Reiki & the Miraculous

Reiki is universal life force energy beginning to be understood by the general public. I like to think of reiki as a direct connection to Consiousness with a capital ‘C’. It is universal life force energy that has the capacity to upgrade our energy to greater versions of ourselves that can be tuned into and tapped into miracles. I discovered this about 20 years ago and it keeps me humbled today.

I wrote about “Why I do Reiki” in a recent blog where I briefly spoke about many of the reasons I find Reiki an asset to almost any practice. It is NOT an alternative therapy and it IS complimentary to many of the day to day activities we already engage. Reiki has been a part of me for so long that it just is in everything I do. From therapy related roles, to being a parent, cleaning my own house, to consulting with businesses, to workshops, and life changing programs I offer on a regular basis. It is infused in everything.

I am attaching an article on the scientific ‘normalcy’ of Reiki and how it is studied and proven to shift energy which creates a more neutral / zero point balance within people, places, and things allowing for healing and accelerated shifts in consciousness (little ‘c’ on purpose) to higher more connected states of awareness and a return back to Consciousness itself (capital ‘C’ on purpose). Understand? (wink, wink)

I also want to invite you to learn Reiki with me. I’m teaching at Black Cat Yoga in Libertyville, IL this coming Friday thru Sunday and again in October (links here). AND I am extending this really great possibility IF you would like to learn but scheduling and distance is a problem… we can learn REIKI REMOTELY!

Because energy has no bounds and I perform services online all the time with energy clearing and reiki sessions the possibility of learning reiki and feeling and personally embodying the energy IS absolutely what we CAN do.

As for now… please enjoy this brief and thorough article on The Science Behind Reiki.



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