The Matrix

It happened…I got stuck in the MATRIX!  I know…crazy as it may seem… and then again… it felt so real.  I am talking about the MATRIX that exists across societal planes, ancestral realms, and lineages of the past.  This is a layer that is tuned into and turned on by drama, separation, and deceit.  It is an actual realm of existence that many of us have grown up in.  These days, it is even easier to slip inside of this realm with the accessibility of social media and our dependence on the internet for most of our needs.  There is so much mania going on out there and the more I try to understand what is ‘really’ going on (in this matrix) the more confusing this all becomes.  I have spent countless hours researching and attempting to find answers and the deeper I went looking for answers in this realm, the more I found that the rabbit hole never ends.  It was exhausting.  This…has been a marvelous reminder for me. 

As a teacher… AND a student… I lost my teaching this past week and stepped right into 3rd dimensional student.  I was so deep down the rabbit hole that I did not even realize I had slipped down so far.  Until… I visited a friend.  This friend helped me to see, instantaneously, what had happened by merely her being in her own truth.  She did not try to make me see nor did she try to correct my thinking.  She just listened and held presence while I explained my ‘story’.  She just witnessed my demise and responded with a simple, “It is going to be ok…it is going to be more than perfect…even if it doesn’t seem that way… it will… I know this… it is my truth… and I am holding this for you until you come back.”  And instantaneously, with her words… I began climbing back out (of the rabbit hole).  I didn’t look back down…and kept going forward.  Then I knew… why this had happened.  I was being shown…again… how easy it is to slip into the matrix of rabbit holes that never seem to go anywhere.  Weeks ago, I was shown the matrix and told that I will be going there again.  Never did I realize how easy it was to slip in without even knowing it.  They showed me this was going to happen… and I said ‘ok’… I didn’t know exactly why…and now I do. 

My new teachings that are coming at the end of January and February will encompass this very thing.  The Matrix we live in and how to raise ourselves above this lower vibrational realm.  We do this through self-awareness, enlightening our frequency range, and holding ourselves vibrationally high in love and gratitude.  Through self-awareness of our own energy layers, we can feel our connections.  Our Earth has the same energy make up of energy layers and a field of awareness that can either be elevated and enhanced or decreased and pressed down.  Our society, our families, our careers, our relationships, our health, and our spirit are all interrelated.  We must understand how we affect ourselves and then how we can elevate others through our own vibrational heights.   Globally we are all connected, and our union of Oneness is essential to the continued ascension of all.  So, once again… I was shown how slippery the slope can be and how far we can go down the hole before we realize what we are doing.  I had to experience this as a reminder for myself. 

When I was younger, raising Ethan, often brought me to this rabbit hole.  I was so embedded in proving society wrong and showing the world that Ethan could do anything that I slipped down the hole often with the belief that I had to fight for his rights.  Yet it was only through wisdom and the integration of the ‘all knowing’ that the peaceful power came.  Ethan often reminds me of the rabbit hole and how easy it is for me to slip down.  And the more that he fulfills his purpose to show this to me, the more I realize that the rabbit hole does not even need to exist. 

Once again, through present reminders and memories of past experiences I believe the work of the teachings that are coming today will help to keep us at this new level of vibratory awareness that is happening throughout the societal matrix.   There are no right answers for everyone and there are experiences we all must have, to come to our own heightened states of awareness.  I have searched hard for answers and believed fully in what other Masters have taught me… and the only understanding I have ever come away with is how important it is to remain centered in our own heart space of our own internal truth. 

No one knows as you do. No one cares like you do.  No one is as connected as you are.  No one else is you… therefore you are the only one… and you are what you have been waiting for.    We are a part of it all and therefore we are access consciousness.  So, as we ask the positive questions we are led to positive answers.  As we ask the negative questions, we are led to negative answers.  It is that simple.  We only need to focus our conscious intent from out ‘there’ to in ‘here’ and become the answer we have been waiting for.  Many ask how… this is simple… be your truth

Seek only to change you and then seek to be what you want reflected in every moment of your life.  As you experience injustice, be justice.  As you experience censorship, speak from your heart.  As you experience hatred, be love.  As you are stolen from, give more.  As you are pushed down, lay down and surrender.  No one can take from you that which you don’t have.  Be empty and everything is received.

No one can take my love, if this is all that I am.

No one can take my peace, if this is all that fills me.

No one can take my wisdom, if this is all I know.

No one can take my life, if I am eternal. 

Shift your thoughts and you shift the world. 

I hope that you will join me with the following courses meant to teach all of this and more.

Love, Jennifer


REIKI II – Thursday & Friday Evening the 21st and 22nd of January

Tuning Forks and Toning with the Voice – Tuesday Evening the 26th of January

Healing Rays of Light – Friday January 29th and Saturday Morning January 30th

28 Days of Becoming Conscious & Intuitive Beings – Begins February 1st

The Out of Body Chakras & Auric Layers – Thursday Evenings February 11, 18, & 25th

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