Toning & Tuning Free Class SUNDAYS

Free Class Sundays

8am-8:30am CST Sundays

Tuning & Toning – 30 minute practice of Toning the Seed Sounds of the 7 Energy Centers of the body, humming, and creating high frequency sound vibration! Every week will be different and similar in concepts. The following will be covered at various times… Tuning Forks, Seed Sounds, Energy Centers, Light Body, Meditation, Mantras, Clearing, Resolving, Humming, etc. The entire class is devoted to sound and our own expansion. OUR VOICES will be used from the comfort of your own home and we will vibrate higher together! Anyone can do this. Join us! Must sign up in advance on the link below by submitting your email so that I can send you the zoom link in advance

Toning Handout

Sundays 8:30am – 9:15am CST

Movement & Meridians & MANTRAS – 6 Poses will be used to gently stretch the body performed sitting in a chair or on the floor. 12 meridians will be activated and enhanced through simple movements and positive mantras explored. This is a purely movement based class. More topics in this class to be covered are breathing, visualization, light body, axiatonal lines, and meditation. Bring a mat/blanket, pillows, strap/belt/or long scarf, and a chair if getting on the floor is challenging. More about this class can also be accessed here

Meridians Handout

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“Thank you for working to create this safe space, at the end of the session, as I let Gia’s energy flow through me I had the deepest release that was absolutely full body racking…I could feel the movement releasing stuck energy!” – M.M. Illinois

Sign up here below for these completely Free Sessions. Emails links go out every week with the Zoom links for both classes. You may choose to attend either session or both. It’s up to you.


Meridians Handout/////

Toning Handout

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