Healing Happens

A friend called me out of the blue today.  When I answered the phone, I was greeted by an elated voice, “Jennifer! Hello my dear! I just wanted to call and thank you! I think I healed my knees!”  She was so excited with an abundance of joy.  She had just finished working two laborious intensive shifts at her job and her knees no longer hurt.  She was so excited they did not hurt anymore she had to call to tell me. 

I love hearing news like this and find it so much fun!  This is someone who only weeks ago had seen a doctor who told her to prepare to have two knee replacements in the near future.  Not only that, she had begun looking for a new job and contemplating how she was going to afford the medical bills associated with surgery.  When we met and she shared with me her situation I offered her another way.  I explained that all she had to do was be open to purposely shifting her thoughts and beliefs and that she could heal herself.  She had nothing to lose and took the offer.  No looking back and with no doubts she decided that she could either find the other way I was telling her about or she could go on with what she was told, inevitably leading to life changes that would cost her surgery and bills she could not afford.  Through several sessions of working together and using the techniques I use as an OT we uncovered and reacquainted her with her ability to selfheal.  And yes, she healed herself.  She used Reiki (I just reminded her of the gift that she already possessed), we worked together to uncover the thoughts and beliefs surrounding her knees, and the Microcurrent.  We met for a handful of sessions.  As her knees grew stronger and she felt the changes progressively happen she felt more confident in her own abilities.  Until finally, after this last session she was able to go back to work without any issues whatsoever.  So, when she called me to tell me she “thought” she healed herself, I told her, “Well of course you did my dear.”  And we laughed and carried on conversations over the amazing things she was able to do at her job that she could not do before. 

This leads me to the next thought… You see, we have all been taught to believe that we do not have this ability.  We are taught that as we age, we eventually loose functioning and things happen that are beyond our control.  Knee replacements are something that many of us must go through and the idea that there is another way never comes up.  The idea and possibility that we can selfheal is thought of as ridiculous. Not only that, “what kind of audacity do I have to actually give people hope?”  Yes, I have been asked that before.  But you know… this is what I say… which is better…believing that we eventually fall and stay on the ground because that’s just the way it is? Or, believing that we can rise above anything as the phoenix rises again.  I believe we can rise again.  Actually, I know we can.  Maybe, that is exactly why Ethan was born as my son… so that we could show the world that healing happens.  He was born with a condition that we were told to prepare for the worst for the rest of his life.  I said, NO. And we found the other way.  This is what I teach now.  No doubts & commit to another way… and healing happens.  It does.
Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality.  No matter what.  We are light based on frequency and vibration.  We are pulse, form, and wave.  Everything we think, do, and be…matters.  Believe me, I would not be so invested in what I do if I did not know without complete confidence.  And I do.  Too many of us think that healing is only possible for a few that happen to receive a miracle.  Not so.  Healing is possible for all.  Too many of us rather keep thinking that we have to suffer, and we have to just deal with the hand that has been given.  Ugh.  No. 

So, when this elated soul called me to tell me “Jennifer, I think I healed my knees!” I told her, “I know you did.”  I was just here holding that vibratory state for you until you created it yourself.  I am here just to remind you of what was always within you. 

Congratulations my dear friend… you remember who you truly are…a divine being of light capable of everything…even the impossible. 

All my love,
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