

So here I was… trying to explain again why I was doing what I was doing… and why it matters. 

We are based on vibration… everything we are, think, do, and say is based on a vibration that is within us and all around us.  Our vibration attracts more of what we are.  When we allow our vibration to keep climbing higher and higher we want the world around us and within us to reflect more of what we are at the current vibrational state.  We feel it within us and all around us when we walk into a room, visit a town, a friend, family member, or institution.  We are vibrational beings meant to express ourselves at our highest potential and what we feel, say, and do… matters.  As we grow in conscious awareness our vibrations climb and our lights shine.  In so doing we lift ourselves and the world around us as we become more of ourselves.  We naturally feel better and the world around us reflects that.  Soooo…. I wanted to change my name to the vibrational version of me that was emerging within me… and here I was trying to explain this to a bank… a difficult task to do in a few words…

So… after I had finished with the bank and trying to explain an unusual concept within me … I was feeling defeated… like I was having trouble expressing myself… and wondering what was happening within me… I felt like Pig Pen’s Charlie Brown character walking around with a cloud of rain over my head… like why doesn’t anyone see me?  And then suddenly… this person called…. And asked me the question that helped me snap back into place…

Back to Gratitude… and how it works…

After I got off the phone and finished explaining why gratitude matters… I realized I was trapped and not feeling grateful for my current experience… and “Walla!!!!” It hit me… I was having trouble seeing myself clearly so the people around me were reflecting back to me what was unclear about me. 

And then the light bulb went on… and I was SO THANKFUL for that seemingly difficult experience!

So… how does gratitude work?

Gratitude shifts your vibration.  In all moments and every moment.  As soon as you announce, “Thank you!” the universe responds with exciting enthusiasm back to you… you are announcing acceptance and the energy of higher awareness keeps moving towards you…. Even if the perceived event seems lower in vibration… the energy of the event automatically begins to change.  It shifts into a higher vibrational state to match the new energy you are announcing to the world… even during a seemingly dismal outcome… the energy begins to get lighter.   With an acknowledgement of this is happening ‘for me’ instead of ‘against me’.  Everything is happening for us… everything is happening because we have something we are learning or saying to ourself repeatedly within us… we are like tuning forks walking around in the world.  What comes to us is usually a vibrational match to our current state of awareness.  If we are seeing darkness all around us, it’s usually because our vibration is asking us to get stronger within our light.  Resonating on a high vibration can be a difficult adjustment at first.  It challenges us to keep shifting and moving to higher states of being.  It’s symbolic of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly.  We need to work within ourselves to build our high vibrational tune so that we can transform our world into what we are longing to become… a butterfly uniquely our own… or maybe it is a tadpole into a frog… or any metaphor will do.  We all have a metamorphosis and why not allow ourselves to just go there?  Our vibrations do not match on purpose and we are here to respectfully create our world to become more of who we are and not what others believe us to be.  Nothing is wrong with that, and everything is RIGHT with that! 

Sometimes, the universe throws us an experience because we have big things to learn and sometimes it allows us to flow effortlessly because we have matched our new vibrational level and we are celebrating the vibration of our metamorphosis. 

So just remember… expressing gratitude always brings more gratitude and higher states of awareness.  So whether you acknowledge a deceivingly difficult time in your life with acceptance and gratitude or you are genuinely elated by achieving something monumental in your life… tune into the many colored versions of gratitude and just say “thank you” no matter what.  Allow yourself to become the diamond that is emerging within you.

And there is nothing more fun and joyful than living with clarity of what we love and expressing who we are in ways that allows others to be expressions of more of what they love in their way.

To become Strong as Diamonds… allow your diamond to take shape. 


Jennifer Joti Tajdeep Kaur Lauren

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