How to Transcend this time…

Living in the in-between… Transcending this time…

Currently, we are living in the in-between.  What we currently are seeing happening out there we need to actively go within, transcend and live beyond into what we want to create.  If we want to make lasting changes in our world that are heart centered we must see beyond.  We must hold vision into the future of what we want to create, see beyond our limiting minds, and distractions and move into all that is.  We must feel the uncomfortable, ask what it is that we want to create from this and move from there.  We must sense what is not working and extend into the infinite that is able to provide every miraculous possibility with heart full exploration.  It all begins with the individual. 

We all have thoughts and ideas about life… things we would like to create from our dreams.  This is possible.  This will happen.  Those seeds were not put there to be dormant, they were put there to sprout and grow.  Imagine for a moment, the part of you that lives within your dreams.  The part of you that has unlimited possibility desiring to create fully from the heart.  Then imagine all of this fully falling together as if an orchestra is creating beautiful heart filled music which fills your senses with wonder and joy.  Just imagine.  Breathe into the moments of ecstasy and bliss and also the moments that feel strangely separate, detached, and doubting.  These will come up for you.  It’s all part of the process.  A seed that is sprouting has to work and move the ground above it in order to make it’s way to the light.  Even then it must grow only in a way that is innately it’s own.  There is no perfect way to do this.  And it does not stop to doubt itself and stay hiding from the journey of growth.  It does not use mental reasoning to think of all the ways it can’t do something.  It knows nothing else but to go forward and do what it is supposed to do; grow, become, and share it’s beautiful unique gifts.  It knows no other way to do this than to be.  It just is. 

I encourage you, in times of growth and separation that seem to be in the in-between, to embrace these moments that feel separate and insecure and to address them one to one.  Don’t push them aside or tell them to go away.  Embrace their gifts, because as every seed knows, the darkness has it’s gifts.  For without it, there would be no light.  Embrace these gifts of darkness, these times of transition, for what they are… opportunity to grow, expand, renew, and become your true self.  This is what we were always meant to do and become. 

We are in a time of dramatic change which is to be embraced by each person out there as a way to grow and reach for the light of consciousness that is encouraging all of us to be one with our heart-felt desires.  We are the Ocean no just a cup from the Ocean.  Dip into that and become one with the unlimited that exists within you.  Darkness is not to be avoided, but embraced for the teachings that it provides.  Plants can not survive and grow strong without the elements of nature imposing on its growth only to help it thrive.  It needs all grades of wind, rain, cold, heat, and light to help it become it’s purpose.  We can learn a lot from a plant, a flower, a tree, and a forest.  There is an instinct of perfect harmony that happens and nature never ceases to exist.  It continues to grow and become.  It just is. 

As we go through this time of transformation, we may feel like we are in a cocoon.  This may be what we need for now.  Eventually, we will have that desire, the impulse to begin to emerge and break free.  Even then we will have to sit and let our wings dry for awhile.  Being curious about what we are to become.  This is the process my friend.  This is exactly where you are supposed to be.  It is here that I encourage you to continue to open your hearts and become.  Become more of the you that you were always meant to be.  The part of you that desires goodness and grace in every moment of your life and the lives around you.  Take this time to sense it, feel it, become it.  You are a being of light and your essence is this.  It can be nothing else.  Of course, there are many different types of butterflies just as if there are many different plants, flowers, and trees.  Some are stronger than others, some seemingly more vibrant, and some with curiously dark behaviors.  The only way to thrive in our existence is by knowing thy true self first.  Knowing your purpose, knowing you are one.  How does this happen?  By being exactly where you are and beginning from within.  Then you will see the journey was always supposed to be this way because it was always asking you to become more of you. 

You see, I can not be more of me unless you are more of you.  We need each other.  We need each other to thrive and become, to expand and unite.  We need to support each other through the darker times holding vision for each other of the light that is just ahead.  The mysteries of the forests are here to show us this.  Allow this time to be your transformation and eventually you will emerge into all that you were ever meant to become.  We don’t really know how one particular seed will germinate until it just decides to go forth and be.  Become you… We are here to connect and extend ourselves to the limitless possibilities that we all have.  We can learn, we can recreate, and we can become anything and everything all at the same time. 

This is our truth…become.

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