Transformational Sessions – Transcending Limitations

What to Expect:

  • In person or remote sessions available
  • Sessions are 90 minutes
  • We spend the first 30-40 minutes setting your intentions.
  • We will decide the best approach to receive what you need through working with your guides and light force.
  • The remainder of the session – Energetic Healing will take place with table work to bring in your request.  If using zoom you will sit back, relax and receive the energy. Energy has no limits.

I only work in the energetic field of the body. Transformation happens quickly through high vibration. All in person sessions are fully clothed and comfortably lead in the privacy of the studio. Remote sessions are done in the privacy of your own location and just as effective.  

Common focus for clients are issues related to physical, mental, emotional blocks in these common areas of life: Relationships, Abundance, Career, Family, Spirituality, Health   

We transcend the limitations and bring you to a new level.

Each session is simple and incorporates techniques I have learned over decades. 


“I came to Jennifer for help clearing something concerning my career and an event that was going to take place that caused me great anxiety.  I was developing a cold and my throat was completely sore.  I thought I was coming down with strep throat.  I negotiate and defend people for a living so this was not good!  Jennifer worked with me during one of these sessions and we not only cleared my anxiety over what was happening in my career but my throat was completely cleared and I had no cold or sore throat when I was done with the call.  In addition, my career dilemma cleared up and I was never so calm and focused in all my life with what was happening at work.  I felt at ease and clear in my actions which produced the best outcome for what needed to happen.  And this work- and Jennifer- are amazing!!” -L.V. New York

“I was debating over and over again whether or not I was going to move to Colorado.  I was having so much trouble getting my life together to go in that direction and just couldn’t make it work.  Things just kept falling apart.  I worked with Jennifer in one of her courses and was able to get a new job, sell my home, and move to Colorado all within a few months.  This work does work.  Thank you!”   –C.S. Colorado

90 minute Sessions

Life Transformational Sessions – energy work that shifts your energy to a new reality backed up with strategies and book work through my life transformation program “The Sandwich Connection” to permanently empower and transform your life.


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