Pendulum Training Class

Pendulum Training Class
2 hour training class  $36
Learn how to make and use a pendulum that will be yours to keep.  Pendulums have been used for 100’s of years to help decipher answers to almost any question.  Learn how to use one, why it is so helpful, and what you can do with it besides just ask questions.  It is an extremely helpful tool based on energy healing.  Ideal for connecting with your intuitive nature and self healing.  
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Extra pendulums could be on hand to purchase based on need. 

Pendulum Training – What we will cover:

  1. Scientific History of the Pendulum
  2. What is a Pendulum –An instrument based on inner & outer energies & forcefield of the universe
  3. How to Use the Pendulum –Developing your relationship
  4. Using the Pendulum for your work and career –Businesses, healers, teachers, students
  5. Using the Pendulum for Self-Healing Properties –Food, water, energy of the body, vitamins, etc
  6. Using the Pendulum for important decision making –When having trouble with clear direction
  7. How to make a Pendulum –Choosing, ideas for making, receiving your pendulum
  8. Practicing the Connection with your Pendulum –Becoming one with your new instrument

Pendulum Training Class

Extra Pendulum can be purchased at this course. Each participant will receive one to take home.


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