Meridians & Movement Free Class Sundays

“Thank you so much Jennifer! Not only do you make it so easily accessible but thoroughly enjoyable.” -M.M. Illinois

This class is offered on a new day and time…Sunday Mornings CST 8:30am-9:15am by donation. Convert to your time zone. Signing up for either class includes you on everything and you can choose which one you would like to attend. All classes are via Zoom.

Join me for a very special class meant to soothe your soul and help your body! We will connect movement, meridians, mantras and more through breath and forgiveness work meant to clean up and resolve anything that may be keeping us sticky or stuck!

How? Well… I have a very formal write up…but felt it was too long and technical to share. Here’s the gist. We are made of energy. Energy wants to move and transform. The meridians of the body are made of light and so are the axiatonal lines and our entire light body system! We are connected through very vast and fast moving light energy lines and centers of the body, which are connected to our tissues, muscles, and organs. Well, its connected to our entire make up. Even our mental emotions of our past and present and future possibilities! Wow!

“Thank you Jennifer.  I truly enjoyed and appreciated the adaptations since I am heavier.  The adaptations helped me.”  -R.H. Pennsylvania

So, when we combine movement, this knowledge, infused with the power of the spoken word through mantras and just acknowledging our light we have a powerful recipe for change! I’m simply offering a real way to help us stretch and resolve and release our old outdated beliefs and thought patterns that can get wrapped up in our physical bodies and possibly hold us back from our enlightened best! So, the intention is to feel your best, lighten your load, and shift yourself through knowledge. Knowledge is power and self empowerment means MORE LIGHT! LET’S SHINE! Its that simple…and its here on Fridays…

So Join me! Via ZOOM!

Video #1 on free fridays…please join us and sign up below!!!

“Thank you! This was very enjoyable and important for our well being!” – T.N. Florida

Let me know you want to attend… watch the videos and share too!

Video #3 on Free Fridays – This Friday 6/26/2020 JOin us as we add another free class! this time we are going over one of the most important things you can do in the morning & we are doing Movements, Meridians, and mantras. Join us!

Sign up here in the link that takes you to the page to sign up. …send me your request to join…I’ll put you on the list with the video Zoom link and we shall connect and begin! Let’s go!

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