You are a Ripple Maker, a Co-Creator, & a Miracle Producer

If each individual could experience their unique purpose and strength coming from the heart, they would finally be able to trust in their own self discovery. If they were allowed to discover this on their own through countless ways of self acceptance, we would collectively shift the world. ~Trancending Limitations (Pegasus Publishers, 2022)

It starts from within… a sensation, an experience of something that wants to transcend something within you. It wants to be released to free us from our own perceived limits and go where you have yet to experience. And how do we just allow this to happen. Why do we struggle? Why does it seem like such a long road to get to where you know is possible which may be undefinable at the time and where you know you are supposed to be. We can not explain why or how or what this is and we can only feel it within the heart ourselves.

How do we do this? We allow intuition to guide us. We allow the heart’s knowing to take us there. It may seem messy or confusing at the times and this is completely normal. We just allow it to keep shifting and transforming us into something bigger and better than ever before. A part of us that is more focused, stronger, and in alignment with our true self.

We can be affected by so many things; the web of work relationships, family members, educational institutions, religious institutions, governments, & societal structures in general.

And when we take ourselves out of the web and begin from within the unraveling of what we have been tied to (literally and figuratively) happens before our very eyes. When this begins it is sometimes a bitter and sometimes a sweet process. New awarenesses drop in and we finally begin to elevate ourselves into a new level of existence that sees all these cohorts we have been intertiwined within from an eagle’s perspective. When this happens our world shifts at a dramatic pace and we simply just need to allow the process to take us there. We are shifting into something bigger and more profound than words can express. It is a feeling, a sensation that only comes from the heart.

It may seem scary at first… because it is a whole new world completely different than anything we have ever been invested in before. And we now TRUST. We TRUST in something bigger than ourselves taking us to the unification with our authentic self. In this process we become stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. We become the true connectors of the light frquency that is capable of absolutely anything and everything.

This is when the miracle happens and we realise just how powerful we are by simply understanding ourselves. We see the effects of our actions and we see how we can either create or destroy. And within this rebirth we have a choice to do things the way we were intended; in unification with the truth of our own being. As we shall thinketh we shall become. This ripples out into the world. Once eneough of us realise this… and see the fruits of our actions we become ever more still. Realizing that in the stillness and pure being we are able to manifest anything before us and we become incredibly CONSCIOUS of our Oneness. In this connection we CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to create love and abundance for all because we know that through these simple actions we can collectively shift the world at an extremely fast rate creating the miraculous across the entire planet.


I invite you to experience your heartful POWER beyond words in these upcoming events this weekend and next week.

Join me and the collecitve of ripple makers that are creating heart CONSCIOUSNESS right here ad right now.

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