People are Innately Good

It’s just about March.  This time last year we entered a new phase of iconic development within our lives.  Most of the world went into a ‘lockdown’ and a collaborative effort to bring people to a severe halt that would last longer than anyone had comprehended.  This shut down that has been met with mixed conflict and tumultuous behaviors in our society all over the United States has left most people feeling like we are living in the in between.  Many people have been suffering, jobs taken away, and severe losses of all kinds.  The amount of forced oppressive conditioning has been debilitating to so many people in countless ways.  There is healing that needs to be done and truth that will continue to be revealed to help our communities come to a higher way of living.  The unraveling of the old ways are necessary for the new age coming on the horizon.  This does not mean we need to go through anxiety, depression, or fear-based thinking to get to where we are going.  Rather, accepting where we are and truly walking into a new understanding of what is happening is necessary to rise above the perceived dogma.  The pain that is happening is not to be overlooked but embraced as finally needing to be looked at and reveal the truth of our current situation as well as how this unraveling is necessary for where we are going.  

In addition, a different perception is needed at this time.  We have come to the forefront of change.  Change is the only constant we have.  It is a necessary process of transformation that will not allow out-dated belief systems to continue.  There is an abundance out there waiting for all of us as we wake up to what is truly going on.  It is going to take some time and it will remain hidden for a while until the masses wake up.  Until they want to truly see and seek the truth.  In the meantime, if you are reading this it is because you are being called to rise to a resilient way of being and thinking that is not new it only has been pushed aside for too long.  It is time. 

There must come a time for each of us for a new forefront of opportunity to occur.  We must see with fresh eyes how we can take current issues that are happening and shift ourselves into opportunistic thinking that will shift our world into higher states of living.  Where there is change, there is opportunity for elevated transformation to occur.  I truly believe this.  I am not overlooking the pain or suffering, and in actuality I am agreeing that sometimes the pain and suffering is necessary in order to know how to transcend all the darkness.  Humans are more resilient and amazing than we could have ever perceived.  It’s only through our accepted faults that we can forgive and rise above to begin anew. 

Over the years, quietly, I have lived this transformation.  It was dark and lonely for a very long time.  It was extremely difficult to understand how we could get to this point and how could we all be thinking and being in such an oppressed world.  After all, I always thought we lived in the land of the free.  And yet, so many things never made sense to me.  For example, how could we be told that nothing is impossible when I felt as though so many barriers were put in my way and my children’s way that came up against the freedom of expression and elevated thinking that we were taught to believe.  As I opened the doors to a different reality that was happening all around us, I came to understand that we were being fed a fantasy land filled with empty promises that you were allowed to believe just as long as you remained in control by a limited few.  As I discovered more and more about the reality and the gravity of what was happening, I pressed on harder and deeper to see where the rabbit hole would end. With each new and elevated discovery made I was met with resistance from those who wished to remain in power.  And every time I showed them there was another way, I was pushed back with a ‘pat on the back’ and a smile saying ‘that’s nice’ showing me the door.  To them my discoveries were just my own, an anomaly, so to speak and nothing more.  There was no scientific proof of my findings, only a miracle mindset that was not good enough for the masses.  It was as if the healing miraculous discoveries I was making of enlightened ways of being on this path of “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” were purposefully dismissed.  Professionals and authority figures in all corners were simply content with the way things were and the money they gained in return for their ‘normal’ that had been created on a society that was living amongst a false system.  A foundation built on a belief system that kept us where we are, had no desire to see there was another way.  People were being kept where they were, relentlessly on a hamster wheel of life, and unwilling to question how ‘wrong’ we may have gotten this all in the first place.  And, throughout the years I have come to understand that only a few will see at first and the rest will come when they are fed up with their current reality and ready to move on.

