The Wayshower

I believe in you.  I believe you are ready to lead, guide, and direct and be lead guided and directed by what your spirit is asking you to joyfully step into.  I know you are a wayshower… this is for you….
The Wayshower
You are a ‘Wayshower’.  What does this mean?  It means you see the way home before anyone else sees it for themselves.  It means that the things that happen on the outside are always seen as opportunities for shifting beyond our current levels of reality.  It means that as we continue this path of elevation you already know and see us all there and every step you take is a journey in that direction.  You feel, know, and understand with your own body that we are shifting over to a new more abundant and loving paradigm that is more connected and all encompassing than ever before.  People are waking up in large masses.  People are discovering the truth of who we are.  You have done the work to get to this point in your life where you have the capabilities to show others there is another way and that is what you do. 

A Wayshower sees community in collaboration working for the good of all.  Understanding, that the investment in another is way more valuable than any monetary means.  A Wayshower delights in abundance, creativity, joy and fun and loves sharing this with others on all levels of existence.  He or she has been where others currently are, sees the illusions we are in, and works to show us there is another way.  A Wayshower has experience in lifting and transcending thought patterns of mass consciousness that are limiting by simply understanding that all of this must happen first from within.  A Wayshower knows that as soon as a restriction or contraction is noticed in the body or thought system of that being, their primary agenda is to see the limiting belief, become aware of it, and release it to be transformed by  the universe/creator over and over again. 

A Wayshower does not conform to mass consciousness embedded in fear but goes within daily and moment to moment knowing the only way to shift Earth to a pattern of limitless love is to begin from within, the internal self.  A Wayshower knows all answers come internally because the only reality is that externally we are all connected and from the same ocean.  A Wayshower knows that existence in a physical body is finite and that the real work is done in the etheric and astral bodies.  A Wayshower has thoughts and ideas that are outside of what normal would perceive as good or bad or acceptable or not.  She/he knows that these ideas that come into her/him are ideas that are inspired by an all-encompassing transformative universe that already exists.  When we work with these ideas to bring them into physical reality, we are in essence helping the Old Earth transition and become the New Earth. 

The Wayshower delights in seeing the darkness because through the darkness only light can shine.  A Wayshower loves to have change and shift and is joyous when perceivingly dark opportunities arrive…they see this as a gift of the consciousness of all that is to make large massive shifts on an astronomical level.  It is as if someone finally turned on the bright lights so that they could all see and know they get to work together to clean up the dirt and grime that was hiding.  A Wayshower sits in peaceful knowing that inner work allows us to get more done and is far more powerfully effective that trying to control, fix, or change out there first.  A Wayshower surrounds herself with community that also sees the New Earth coming and as she does more and more ‘soon to be’ Wayshowers also gravitate towards them and begin to join the transformation as well. 

A Wayshower just simply knows.  She has confidence in what is happening, is committed to helping the transition happen, holds vision in constant evolution as the highest form of light energy that is capable of vibration and shifting simply by being and knowing.  She is consistent in her ways.  Understanding that the now bumps in the road that used to be mountains are there only to remind her that she must continually fine tune her thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and energy working to be able to reach more and more people. 

The Wayshower does not teach anything and does not make anyone see in a certain way.  A Wayshower never proclaims that this way is the only way because she knows all paths go to the same place…no matter what.  A Wayshower just simply knows and through that knowing, through the supreme understanding of frequencies of light and how to lift vibrationally higher, people, places and things gravitationally are drawn to join this new understanding in their own ways and want to question and do their own work in their own uplifting manners. 

A Wayshower knows that every person is good, and every person is on a path and every person will find their way.  A Wayshower has so much confidence, collaborative instincts, and connection that they merely never fall off the path to their own enlightenment.  They know, they see, and they embrace all.  Their energy is fundamentally constant and limitless because of this knowing.  This is what they do, be, and are in their own individual and non-dualistic ways.  They are, it is, we are, I am, One. 

The Wayshower
Continue your path of learning and coming into your own knowing and you will understand, embody, and embrace the truth of a Wayshower.  This is your path.  Therefore, you are here.  It is time to truly live the life of your dreams.  Fly on my child.  Fly on…show them the way through peace, patience, love, and joy.  Show them the way. 
Please join us for these classes coming in December… they will show you the way to becoming your embodied, light filled, powerful Be Ing… as the WAYSHOWER. 

We need wisdom knowers ready to peacefully stand strong and show us the way. 
These classes will empower you to do just this… this first one is especially dear to me…

The Sandwich Connection   Begins December 1st  (one spot left)
My life work has brought me to an unshakable knowing that you have the power to heartfully manifest a joyful life filled with everything you desire.  Even during a 2020 filled with unknowns…I know this to be true.  I would say this to anyone.  I know this.  Please click here for more information.  We begin next week.  
Chakras, Archetypes & Intuition  Begins December 3rd (one spot left)
An empowering class tuning into your intuition and teaching you how to heal yourself through the chakras and archetypes… powerful energy centers that have the capacity to enlighten your body and elevate your existence where dis-ease/dis-harmony of ANY kind (physical, emotional, mental, relationships, family, career, abundance, etc) no longer exists.  I also KNOW this with an all KNOWING that is beyond space and time.  Come and learn.   Go hear to learn more. 

Pendulum Power   December 14 (one sport left)
Empower yourself to tune into the energetic power you possess through finely tuning yourself to be one with the energy of a pendulum.   This will be a fun class full of opportunity to learn and use this unique element in a variety of ways to hep empower your life.  More here…
Coming Soon

  • Reiki II and Reiki I in January
  • Reiki Shares
  • The Out of Body Chakras and Auric Layers – The Healing Continues
  • Tuning Forks and Toning – Expressing our Communication and learning to Align and Become Empowered through the Voice

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