Our New World is already here…

Our New World is already here…we only need to rise above what continues to happen out there to see it in here.
Dear Friends
The last several weeks have been very humbling.  I have been stopped many times to pause, reflect, breathe, and release.  It is very apparent that anything that is no longer going to work in the New World that is integrating into this world, must go. This is happening on a personal and global level. 

I mention this in this email because I want so much for all of you to step up and release everything that no longer is needed in the New World.  I am referring to anything that does not resonate on the vibration of love and gratitude.  This is a lot.  We must learn to let go of it all without any regrets.  If it does not resonate with love and gratitude, then allow it to go.  We can still have our goals, aspirations, and desires.  Instead, we are no longer struggling to achieve or feeling alone.  We are coming together as spiritually united beings of light collaborating and working for the good of every being on this Earth. 

This can be done individually and globally.  There are no hidden agendas and abundance is everywhere.  We must dispel all the myths, beginning with our own ideas.  What is happening out there is only a reflection as to what we are individually dealing with on our own home fronts.  So, if you are seeing deception, secrecy, frustration, anger, and fear… ask yourself, “How can I see this differently in a way that elevates and enhances all of life?  How can I contribute by the spirit of collaboration and collective access consciousness to help this situation?” 

This is coming up for me radically day in and day out.  I am asking, “What do you want me to see in this situation and how can this turn out better than I can ever imagine?”  So, I am establishing and working endlessly to develop classes and work to help to heighten awareness and bring Access Consciousness closer to our every day lives.  My door is always open and my services to heal and bring transformative shifts are here and present more than ever.  If you have not looked at what I am offering in a while, you may be interested in something recently. 

People are coming, needing to miraculously shift, and teaching how miracles are only a shift in consciousness is even easier with this New World.  Do not doubt yourself, you are more powerful than you have ever imagined… you only need the courage to go forth. 

Lately, there has been a lot of worry about sessions and doing them 1:1 in person or even doing group classes.  I will always offer both over zoom, as the energy has no limits.  I do encourage you to come in person though; people need people, and we are human BEINGS being together.  If you are worried about something happening, I ask you, what fear is driving you to question your innately amazing powers that reside within you and maybe that is the root issue that needs to be addressed.   Ask yourself, If I am made in the image and likeness of All that Is how can I be anything but love?  And if this is agreeable, then maybe the matrix of fear is what I need to look at and shift so that my miracles do show up. 

These are merely just questions to ponder.  And in times like this, we need each other in many ways.  So, lets come together in the spirit of unity and collaboration rise above the layer of fear that has been out there running lives for centuries and finally begin your miraculous life in love.  

I know this can be done.  It already is.  I will hold this for every individual who seeks this to be true. 

All love,

Here are classes coming up and more to come. 
Please share… I only do emails and website now… I am paused on social media.  So…spreading the word to others is greatly appreciated. 
Love.  Love. And more Love. 
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REIKI II – Thursday & Friday Evening the 21st and 22nd of January

Tuning Forks and Toning with the Voice – Tuesday Evening the 26th of January
Healing Rays of Light – Friday January 29th and Saturday Morning January 30th
28 Days of Becoming Conscious & Intuitive Beings – Begins February 1st

The Out of Body Chakras & Auric Layers – Thursday Evenings February 11, 18, & 25th



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