For that, I was pushed in the direction of alternative means because it was the only way I could follow my dreams.  I embraced the deep-rooted beliefs in the power of the human spirit to become and rise above everything as sincere truth.  This was not just found in movie scripts, plays, or fantasy stories.  It was what I was living on all levels of my existence.  I just had no idea how much effort and time it would take to come to the point where I could share this with the world.  So, I learned and created and consistently pressed on.  Quietly, I sought out the answers, I dispelled belief and myth after myth and came to know the truth of this amazing world we live in.  Now, it is time to share. 

There is an age of enlightenment on the horizon.  We are getting there.  It will take some time.  Remember, we need to wake up to the truth of who we are to come to the knowing of what we can do.  Some of us are… and you can tell who they are… they are the one’s who walk through life with compassion, understanding, and a strong insatiable wonderful knowing of what life has to offer.  They understand that through the fires there is phoenix rising from the ashes.  They have beauty within and around them, there is a sparkle in their eyes and a demeanor of peaceful leadership.  Many of these people have been through their own fires in life and understand what we are all going through right now.  They are the Wayshowers, that hold the truth, they have strength and the confidence in an elevated way of being.  They possess a ‘knowing’ beyond reason that something amazing and elevated is coming from all the turmoil and chaos that is unfolding everywhere we turn.  They know that there is a secret and steady light that is infiltrating the country and the world.  This light will bring purpose and love to every human being that decides that there is indeed another way.  They see beyond the veils and the illusions that are pervasively persevering and they continue to press on dismantling the darkness knowing there is another way. 

What do we need to learn from all of this?  A lot.  People are innately good.  They are.  As a population we need to see the good in others.  We need to see their faults, the injustices, and failures as a cry out for healing and no matter how much corruption they created we are to help them anyway.  Despite the rhetoric, the lies and deception, we need to see there is goodness in there… they are merely reflecting a mirror of healing needing to happen for us all.  We have a lot of work to do… and the work need not be difficult, lonely, or hard.  We merely need to reach out, find each other and lend a hand.  We need each other, we need to hold our hands together, to lift each other up, and truly embrace each other physically and metaphorically.  We must be in charge of our bodies and minds and we must allow our spirit’s to do our soul’s work.  We have much work to do… and as always… I always say this… “We must start from where we are.” 

If we innately know our own goodness and how incredible we are from within we can take the gifts that we have been given to spread amongst the world and use them in an elevated way to plant seeds of change and grow love.  We cannot do this in untilled and weed filled soil.  We must dig deep and learn to become ourselves…we must become new again.  What was done before… doesn’t work anymore so we must be honest with ourselves and see what really is going on. 

We need each other, we need to know ourselves, we need to truly know where we are.  We need the real us to emerge.  I can’t be more of me without you being more of you.  I can’t spread light unless I can feel sense and know the light that is already shining within me.  I can’t plant seeds of goodness unless I believe that the goodness will come.  I can’t do any of this unless I first seek knowledge from within. I need to know who I am.

Many of us don’t even know what that is.  It has been covered up pushed down and hidden from us for a very long time.  But I promise you that it is buried in there for a reason.  Because the earth has a way of transforming a stone with enough pressure to a diamond that has always been waiting to emerge and be discovered for the first time again. 

That is how I see you now.  That’s how I see what is truly going on.  I see people, in all forms as amazing, and doing the best that they can.  I was scared before.  Because I had been mocked, told I was wrong and scrutinized for thinking differently.  And after awhile, after the pain wore off, it just doesn’t work anymore.  It was a pile of lies and dirt that covered my true light.  And now I know…. Those piles of dirt were just waiting for me to go in there and see what was burning true all this time… a golden stone emerging.  I now know…people are good…no matter what. We are doing and being good in the world.  I believe in you and I believe in humanity…. Let’s keep discovering our true self.  Let’s start where we are. 

All my love,


Jennifer lives in the USA and loves to blog about transformation and self healing.  She offers transformational healing classes in many energy areas all year long.  She is an ordained minister, occupational therapist, reiki master, and teacher of energetic therapies.  She runs, weight lifts, gardens, reads, cooks, bakes, plays, learns, teaches, and enjoys life.  Life is always about ‘starting where we are’.

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