Ch. 13 – Question Everything

In the spirit of sharing love and sharing life and as we enter into another week of shifting and shaping into our new worlds… here is something that hopes to inspire the best in all of us. Enjoy…

From My Book – Transcending Limitations- How to Start Where you are and Create Your New World – Available on Amazon Here

Children are marvelous creatures. They are innately curious, and they question everything. These are two of the most beautiful qualities to have which will remain a part of the New Earth as we continually shift over. We need to pay close attention to our children and follow their lead by their natural instincts which they embrace without fear or effort. If we could set our judgments aside and allow ourselves to observe the children to see how they play together, how they dance, how they sing, and how they innately move through life just being who they are, wherever they are, we would learn how to tune into our own joy again. Our joy lives with the children and they are Wayshowers of true faith and happiness accompanied by spirit-filled living.

Somewhere along the way, this joy became covered up. Limitation and fear set in over the years by the outside world, projecting onto us how we should talk, walk, dress, and live our lives according to our environments. Limitation kept us from our true innate internal connection that is immeasurable from anything outside in the world. Our true self is expanded and connected. Most of us have lost this and become the fear that is embedded in our world.

When we are in a state of fear, we feel contracted, insecure, alone, tight, unsure, restricted, limited, and afraid. We begin to think in statements of “I can’t do that”, “there’s no way”, “that’s impossible”, “they will never understand”, “I will never be able to make that work” and the list can go on and on. We awaken in the moment we notice this is happening. It is in the moment of noticing that we begin to question everything. In the moment ‘limitation’ arises from within is the moment when we must see what we are doing. The years of limitations that we have embraced as our own are coming to the surface and that is the moment we pause. That is when we stop everything we are doing, become aware of what is happening, and begin to awaken.

That is exactly what I had to do repeatedly as I faced a world that believed in limitations for a child with a ‘disability’. Every time we faced someone who wanted to define what Ethan could or could not do, I had to breathe into the moment, become aware of all the sensations that were happening within me, decide how I wanted it defined, and transform the energy into what I believed was possible. Over time, I trained myself to shift the energy patterns that were constantly being presented to us that were based on limitation and heartfully turn them into expanded states of awareness that joyfully responded with questioning that asked, “how can we turn this around and do this differently?” This metamorphosis took a deceivingly limited and confined situation and expanded into limitless potential based on what we heartfully desired for Ethan instead of what the world wanted for him. We became the masters of our reality.

In the moment negative thoughts or beliefs arise, and the limitation has appeared, we turn it around. Every limitation is answered with a ‘why not’ and every negative thought or belief is answered with a ‘canceling’ of that thought. We feel the negativity, we are aware that it is happening, and in that awareness, we shift into a new state of awareness without the limitation, simply by questioning ‘why not?’ We feel them, we name them, and then we allow them to go. Simply, it is allowing ourselves to feel the limitations of our mind, understand they are illusions of the past, accept they have been there for a  long time hiding  in the shadows, and we commit to questioning everything surrounding the limitation.

For example, Ethan, being diagnosed with a medical condition, has been told repeatedly there are certain things he will never be able to do mentally and physically in this current paradigm. With each limiting belief we peeled back the layers in this realm, decided we had a choice to question the current reality showing up and choose to accept what was happening or find another way.

At first, we had some very difficult life-threatening choices to make. We were told that if certain procedures were not done to save his life he would die. So, as parents in fear and wanting our child to survive we put our faith in the hands of the doctors, and he indeed did survive. Grateful as we were in the skills of the professionals, what we failed to see at the time is as we continually only trusted in the doctors, we failed to trust within ourselves. We gave up ourselves, though allowing a predicted outcome to prevail. Naturally, everything they determined would happen based on medical science, did. When he was born, his life was based on survival. We did the things we were told that needed to be done to survive. This was necessary, and it saved his life.  

On the other hand, we were still limited by our own beliefs. You see, if Ethan did not come into this life with the condition that he did, he would have had a completely different birth and a completely different purpose. But he came in with this diagnosis on purpose. It was his purpose to do this, to be this so that we could see that there is always another way. His life has been a product of questioning everything. When they said he would not walk, we asked, “Why not?” We were told exactly ‘why not’ by doctors and other professionals, and we had a choice to make. Believe in the limitation or find another way. We found the other way.

When we were told he needed surgeries to correct and take care of limitations he would always have with his bowels and bladder and kidneys, we asked, “Why?” and they told us ‘why’, all the limitations of ‘why’. I asked the universe, “Why not?” and I was shown because it was what you believe. So, I questioned the belief and chose another way. Never having bowel, bladder, or kidney issues. Ever.

Finally, his shunt, (an instrument surgically implanted in a child to help pump cerebral spinal fluid throughout the body) we were told this would need multiple revisions his entire life and to expect multiple surgeries every year, not to mention a host of other issues related to cognitive functioning. So, what happened? You guessed it… We found another way. Ethan became an anomaly and the kid that was the ‘healthiest’ kid they had ever seen. It didn’t require magic or miraculous prayers reserved for the worthy few. What it took was the courage to question everything along with belief in the miraculous. We were convinced there had to be a better way. We were convinced we could not live our life like a textbook, and we had to do something else. We were convinced we would not become another statistic. We needed another way; their rules were too limiting, too unnatural, too constricting, and too separating from inspired living. The only way that felt better, sensed better, created a more fun and joyful way for us, for Ethan, for our life, was to question “WHY NOT?” and then find another way.

When you question everything, you question the very fabric within you, your family, your lineage, and your ancestors. You question all the thoughts and beliefs within your life that have ever made up your life, and when you do that, it forces you to go within. When you go within, you get to know what you genuinely believe and if you don’t like what you see you get to change it. Every perceived problem has an answer and in this reality, the problem no longer exists because we know that once we see the limitation, the answer already appears. It is that fast, so fast that soon the problems become nonexistent. Or if the ‘problem’ does persist we see it as an opportunity to find another way. When it happens enough, and we see the results of our paying attention we are taken to an entirely new level of understanding and then that new level becomes our floor of existence. It is here that we begin again.

Questioning everything begins with curiosity. It begins with a knowing that this can’t be right because I trust when it does not feel right. It is calling me to notice something is not lining up within myself. Once that happens, you begin opening doors to new ways of thinking which opens doors to new ways of being, which opens doors for all possibilities to drop in.

When you are aware of your own limitations, you have the power to free yourself from the limitation itself. It is here that you realize nothing is holding you back from anything. It was only there to help you see the truth. You are to move higher and higher and continually release boundaries for yourself by questioning everything. As you do this first for yourself it will naturally ripple out and extend to others around you.  They will sense the shift and eventually be inspired to go above and beyond their own perceived ceilings to lift themselves to a new level where their ceiling is now their floor.

You are to keep going, raising yourself higher and higher so that eventually, ceilings don’t exist, and your limitless existence is all there is. That is what childlike questioning allows us to do. It asks, “Why not?” to everything with a curious, joyful, limitless expression that is open to all possibility. This is the true gift of a child. The purpose of a child is to help the adult see what they once believed for themselves.

Lesson 13 — Question Everything

There are no floors, there are no ceilings.

Question everything.

Perceptions can create limitations until we open to our true understanding of whom and what we can become.

We are limitless, childlike, beings, capable of anything.

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