The gift of sensation takes us to the other side…

We tend to look at our lives through a lens of emotional energy that creates overwhelm and a sense of seperation. This can sometimes further lead to an energy of ‘shut down’ and an unwillingness to become related to the truth of what we really feel. We ‘cut our selves’ off from feelings and sensations because we decide it will hurt too much to ‘go there’. We also tend to do this because if we ‘open ourselves’ back up we may hurt or the fear of pain may be so great we desperately feel we will never make it. We may even have a fear so deep we feel as if we could actually die. This may seem extreme and it often feels this extreme for many of us.

This is an aspect of trauma. It can be a specific event of trauma that happened many years ago, let’s say when we were a child, or it can be trauma that has built up over time from one disappointment to the next. These traumas can be the root cause as to why we make unconscious life choices. These life choices end up leading us down a path that may or may not be a part of our highest potential. We may keep subconsciously going on this path thinking we are doing what needs to be done just to get to where we think we may want to be only to realise when we get there that it is not what we really wanted. Yet still, we keep trying and keep finding the way we always did things before just doesn’t work anymore. No matter how many times we try and no matter what we do it just feels as though we are spinning our wheels.

Most of the time, this is because we are trying to solve the problem with the mind that created the problem in the first place. This just doesnt work.

Meaning, we have been conditioned to believe we can solve our lives like we solve an equation. If I keep doing things in the way it has always been done then it will eventually change. And it just doesn’t. No matter how many times we try and no matter how many ways we apporach this situation we get nothing accomplished. Repeatedly, we find ourselves in the same issues with the same people and our ‘play’ we have created. It simply no longer works because we are trying to solve something with the mind that thinks we have to figure it out.

We can keep approaching these situations in the way we have always done and we can keep coming up frustrated. Until we decide to do things differently. Except it is not that easy to decide with the mind when we are trapped in lower emotional patterns. Many of us either blame ourselves or the outside world for our problems. This is the very reason why we remain trapped and unable to move foward. It’s one of the many reasons why we don’t reach our goals or never seem to ascend to the next level in our lives.

We are not meant to stay where we are and nor are we supposed to keep spinning our wheels. We are meant to shift, grow, sense, shed, and become more. It’s a cycle of birth, living, death and rebirth that is supposed to help us keep going, moving higher and higher into stages of elevation that can be blissful and effortless if we allow it to be.

Unfortunately, many of us become stuck in the overwhelm feeling defeated and not good enough thinking and believing we have failed. When in actuality we only need to move to the other side through sensation. What we think is a problem remains a problem because our minds created a problem based off of stored lower emotions forgetting to tune back into our hearts to sense and feel what is truly happening.

When we open up to sensing and feeling and allow the body to speak we finally bubble up the stored fears and lower emotions unconsciously navigating our life. Our stored lower emotional energy was keeping us in a perpetual motion of loop experiences keeping us where we are. Recreating the same experiences until we finally allow the gift through sensation to break us through to the other side.

When we stop, sense, and feel into a moment we finally allow this congestion to move and transform and finally release. What we were doing with the mind wasn’t working because it was stored energy fragmenting our lives and creating chaos. We just need to clean it up by being in the experience, breathing into it, and allowing the stored energy pattern to dissolve. Thus we can then move into new expereinces unlike anything we have ever experienced. Every times we move these lower emotional patterns and shift the energy within ourselves and all aound us we re-position our lives, opening up to more possibility. In the moment we allow this, we become the opportunity and new awarenesses drop in.

There is no need to remain trapped in the stories and dramas of life and our life frees to a new level of expereineces unlike anything we could ever imagine with our minds.

This is the beauty of the heart consicousness that allows us to break free from lower emotions and move us to the other side into elation.

As we go through our next portal in our lives, through the fall equinox allow this perspective to be your new framework navigating your life. Here are some ways to cultivate and enhance this aspect.

Services to take you to the other side:

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