The Power of the Divine Feminine

The heart of a woman is infinitely divine.  She is automatically connected to source energy and she can heal herself profoundly well.  Some have only forgotten this ability.

I was in the middle of a session with a client the other day when an image came to me of a beautiful woman with living, purposeful grace of a creative intelligence beyond words.  This woman resonated divine love.  She was glowing in the wisdom of divine love, compassion, and peace.  She radiated love to everyone she met by her loving eyes that graced acceptance to all beings.  Her vibrancy and fire from her own internal knowing of who she ‘is’ resonated so strong that she could walk into the room and shift the energy to shear love through her presence.  She was divinity.  She was a strong peaceful power knowing exactly what she was meant to complete in her lifetime.  She could be and do absolutely anything.  She was divinity. 

A perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy exuding no pressure or strain and only a knowing of the all-powerful magic which she embodied.  This woman was infinitely divine with the purpose of creation.  One wanted to be in her presence.  She was a love like no other that transcended everything.  She welcomed us to stand with her and embrace the energy for ourselves and in so doing she resonated light that one could not help but embody themselves.  As they shifted up to and held a level of vibration close to hers they began to embody their own peaceful power and began to see that they too were the same as she.  They soon came to realize the path they had been taking up until now was one of self-discovery.  The illusions of separation, difficulty, and despair were illuminated.  They would finally see that she had come to show them the way.  Her elevated state was only a reflection of what they had already contained.  They were awakening. 

They wanted this power because that meant they could help others do the same.  In this power they were taught to work cohesively and collaboratively together.  As they learned to succeed together they helped each other all at the same time.  No one person was ever above another and they all shared this common knowing that we are all valued and in need of each other for the divine gifts we have to share.  No one else could compare to anyone else and thus everyone had their own uniquely needed and necessary contribution to make to the success of the whole.  She helped them to see and know they are each necessary to fulfill the purpose of life.   Each individual’s purpose burns to unite and come to a supreme understanding of divine magic and miracles contained within all.  She was an example of power in every sense of the word.  Many wondered, “How did she become this? How did she get to this point of all knowing wisdom in her life?  How does she know?” 

It was only through a lineage of healing which happened from moment to moment and connected to the past only within the present.  This lineage of women realized over many years that healing only comes from within.  The more they focused and understood their power to heal and be healed their lineage of ancestors simultaneously healed within themselves.  They knew that they were to finally stop the limiting beliefs and programming that had taken over generation after generation.  They were the cohort that would stop this and heal the past from the present moment and thus permanently shift the future.  Their entire universe was shifted and elevated through one woman stepping into her power.  It only took one woman to see that this was the path.  True power only comes from compassionate acceptance of our faults and misbeliefs and a will to tune into and turn on the infinite connection that are never separate.  As she began to work on herself she opened up to the all knowing possibility that she was doing this for her mothers and grandmothers and fathers and grandfathers that came before her and all the tribes of lineages before.  It was simply that simple.  As she elevated, resolved, and released they too were doing the same.  She was the healing they had been waiting for on the other side.  As she did this they worked together and dimensions shifted.  The veils of separation of souls that had been lost were lifted in her work.  She figured out that as she cleared herself she felt her mother and grandmother lift and be cleared.  And she could feel their gratitude for helping to release us all from the regrets and misunderstandings carried with them to the other side.  The universal healing was immaculately orchestrated between worlds.  All because one woman decided it was time to do things differently. 

As they continued to heal, the energy continued to shift and the patterns of a long held belief system that no longer ‘worked’ transcended.   As she became more of her powerful self it extended to her present-day lineage.  She saw her children shift as she shifted herself and without effort witnessed them learning to heal their own bodies.  Simply embodying this power is all that was required.  She saw the important role of the man to support the woman… to care for and to elevate her existence because as he recognized his important role as supporter, protector, and caretaker of peace and love and his deep role of cultivating respect and admiration for the female the true balance of masculine and feminine returned and further unified the relationship.  The balance of feminine and masculine as a healing force for the family lineage became prosperous again.  The children effortlessly embodied this as their reality and a new generation of self-healers was born again.  As the masculine embraced the importance of the feminine the feminine reflected this by embracing the masculine.  Their unified individual selves became complete.  As they were complete within they so shall could be complete together in a new relationship meant to support their individual powerful paths with the purpose of completing our new world consciousness rooted deeply in love, compassion, and collaboration. 

This all began with the gestation of the woman stepping into her peaceful power and knowing that there was another way.  She listened to her intuition and was determined to go forth and create a new existence.  When she decided to become this and when he supported her intuitive knowing life became amazing, the lineage transformed, and an elevated existence became reality for all of Earth.  Gardens grew, they fed the people, they helped them see the miraculous that came from within and embodied the innate true peaceful power shifting everything.  The waters cleared, the fish came back, the forests grew thick and vibrant, the climate balanced and the ice resumed.  Everything began again in a fresh perspective of vibrant peaceful and balanced ways.  We embodied our Garden of Eden again and the truth of the cyclical nature of life was revealed. 

This is the power of the infinitely divine woman feminine energy that we all have within.  This is what she is showing us now.  This is our truth. 

****Step Into your perfectly balanced energies of masculine and feminine.  No matter if you encompass a feminine body nor a masculine body… our world needs your balanced power to shift and transform us multidimensionally…. we CAN heal ourselves and thus HEAL our world.  
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