The Unified Field

The unified field is a field of energy that surrounds our entire human body.  It is within, through, and around us everywhere.  It is a combination of all the energy centers within the body and outside of the physical body.  I see it as a ball of light that is radiating in all directions and coming together at various intersecting points.  It is as if there were an energy field all around you that is emanating light energy from all the centers within through and around your body and hooking into one cohesive beautiful ball of light which is you.  This ball of light contains everything of your present, past, and future and all the possibilities that therefore make up you.  If you want to shift into a present day reality that is containing a version of you that has not showed up yet, whether it be healed from a sickness, released from financial strains, or completely tuned into your life purpose we do this from the unified field.  The question is, “How do we hook into and become this unified field?”  We use frequency to do this.  We want to vibrate higher at a new frequency and stay at this frequency through out our day, every day.  It is when we do this that we match up and bring the version of ourselves into this reality in this moment right here and right now.  We do this by elevating our thoughts and ideas, canceling out the old thoughts and ideas that keep us out of alignment, and training ourselves to become our new self.  This requires matching our feelings up with the same elevated state we are attempting to become.  We are being that in every moment.  It is a very different way of living.

The unified field comes from the heart.  The heart is the center of creation and it is embedded in everything that is within or around us.  When we tap into and become our heart energy we become the unified field.  An easy way to do this is to be grateful for everything that happens to you all day long.  When we are aware that this is what we are doing coupled with the knowledge that we can elevate our vibrations through feeling love within our hearts then we open to all possibilities.  When we do this enough held with high intentions we then become one with what it is we wish to create.  And since we are doing this from the heart there is nothing that can not be done.

The reason I am explaining this is because it is the reason for everything we do.  It is our soul purpose to line up with and resonate love at some level.  We are intuitive beings with the innate desire to become love which means we can create anything through the heart that includes health, wealth, and everything in line with our purpose.  We can do this in many ways.  There is not just one way to do this.  One of the ways I do this is through Toning the Mantra Sounds of the Energy Centers of the body combined with the concept of the Unified Field.  We work on this every Tuesday evening in the free class I offer on Zoom (see link to sign up).  It is a very helpful way to create the unified field and remain in a frequency of love which is allowing all possibility to show up.  It takes practice and doing this practice in a group and on your own is a wonderful way to shift and bring in high vibration to your life.  Movement is also a way to elevate and enhance your field.  On Fridays, another class is offered… Meridians, Movement and Mantras tunes into the lines of light of your body and how to gently stretch, resolve and release for anything that needs to be transformed.  In addition, Reiki Classes and Shares will be beginning soon.  Reiki is an advanced form of raising your vibration through, you guessed it, light frequency that is transmitted through intention.  There is much more to this and the information can be found here.  Lastly, if you are looking for a way to heartfully manifest your life purpose then The Sandwich Connection or Conscious Intuitive Living could also help.

As always, I am continuing the Healing Fridays with 20 minute or hour sessions depending on your preference.  Please sign up through contacting me here.

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