In the Shadows is Where the Light Shines

We are now in the point of light consciousness where it is pivotal to go within.  If you are striving towards something you want to bring into your life or wondering how to shift your current state of awareness… NOW is a pivotal time to be focused on just that. 

As we transition from the winter solstice… going from the darkest point of the year, coming into a new moon (the darkest sky of the month), and beginning the sacred wise and transformative season of miracles.  Thus, it is imperative we decide what we want to bring into our lives.  Reading this means you are full of awareness.  Thus, it is time to begin the planning and manifesting of your next transformation into spring.

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We have an enormous opportunity for change in a positive and light filled direction if we can recognize our ability to shift.  We are doing it, consciously & unconsciously all the time.  Unfortunately, most of us are reacting to what is showing up around us instead of going within, shifting from the inside and then the world bends and shifts to our conscious, heart filled, integral desires. 

This requires commitment to a practice, conscious understanding we are connected to something bigger than us, and confidently pursuing in the direction of our heartfelt dreams…no matter what.  ‘No matter what’ is where the work for us comes in.  We must be willing to shift.  We must be willing to resolve and release for all past karma we have created in order to welcome in our desired destiny.  It’s only requirement is the contemplative desire, clear vision, conscious commitment, and connected knowing. Then we create our world, no matter what comes up for us. 

In the shadows is where the light shines.

In the shadows of all are doubts, angst, procrastination, hurts, wrongs, failures, and short comings is where the diamonds emerge. 

When we gloss over, accept the breadcrumbs as ‘good enough’, or can not even imagine how to shift we are faced with an overbearing OPPORTUNITY.  This is the golden moment our soul is calling for us to go deeper.  NOT TO GIVE UP. 

Digging up the rocks and tilling the fields can be hard work if we do it alone.  When we learn of a process that makes it obtainable to grow crops an easier way… we become the way. 

Our internal seeds know what needs to be done.  Our external world may seem limited.  And that is exactly the illusion we are faced with dismantling.

We all have a soul purpose and a spirit’s joy.  Let’s uncover this together.

We all have the light that shines from within illuminating the darkest of times.  Let’s unify with the all-encompassing sun.

We all have the eye of truth living within us.  Let’s discover the lasting relationship with this internal wisdom.

I invite humanity to rediscover the version of light that is truly illuminating right now.  Not the version we are told exists and only the version that is experienced and sensed and known by the very experiences of awakening to the eternal powers lay dormant in us all.

Meaning, there is a version of our reality that is already healthy, spiritually connected, prosperous, illuminated, unified, and one. 

We can heal and create career visions and dreams.  We can heal and create financial prosperity and illuminated abundance.  We can heal and create healthy body and mind.  We can heal and create spiritual connection and oneness.  We can heal and create outstanding relationships. We can heal and create unified families. We can heal and create a personal reconciliation with thyself. 

It is all possible.  It all happens.  It all will shift in this now moment.  If we begin now. 

I encourage you to allow shifts to happen, allow yourself to create new possibilities, and allow oneness to seep into your blood stream. 

Here are some tips I use to create my life. 

Every year I rewrite my mission statement.  My life mission statement envisions my illuminated self in alignment with my highest purpose and potential.  This encompasses all aspects of my life from career and purpose to family and relationships, to health and spirit.

I then redesign my long-term goals in succinct ways and supported by monthly markers that will produce attainment of my goals. 

Daily, I create short attainable actions steps to achieve my monthly markers.

Gratitude and recognition of the universe is working for me is a part of this practice.

I consistently work to heal, resolve, and transcend the parts of me that are not aligning with my purpose.

I have a daily ritual of mediation and connection. I speak with my guides daily and receive my next steps towards working with the highest possibility for myself and all those surrounding me. 

I am resolved to always function from the heart with the highest integrity for myself and everyone around me.  It requires work but the rewards and reduction in karmic relations keeping me from obtaining and becoming lighter are electric. 

It takes work, strategy, commitment, confidence, and complete clarity.

I encourage you to create your own and include rituals in the process… of this unfolding. 

If you need help and want to know more about a process that could work, my Sandwich Connection program is available. 

Sandwich Heartmind Groups will be forming in the beginning of the year for current and past participants.  These will help to further along our practice and create the miracles we are seeking. 

Access information here…  or contact me directly by text or call.

As for now, recognize we all have a clean canvas with the ability to create the life of our design.  Sometimes, we just need a little help from our friends. 

Have a beautiful and light filled entrance into all the light you can handle.

Bring in opportunities to Transcend Limitations in all aspects of life.   

Between now and April light is pouring in.  Harness the opportunity. 

With love & all the light you can handle.


Sat Nam,

Blessings & Miracles,

Jennifer Lauren

Joti Tajdeep Kaur

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