1:1 Sessions with Jennifer

Let’s start where you are.  Right here, right now.  What is it that you want?  What would you like to resolve, take care of, or overcome?  Let’s feel this within your body and tune into your internal wisdom.  Together.  Let’s take you to that place.  The place that wants to remove this from your entire existence and place you in a new reality where the perceived ‘problem’ doesn’t even exist.  This is what we will do together.  Whether it be concerns related to your health, family, relationships, career, abundance, or spirit.  It is all there, and we can find a way.  The mustard seed moves the mountain because we turn over to a new reality where the mountain does not even exist.  That is what I want for you. 

We must start where you are.  Let’s do this together.  Each session is simple and incorporates techniques I have learned over decades.  I will teach you these so that you can eventually learn to fish on your own.  That’s my goal.  I want you to learn to rise above it all. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual limitations can all be addressed.

Let’s resolve and release together.  Here’s how:

Each Session is a Zoom call or in person session that will be 50 minutes in length. 

If you are not completely satisfied with the work, you have 48 hours to let me know and your money will be refunded in full. 

New to the work are “Soul Journey Sessions”. These are spirit led sessions completed in nature. They can take 2-3 hours and designed to reconnect you with your soul’s purpose and spirit’s joy through the nature realm. The elementals, directions, totems, angelics, masters, and light beings all join these sessions to help you reach your fullest potential. Jennifer will take you on a tour of the land and bring you readings and downloaded awakened spirit transformational energy.


“I came to Jennifer for help clearing something concerning my career and an event that was going to take place that caused me great anxiety.  I was developing a cold and my throat was completely sore.  I thought I was coming down with strep throat.  I negotiate and defend people for a living so this was not good!  Jennifer worked with me during one of these sessions and we not only cleared my anxiety over what was happening in my career but my throat was completely cleared and I had no cold or sore throat when I was done with the call.  In addition, my career dilemma cleared up and I was never so calm and focused in all my life with what was happening at work.  I felt at ease and clear in my actions which produced the best outcome for what needed to happen.  And this work- and Jennifer- are amazing!!” -L.V. New York

“I was debating over and over again whether or not I was going to move to Colorado.  I was having so much trouble getting my life together to go in that direction and just couldn’t make it work.  Things just kept falling apart.  I worked with Jennifer in one of her courses and was able to get a new job, sell my home, and move to Colorado all within a few months.  This work does work.  Thank you!”   –C.S. Colorado

Sessions are by Zoom or Phone with an optional recording

Are you sure or unsure if this is right for you? Would you like a consult and speak to me by phone? Please fill out the form below and I will call you asap and we can see if this work is for you.


50-60 minute Sessions

50 minute session by zoom or phone to work on as many issues as possible as time allows. Techniques will vary from session to session. Complete satisfaction guaranteed. Rates are per hour.


20 Minute Sessions

Pick 1-2 issues you want to resolve and release and permanently shift your reality where it doesn’t exist anymore. This is for any issues causing Mental, Emotional or Physical discomforts associated with spirit, health, abundance, career, family, and relationships. Your choice and we will do this together. Contact me through the email form above and let’s do this today. These sessions can be done by phone, zoom, or in person. The first Saturday of every month from 9am-12pm Corner Health Foods in Mundelein, IL hosts these events as well. Please contact me or CHF to schedule. http://cornerhealthfood.com/


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