Energy Attunement Healing Circles – 6:30 to 8:30pm Tuesday Evenings

First Three Tuesdays of Every Month – Email Me for Zoom link or to come in person

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Energy never dies…it only transforms.

Jennifer offers these energy circles specifically designed to clear energy patterns that are holding us back from achieving our natural state of health and wellness: physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.  Jennifer teaches the art of authentic living and how we are energetic beings with unlimited potential to thrive.  Each Circle is dynamic, interactive, and very personalized to the needs of the group at the time. Tarot cards can be used and groups will be tailored accordingly. Being open to our own bodies ability to rise above and heal any limitation is helpful and often miraculous. Groups like this are very helpful for families, friends with similar interests, yoga studios, businesses seeking to achieve short and long term goals, and anyone interested in clearing belief systems and ideas or an overall ‘energy’ that is not working anymore. This is truly miraculous and transforming for all of these support systems.

Jennifer travels and will host these groups wherever she is invited.

Temporarily Donation Based and Happening in person and on zoom. Contact me for more information.

Movement, Meridians, Breath & Forgiveness 

In this class participants will learn/review the flow of energy (Ki, Chi, Prana, Life Force) and how the energy system of the body (meridians, light body, energy, chakras) are dependent on the yin and yang (balance).  By using subtle movements and stretches, the power of breath and forgiveness work we can free up restrictions in our physical, emotional and mental bodies.  Energy can be permanently cleaned up and cleared out.  Old outdated patterns and belief systems in our energetic system can be released using the breath and forgiveness.  Participants will be guided through 6 adapted gentle stretches/movements while being taught the significance of breath and ancestral forgiveness in each area of the body.  The class will end with a shavasana mediation.  These movements can be a part of any person’s routine in order to aid in overall health and wellness.  Adaptations will be made.   Detailed handouts are included.  This is an interactive class done in person or by zoom.


The Sandwich Connection 

Do you have a daily practice that invites your playful Spirit and the wisdom of your Soul into your life?  Do you understand the importance of reconnecting with yourself daily and how powerful you can become by having a small practice?  In this workshop we will explore different styles of connecting with your Source, your Spirit, your Soul and how to integrate a practice that is like a SANDWICH.  It has a beginning and a middle and an end.  Such concepts as the power of movement, clearing your energy field, daily light body living skills, and setting up an energy gathering space will all leave you excited about passionately taking charge of your life!  Living as though your life is in fun loving control and a daily practice will transform your energy and shift you into a state of calm and new awareness.  This is a 4 part class with 4 significant and detailed lessons meant to bring each participant either individually or in small group format into a closer relationship with the self and the inner capacity we have to direct our lives to the manifestations of what we authentically want/need in our lives.   Handouts are detailed and this 4 part workshop is done either in person or by zoom.


Authentic In-Spirit Living – I am the MVP of my life!

How to use intuition in your daily life to help you live your best life!

How do I live as a being of light? How can I use my environment to help myself and others?  How can I tune into my unseen helpers to help me in my daily life?  How can I create a miraculous life full of joy and wonder?  How do I use my imagination?  How do I live as Spirit in a body and be IN SPIRIT living the life I have always imagined in All Ways?  This class will give an outlive of In-Spirit living and you will take home proven techniques to use every day and help shift your life to In Spirit!

28 Days of Conscious Intuitive Living

This an interactive and dynamic work that is delivered right to your email box daily for 28 days of audio and written instructions on how to live your life as conscious and intuitive.  Supporting you and helping you in every area of life from financial, career, business, family, relationships etc.  This one is detailed, specific, and the effects are long lasting.  You keep all the Audios and write ups.  You also get access to Jennifer for 4 sessions to enhance your practice and facilitate the cleaning up and clearing of your life in order to reach a vertical way of being and move away from horizontal repetitious living.  This is done exclusively on line.  More information can be accessed here at the sight page.  28 Days

planetary alignment

14 Days of Activation – Transformation

Beginning on the New Moon Energy and ending on the Full Moon Energy.  This practice will provide the following:

  1. An individualized personal session done at the beginning of the 14 day process to clear your energetic field, identify intentions, and set the stage for the next 14 days of transformation.
  2. 14 Daily emails & 2 weeks of support inviting you to play with your Spirit and become one with the wisdom of your Soul.
  3. Instructions and Reminders on how to set up and use an altar (a place to gather your energy, transform your energy, and manifest your intentions)
  4. Access to Jennifer to answer any questions that may arise during this process of transformation.
  5. A Group Session at the end of the 14 days designed to align your energetic self with the your new state of awareness and integrate your new energy body.
Mother of Light


We go back to the days when the Women were the Drummers.  When she was the land and the land was her.  The way of the peaceful warrior that walked the Earth and used the elements of the Earth, Fire, Water and Air as the way of the heart.    We will reconnect with Spirit through movement, music, ritual, releasing the energetic faults and fears of the past and facilitate our connections we have with our ancestors and lineage.  Transformation will be facilitated for all possible pasts in order to come peacefully to the present and activate your future inline with Spirit.

This is a large group active workshop, 90 minutes long, and best facilitated in a spacious room depending on the number of participants.  This workshop and similar ones have been done outside (Air Elements)  and while using a labyrinth (Earth elements)  and fire by fire pit or candle (Fire Elements) as well as anointing (Water elements).

Jennifer annually hosts this event in her area and can collaborate with interested venues for making this type of event work at their facilities.

On an as requested basis I also offer the following:


Traditional Usui Reiki 1, 2 & 3 Classes and Free Mentoring Classes

Jennifer teaches Reiki and offers consistent support and mentoring though out your training.  Whether you are a seasoned Reiki Student or just beginning the journey you are welcomed to be a part of her free mentoring groups that she offers monthly.  Jennifer has been a Reiki Master for over 17 years and has a wide variety of experiences working with this gift.  She loves to share and grow with this art.

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