The Fall Equinox – A time of the Cosmic Mother & Our Divine Truth

On Friday, September 22nd into Saturday, September 23rd we mark the transition from the longest day of the year into the gradual progression towards the shortest day of the year. The fall equinox is upon us. The significance of this moment… at precisely 1:50am central time on Saturday the 23rd we are presented with equal day hours and equal night time hours across the globe as the sun crosses the earth’s equator from north to south. It is a point in our global community where we can bring in global balance. During this time there is an opportunity to shift our own consciousness and spiritually merge into our own personal truth. Meaning, our previous goals and aspirations are now harvested and we are preparing to be taken to the next level of our alignment, whatever we may determine that to be.

It is an opportunity to recognize our accomplishments and remain in sincere gratitude for the help of the universe bringing us closer to our desires. It is a time to pause, give thanks, and begin to contemplate our next cycle of celestial rebirthing. We celebrate our prosperity as we begin to nourish the next cycle of development beginning to unfold before us. As we begin the descent into the darker months we honor and internally nurture the next phase of our goals by continuing to refine and strengthen our talents. It is truly a sacred time.

This is the significance of merging with the Cosmic Mother and the opportunities before us calling us to unite with our Divine Sovereign Truth.

As we acknowledge and harvest we also begin directing our intentions. We refine and enhance our personal alchemical process.

The darker months unite us with the cosmic mother, the womb of creation. We enter into the next phase of comfort and reassurance as we reaffirm we are on the right path. Summer moved us into a grander vision as we spread our wings and either learned to fly or elevated our skills into acrobatic miraculous measures. We have gained an undeniable understanding of who we are and what we desire to bring forth during this next phase of internal growth and nourishment.

We realize we are capable of extending ourselves further than ever before and we desire to continue to diligently work on the next phase of our expressions of truth. We faithfully begin to enter into the rebirthing womb of the cosmic mother. We intend to cultivate our desires by allowing time to refine creative projects and develop new aspirations as we merge closer to our soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy. We set our heart’s intentions forward on the next 6 months knowing that as we envision our future in this NOW moment, all will come into fruition as we prepare our rebirthing in the Spring – the emergence of the Cosmic Father.

This is truly a time of refined learning, more tuning within, and deeper understanding of our truth.

We ready ourselves for the next journey by honoring where we are and envisioning what else will come. We walk side by side with our highest potential and holding sacred our divine sovereign soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy.

A sacred time indeed.

In honor of this time…. i invite you to a sacred ceremony.


This is a two hour evening dedicated to honoring the divinity within through sacred ceremony and activation meditations.

The unified chakras, light body consciousness, and active manifestation processes will be some of the evening content.

It is my goal to honor how far you have come and help you learn how to activate and enhance the next 6 months of the sacred time of darkness as we enter upon the womb of the cosmic mother. An inspiring opportunity to move consciously into the next 6 months of our highest potential.

Join me as we step into this next divine phase.

Then if it feels right and good for you… I encourage you to continue to…



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Take advantage of this sacred time of year and learn how to allow the sacred course of the cycles of the universe can help you elevate and enhance your time here on Earth. Click on the links today to sign up for your spot. More website information here.

The Cosmic Mother Friday, September 22th – IN PERSON

The Sandwich Connection – 6 week course beginning Monday, September 25th – REMOTE

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