Show up as Your Truth

When Ethan was born I was stretched into a world that did not exist at the time. It was a world that I had to create. A world of miracles, synchronicities, strength, and an internal knowing that healing is possible. That miracles are the truth and nothing can hold you back from realizing your true purpose and what you came here to become.

23 years ago I began as part of an entourage. An entourage serving the LIGHT. I didnt realize it at the time, there was a group of wayshowers beginning the long journey ahead that you are now reaping the rewards. We were spread across the world, made to begin the long journey, believing we were alone. What we didn’t know is that as we grew stronger in the light, little by little, deeper and deeper in the truth we would one day grow stronger and unite with each other and the world. We are the wayshowers of the light. We lead, guide, and direct people into their loving fearlessness. Where there is will, where there is light, however small it may be, we will find a way to shine.

The book I wrote about my journey through Ethan’s healing, is just a small snap shot of what needed to happen to change the way I viewed the world and what was possible, leading us to the miraculous. I will never stop believing in the purpose. To inspire you to find your own way. We have gifts. Everyone has a contribution to make in this tapestry of golden grid we are making of this world and this universe. If you find it in your hands and can make the words your own… apply them to your own life and watch how your world will unfold into the miraculous like it has for mine and our family. (Book available for purchase here. )

Reiki was always a part of this journey, it’s what led me to believe in the healing power of love. And for that… I am proud to say that new offerings and trainings are just around the corner. Join me at one of these events.

New class at BCY… Reiki + Meditation

Combining Light Body Meditations with the shower of high vibrational loving Reiki energy to attune to higher states of consciousness. Join us!

And if you are looking to unite with Women of Light and connect to the Ancestors of Light through the masters, sages, angels, and priesetesses all around you… join me at this home event at my studio on Winwood. You will not be disapointed.

And of course… come receive a 1:1 session to shift your body and mind out of pain and suffering on any level and into pure energy in motion bliss with the strength capable of rising above all perceived issues. I truly believe.

Lastly, kundalini every Tuesday and Thursday… it teaches you how to ascend and become one with your own light. Truly an amazing practice and a village of tribal support every week.

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